File Title
1 Titan's conditions could be just right to power US-sized colony
2 Even toddlers expect bullies to get more than their fair share
3 Boy finds 'extinct' frog in Ecuador and helps revive species
4 Invisibility cloak makes solar panels work more efficiently
5 People are hacking antidepressant doses to avoid withdrawal
6 Child tooth is fourth fossil clue to mysterious Denisovan humans
7 Chandra Reveals that Early Black Holes May Have Grown in Fits and Spurts
8 Yale Scientists Reveal a Cure for a Group of Genetic Skin Disorders
9 LIGO Detects Merging Ripples in Space and Time
10 Astronomers Study Correlation Between Galaxy Stellar Mass and Star Formation Rate
11 Curiosity Reveals Environmental Conditions of Ancient Martian Lake
12 A Possible New Treatment for Baldness, Regulatory T Cells Facilitate Hair Growth
13 Hubble Views the Slow Waltz of Two Brown Dwarfs in Luhman 16AB
14 Dawn Spacecraft Views Kerwan Crater on Ceres
15 Newly Discovered Exoplanet KELT-9b is Hotter than Most Stars
16 NASA Releases Latest Survey Data from NEOWISE Asteroid-Hunting Spacecraft
17 Hubble Comparison of Two "Hot Jupiter" Exoplanets
18 Histamine Cures Tourette-Like Tics in Mice
19 GALEX Reveals Flares May Threaten Habitability of Planets Near Red Dwarfs
20 Cassini Provides a Colorful View of Saturn's Hexagon in Motion
21 Hubble Telescope Views Universe's Brightest Galaxies
22 New Research Supports the Idea that We Live in a Void
23 Yale Engineers Develop New Colors for Solar Energy
24 Nearby White Dwarf Star Helps Confirm Einstein's General Theory of Relativity
25 Chandra Views the Volatile Stellar Relationship of the R Aquarii System
26 Astronomers Discover Ingredient of Life Around Infant Sun-Like Stars
27 Mars Express Provides a Window to a Watery Past on Mars
28 Researchers Explain the Formation of Trappist-1 and Other Compact Systems
29 Chandra Reveals Extended Hard X-ray Emission from a Galactic Nucleus
30 The Art of Exoplanets--How Artists Use Scientific Data to Imagine Exoplanets
31 Curiosity Reveals Evidence of Diverse Environments on Mars
32 Hubble Image of the Week--White Dwarf Stein 2051 B
33 NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Views Pongal Catena on Ceres
34 ALMA Reveals the True Shape of the Boomerang Nebula
35 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Views Iapetus
36 Astronomers Reveal that Jupiter is the Oldest Planet in Our Solar System
37 WebKnossos: An Annotation Tool for 3D Electron Microscopic Data
38 MIT Engineers Develop Programmable Nanophotonic Processor
39 SOFIA Investigates Cool Dust Around Energetic Active Black Holes
40 Researchers Simulate the Conditions Around Black Holes Using a Specially Designed Water Bath
41 Astronomers Provide New Evidence that All Stars Are Born in Pairs
42 ALMA Discovers a Weak and Wildly Disorganized Magnetic Field Near a Protostar
43 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Views Northern Summer on Titan
44 Green Bank Ammonia Survey Peers Deep into the Stellar Nursery of the Orion Nebula
45 ESO's VLT Survey Telescope Views Glowing Cloud of Gas Sharpless 2-54
46 Astronomers Reveal Detailed Relationships Between Gas and Dust in Molecular Clouds
47 New Aluminum Batteries Increase the Range of UUVs Tenfold
48 Juno Spacecraft Views the Many Colors of Jupiter's Clouds
49 Hubble Image of the Week--Spiral Galaxy ESO 486-21
50 Classic Hubble Image of Planetary Nebula IC 418
51 Astronomers Measure the Magnetic Field HAT-P-7b
52 NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Identifies 219 New Planet Candidates
53 Yale Researchers Show Sedative Combats Virus that Causes Birth Defects
54 Scientists Discover Mussels and Sponges Thrive on Oil with the Help of Symbiont Bacteria
55 HiRISE Views Mars Curiosity Rover Climbing Mount Sharp
56 NASA Astronomers Complete Ice Giant Mission Study
57 New Laser Technique Identifies the Makeup of Space Debris
58 Astronomers Discover Dead Disk Galaxy, Challenges Theories of Galaxy Evolution
59 European Space Agency to Develop Gravitational Wave Space Mission
60 Astronomers Uncover Origins of the Sun's Swirling Spicules
61 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Views Jupiter's Bands of Clouds
62 Hubble Image of the Week--2XMM J143450.5+033843
63 Astronomers Reveal the Role of Mergers in Shaping Galaxies
64 New Yale Study Shows Protein Nlrp9b Recognizes Rotavirus and kills Viral Cells
65 ALMA Captures Highest-Resolution Image of Nearby Star Betelgeuse
66 Chandra Reveals 25 Bright Point-Like X-Ray Sources in Arp 299
67 NASA's Opportunity Mars Rover Examines the Edge of Endeavour Crater
68 FLARE Technique Provides Snapshots of Neuron Activity
69 NASA Astronomers Predict Solar Minimum is Coming
70 Very Long Baseline Array Discovers Orbital Motion in Pair of Supermassive Black Holes
71 Water Can Exist as Two Different Liquids at Low Temperatures
72 Photosynthesis Design Principles Could Improve Solar Technology
73 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Views Three of Saturn's Small Ring Moon
74 Researchers Reveal that Hidden Dimensions Could Influence Gravitational Waves
75 NASA Researchers Simulate Life-Threatening Asteroid Impacts
76 JunoCam Image of the 'Face' of Jupiter
77 Scientists Produce Graphene Membranes for Dialysis Applications
78 Astronomers Puzzled by Detection of Strong X-Rays from Pluto
79 Hubble Image of the Week--Hidden Galaxy IC 342
80 Juno Spacecraft Set to Fly Over Jupiter's Great Red Spot
81 Astronomers Spot "Indigestion" in Supermassive Black Hole
82 Astronomers Discover an Extremely Metal-Poor Star-Forming Galaxy in the Local Universe
83 New Drug Completely Erases Evidence of Alzheimer's in Mouse Models
84 Researchers Manipulate Nanoscale Particles with Light
85 Radioactive Elements in Cas A Provide Glimpses into the Explosion of Massive Stars
86 ESO Captures Face-On View of the Barred Spiral Galaxy Messier 77
87 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Zooms-In on Epimetheus
88 Yale Astronomers Identify 60 New Hot Jupiter Candidates
89 Hubble Telescope Spots Clumps of New Stars in Distant Galaxy
90 MIT Engineers Create a System that Reallocates Cache Access on the Fly
91 Researchers Develop a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Scanner for Individual Proteins
92 Hubble Space Telescope Views Spiral Galaxy NGC 2500
93 Harvard Astronomers Examine Y-Type Brown Dwarfs
94 Supernova 1987A Reveals the Cold, Inner Regions of the Exploded Star's Remnants
95 If the Sun Is 93 Million Miles Away, Why Can't We Look Directly at It?
96 Bug vs. Bird: Praying Mantises Feast on Feathered Prey
97 Oozing Methane Blasts Holes in Siberian Tundra
98 Aryan Invasion May Have Transformed India's Bronze-Age Population
99 Antarctica's Larsen C Iceberg Will Tower 600 Feet Over the Ocean
100 Secret Tunnel Discovered Beneath the Ancient Temple of the Moon
101 Hobby Lobby to Pay $3 Million, Give Up Artifacts Smuggled from Iraq
102 The World Is on the Brink of an Electric Car Revolution
103 Did Amelia Earhart Survive Crash? New Photo May Offer Tantalizing Clue
104 Reference: Amelia Earhart: Biography & Disappearance
105 Blood in the Water: Drone Video Films Whale-Hunting Orcas
106 How Opioid Prescriptions Have Changed Recently: New Report
107 Parasitic Worm in Walrus Meat Infects 10 People in Alaska
108 Electrified Droplets Create Mini Saturn Planets
109 'Charming' Heavy Particle Discovered at World's Largest Atom Smasher
110 Sandbox Sickness: Diarrhea-Causing Bacteria Found in Playgrounds