File Title
1 What causes women to stop breastfeeding early?
2 Florida researchers identify protein target to halt citrus tree disease
3 Sleep apnea and insomnia combination linked with depression
4 Predicting autism: Study links infant brain connections to diagnoses at age 2
5 Study reveals level of magnesium sulfate to prevent cerebral palsy in preterm infants
6 Retinal cells 'go with the flow' to assess own motion through space
7 Running multiple marathons does not increase risk of atherosclerosis
8 New treatment hope for women with BRCA1 breast cancers
9 How have HPV vaccines affected cervical cancer screening?
10 Certain cardiovascular medications may increase risk of falling
11 Binge drinking associated with higher blood glucose levels in women, but not men
12 Can pain increase the risk of dying early?
13 Excessive exercise may damage the gut
14 Scientists improve people's creativity through electrical brain stimulation
15 Oyster shells inspire new method to make superstrong, flexible polymers
16 Study doesn't support theory red and eastern wolves are recent hybrids, researchers argue
17 New class of type 2 diabetes drug associated with rare, life-threatening outcome
18 Mouse lemur could serve as ideal model for primate biology and human disease
19 Building 'OLEDs' from the ground up for better electronics
20 Recycling plant material into stock chemicals with electrochemistry
21 First dual-targeting nanoparticles lower cancer's defenses and attack tumors
22 New confirmation of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity
23 Drinking non-cow's milk associated with lower height in children
24 Reshaping Darwin's tree of life
25 Kestrels' strategies for flight and hunting vary with the weather
26 Female Steller sea lions tend to breed near their birthplace
27 How can you tell deep-sea octopuses apart? Check their warts
28 Neuroimaging technique may help predict autism among high-risk infants
29 Which extinct ducks could fly?
30 Aggressive flies: A powerful new model for neuropsychiatric disorders
31 Overweight children are excluded from friendships, USC study finds
32 Eggs can significantly increase growth in young children
33 HKBU clinical study finds effective stability rate of over 80 percent in CM treatment of chronic renal failure
34 Insomnia associated with increased risk of suicidality
35 Brain State Technologies: Successful clinical trial shows reduction of insomnia symptoms
36 Tulane researchers help find possible explanation for unparalleled spread of Ebola virus
37 New pediatric protocol reduces missed sepsis diagnoses by 76 percent
38 Device designed to exploit scattering of light by mechanical vibrations
39 Guts to glory?
40 Hiding in plain sight: New species of flying squirrel discovered
41 New evidence reveals source of 1586 Sanriku, Japan tsunami
42 Living long and living well: Is it possible to do both?
43 Digital games improve mental health & educational outcomes of Syrian refugee children
44 Jackpot! Cosmic magnifying-glass effect captures universe's brightest galaxies
45 Clinical benefit of clot retrieval now proven up to 24 hours after major ischemic stroke
46 Seeing inside coral
47 New target found to attack an incurable brain tumor in children
48 New planet found to be hotter than most stars
49 Cancer cells send signals boosting survival and drug resistance in other cancer cells
50 Difficulties diagnosing delirium in older adults after surgery
51 Neurodegenerative disease mechanism and potential drug identified
52 Study examines caregiving by family members, other unpaid individuals
53 Older married couples and advance directives
54 Should your primary care physician be a generalist or specialist? New study explores
55 Does the sex of a cell matter in research?
56 Sequential options prompt future thinking, boost patience
57 Enrollment in early intervention services may be influenced by administering agency
58 Is 'doing good' bad for a company's bottom line? Yes, says FAU study
59 Anti-nausea drug could help treat sleep apnea
60 Variable speed limits could reduce crashes, ease congestion in highway work zones
61 Study identifies an enzyme inhibitor to treat Gulf War illness symptoms
62 How neurons use crowdsourcing to make decisions
63 TSRI anti-heroin vaccine found effective in non-human primates
64 Drinking diet beverages during pregnancy linked to child obesity, NIH study suggests
65 A star is born: Lesser-known brain cell takes center stage
66 Standard dosage for one lung cancer treatment may be too high
67 Research study gives new insight into how cancer spreads
68 Copaiba: Silver bullet or snake oil?
69 Study proves viability of quantum satellite communications
70 A 12-hour biological clock coordinates essential bodily functions
71 Meals on the go: The physics of whales' eating habits
72 New way to detect Palmer amaranth in contaminated seedlots
73 A method to improve in vitro tests
74 Can you hear me now?
75 Take a coffee or tea break to protect your liver
76 Stem cells may be the key to staying strong in old age
77 Culture affects how people deceive others say researchers
78 Trauma centers with American College of Surgeons verification have fewer complications
79 Starving prostate cancer with what you eat for dinner
80 How the Arctic Ocean became saline
81 Newly discovered disease mechanism for type 2 diabetes
82 How killer cells take out tumors
83 Looking to the future of organs-on-chip
84 New sound diffuser is 10 times thinner than existing designs
85 Safety of gene transfer to treat heart failure supports further clinical development
86 New research provides practical cooking tips for your red wine sauce
87 Promising new treatment option for chronic plaque psoriasis
88 What makes a reach movement effortful?
89 Genetic study shakes up the elephant family tree
90 Flu shot less effective for obese adults
91 Are friends better for us than family?
92 New low-cost material for lighting and diagnostics produces white light imitating sunlight
93 Keeping the hydrogen coming
94 The complete epigenomes of the most frequent tumors, unveiled
95 New chemotherapy approach offers breast cancer patients a better quality of life
96 Food policies could lower US cardiovascular disease rates
97 Motor-boat noise makes fish bad parents, leading to the death of their babies
98 Invasive alien plant control assessed for the Kruger National Park in South Africa
99 Ambiguous pledges leave large uncertainty under Paris climate agreement
100 Dogs help in breast carcinoma research
101 New surgical techniques help save patients from life-threatening heart condition
102 Why do Antarctic krill stocks fluctuate?
103 Brain damage can make sideways faces more memorable, and give us 'emotion blindness'
104 Impact of protective bacteria linked to infection route, study finds
105 Researchers develop new EcoCity model for mitigating urban heat islands
106 Japan's largest complete dinosaur skeleton discovered
107 Scientists model gene regulation with chromatin accessibility
108 Young at heart: Restoring cardiac function with a matrix molecule
109 El Nino and global warming combine to cause record-breaking heat in Southeast Asia
110 Scientists develop divide and conquer approach for more stable power generation