File Title
1 Wildlife of Northern Central African Republic in Danger
2 Gonzaga University Abuzz this Summer with Faculty-Led Undergraduate Science Research
3 Singapore Scientists Uncover How the Liver Unclogs Itself
4 Discovering the Early-Age Immune Response in Foals
5 Most Reproductive-Age Women Using Opioids also Use Another Substance
6 NUS Study: Painted Jezebel Butterflies Deter Predators with Flashy Wing Colours
7 Air Pollution a Concern at Levels Currently Accepted as "Safe"
8 Larsen C Ice Shelf Collapse: Expert Video and Interview Available
9 Cal Poly Pomona Declares Commitment to Paris Climate Pact Protocols
10 Tracing a Lethal Legacy: Lead Poisoning in NYS Bald Eagles
11 Study Finds Hackers Could Use Brainwaves to Steal Passwords
12 New Technique 'Sees' Radioactive Material Even After It's Gone
13 Study: World Heritage Convention Can Play a Critical Role in Protecting the Earth's Remaining Wilderness Areas
14 DHS S&T Awards $206K to Carnegie Mellon University for Development of Data Platforms for Analyzing Cyberattacks
15 Animal Study Finds High-Fat Diet in Pregnancy Increases Breast Cancer Risk Over Generations
16 Study Calls into Question Theories on Pulsar Phenomena
17 UW-Madison Researchers Tackle Bias in Algorithms
18 How Seawater Strengthens Ancient Roman Concrete
19 New Studies of Ancient Concrete Could Teach Us to Do as the Romans Did
20 Utah Is Home to Earliest Use of a Wild Potato in North America
21 Gigantic Crocodile with T. Rex Teeth Was a Top Land Predator of the Jurassic in Madagascar
22 Telescope for Detecting Optical Signals from Gravitational Waves Launched
23 Bacteria Collaborate to Propel the Ocean 'Engine'
24 The Case for a Career in Academia
25 One-Step Protein Purification Achieves High Yields, Purity and Activity
26 Powerful New Technique Can Clone Thousands of Genes at Once
27 One-Step Protein Purification Achieves High Yields, Purity and Activity
28 Powerful New Technique Can Clone Thousands of Genes at Once
29 Restoration Efforts Bolster Population of Endangered Piping Plovers
30 Brookhaven Lab Hosts "Brookathon," a Five-Day GPU Hackathon
31 Scientists Take a Deeper Dive into Cellular Trash
32 July Marks the Beginning of a U.S. Ban on Microbeads. What Are Microbeads and Do They Affect the Planet?
33 Winter Cover Crop Good for Soil, Cows, Profit
34 Neuroscientists Call for More Comprehensive View of How Brain Forms Memories
35 Will Brain-Inspired Chips Make a Dent in Science's Big Data Problems?
36 'Near-Zero-Power' Temperature Sensor Could Make Wearables, Smart Home Devices Less Power-Hungry
37 New Studies Reveal Customer Demand and Cost of Supplying Power During an Outage
38 Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, July 2017
39 Cutting the Cost of Ethanol, Other Biofuels and Gasoline
40 A Whole-Genome Sequenced Rice Mutant Resource for the Study of Biofuel Feedstocks
41 Missouri S&T Student Team Competes in Finals of IEEE Space Antenna Design Contest
42 Neutrons Detect Elusive Higgs Amplitude Mode in Quantum Material
43 New Mexico Firm Uses Motion of the Ocean to Bring Fresh Water to Coastal Communities
44 PPPL Researchers Demonstrate First Hot Plasma Edge in a Fusion Facility
45 New Biologics Center to Improve Animal, Human Health
46 Computing Takes the Prize
47 Bringing Bacteria's Defense into Focus
48 SLAC's Electron Hub Gets New 'Metro Map' for World's Most Powerful X-Ray Laser
49 First Battery-Free Cellphone Makes Calls by Harvesting Ambient Power
50 At-Risk Alcohol Use Predicts Lower Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among Persons with HIV/AIDS
51 Binge Drinking Accelerates Alcohol Use Disorder, but Stable Daily Drinking May Be Just as Risky in the Long-Term
52 New Study Identifies Gene that Could Play Key Role in Depression
53 How Can I Fix My Falling Retaining Wall?
54 Hormonal Changes During Early Development Limit Lifespan in Mice
55 3-D Printing Is Focus of New Graduate Certificate
56 New Material May Help Cut Battery Costs for Electric Cars, Cellphones
57 'Weedy' Fish Species to Take Over Our Future Oceans
58 Drone Delivery
59 Hubble Pushed Beyond Limits to Spot Clumps of New Stars in Distant Galaxy
60 ORNL Researchers Apply Imaging, Computational Expertise to St. Jude Research
61 Detection for the Masses
62 Electron Orbitals May Hold Key to Unifying Concept of High-Temperature Superconductivity
63 Scientists Get First Direct Look at How Electrons 'Dance' with Vibrating Atoms
64 Ice Sheet Break Just the Tip of Catastrophic Climate Conditions to Come
65 Which Bar Patrons Underestimate Their Inebriation the Most?
66 Researchers Study Links Across U.S. Grids to Move Renewable Energy and Share Capacity
67 Chinese Enterprises Commit to Wildlife Conservation in Uganda
68 Meniscus-Assisted Technique Produces High Efficiency Perovskite PV Films
69 Nanoscale Forces Measured in Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells Tell Story of Disease
70 AIP Names Information Systems Expert John Regazzi as Board Chair
71 Strange Silk: Why Rappelling Spiders Don't Spin Out of Control
72 DHS S&T Licenses New Cybersecurity Tech to Atlanta Small Business
73 S&T Develops Five New Powerful Tools to Combat Foreign Animal Diseases
74 Gold Remembers: "Shape Memory" Effect Demonstrated in Gold Particles
75 Developing a Universal Biosensor that Could Reduce the Global Threat from Infectious Diseases?
76 DHS S&T Awards $220K to University of Tulsa for Cybersecurity Research
77 Professors Expand Project to Map Zika Mosquitoes Across Southern New Mexico
78 Powerful New Photodetector Can Enable Optoelectronics Advances
79 Could Concrete Help Solve the Problem of Air Pollution?
80 Kansas State University Researchers Help with Landmark Study of Wild Wheat Ancestor
81 Engineers Win Energy Department Grants to Help Develop a Reliable, Resilient Power Grid
82 Researchers Report Chemical Reaction with Potential to Speed Drug Development
83 Ukraine claims Russia launched NotPetya ransomware attack
84 Cuckoos mimic the sound of musk hogs to avoid being eaten
85 Planets in other star systems fit a puzzling pattern
86 Children who sleep less may age faster at a cellular level
87 Sun's gravity could power interstellar video streaming
88 Next-gen drones will fly and dive into the sea like pelicans
89 Using light to reset the body clock can treat brain disorders
90 Cancer vaccines could prime our own bodies to fight tumours
91 UK's first public autonomous taxi trial to begin soon
92 Aid shipments aren't enough to stop Yemen's cholera epidemic
93 San Francisco is first US city to ban flavoured tobacco products
94 Bad eczema flare-ups may be caused by strains of bacteria
95 Serious head injuries nearly double your risk of dementia
96 Eating lots of sugar when pregnant may raise risk of allergies
97 A cholera pandemic has raged for 56 years. Time to stamp it out
98 Hazardous waste identified and sorted using simple barcodes
99 We may have mated with Neanderthals more than 219,000 years ago
100 Protons are lighter than thought, which may solve a big puzzle
101 LHC pops out a new particle that could test the strong force
102 CRISPR gene editing technique is probably safe, study confirms
103 AI photo check exposes scale of diversity problem at top firms
104 France plans to ban all new petrol and diesel cars by 2040
105 UK and Irish seabirds search area size of Spain for food
106 Tesla to build world's largest lithium ion battery in Australia
107 N/A
108 Frogs may have evolved the first kneecaps on Earth
109 Smartphone components work beautifully at nearly absolute zero
110 Neural network poetry is so bad we think it's written by humans