File Title
1 Rapid DNA Technology Makes Verifying Relationships Easier, Faster
2 With ARM Instruments Watching, an Extensive Summer Melt in West Antarctica
3 Protect Your Brain: Free Bike Helmet Giveaway in Minneapolis
4 Heat Pulses in Magma Change How Scientists View the Inner Workings of Volcanoes
5 Heavy-Drinking Mothers Linked to Their Child's Path Toward the Justice System
6 Why the 'Peculiar' Stands Out in Our Memory
7 Is Your Doctor Prescribing the Wrong Treatment for Pink Eye?
8 Like a Moth to a Flame
9 DHS S&T Announces Funding Opportunity for Border, Trade and Immigration Homeland Security Research
10 To Connect Biology with Electronics, Be Rigid, Yet Flexible
11 Firefly Gene Illuminates Ability of Optimized CRISPR-Cpf1 to Efficiently Edit Human Genome
12 Sound Waves Direct Particles to Self-Assemble, Self-Heal
13 New Foot-and-Mouth Disease Rapid Diagnostic Kit Gets License for Use in U.S. Livestock
14 Understanding E. Coli Behavior in Streams
15 Sugar-Coated Nanomaterial Excels at Promoting Bone Growth
16 Keeping California's Natural Gas System Safe
17 UTEP Doctoral Student Discovers Three Chameleon Species
18 Squeezing Every Drop of Fresh Water from Waste Brine
19 Transforming Last Night's Leftovers into Green Energy
20 Protect Your Pet from Canine Influenza
21 Differences in Sea Spray Particle Chemistry Linked to Formation Processes of Drops by Bubbles in Breaking Waves
22 UCLA Switzer Prize Recipient's "Extraordinary Work Represents a Powerful Example" of Basic Sciences Research Impacting Patient Lives
23 Turning Waste into Fuels, Microbial Style
24 If a Tree Falls in the Amazon
25 Wet and Stormy Weather Lashed California Coast...8,200 Years Ago
26 Why Are Scientists Questioning the Safety of Triclosan and Triclocarban?
27 Selfish Gene Acts as Both Poison and Antidote to Eliminate Competition
28 Lightweight Steel Production Breakthrough: Brittle Phases Controlled
29 Study Surveys Public Reaction Before and After a Terror Attack
30 Simple Tactic Results in Dramatic Water Conservation, Study Shows
31 Hitchbot Creators at Ryerson and McMaster to Study How Artificial Intelligence and Robots Can Help Patients
32 Why Do Onions Make You Cry?
33 Mountaintop Plants and Soils to Become Out of Sync
34 Making Waves with the Hot Electrons Within Earth's Radiation Belts
35 Cow Herd Behavior Is Fodder for Complex Systems Analysis
36 Illuminating a Better Way to Calculate Excitation Energy
37 New Metrology Technique Measures Electric Fields
38 Wave Beams Mix and Stir the Ocean to Create Climate
39 Getting the Biggest Bang Out of Plasma Jets
40 Queen's University Scientist Warns of Asteroid Danger
41 Board Game Helps Mexican Coffee Farmers Grasp Complex Ecological Interactions
42 New Perspectives into Arctic Cloud Phases
43 Study Argues Cybersecurity Breaches Require Less Technology, More Attention
44 How Six Cups of Ground Coffee Can Improve Nose, Throat Surgery
45 UW-Led Scientists 'Closing the Gap' on Malaria in India
46 SDSC's Comet is a Key Resource in New Global Dark Matter Experiment
47 New Prototypes for Superconducting Undulators Show Promise for More Powerful, Versatile X-Ray Beams
48 R&D Gives Magnetic Boost to Next-Gen. X-ray Laser Projects
49 Grant to Fund Research into New Metamaterial that Provides Earthquake Protection
50 SLAC Experiment is First to Decipher Atomic Structure of an Intact Virus with an X-ray Laser
51 Grasses: The Secrets Behind Their Success
52 Study Finds Chimpanzees and Humans Console Victims of Aggression in Similar Ways
53 Name that Tasty Table Grape, New from Cornell
54 Chicago Quantum Exchange to Create Technologically Transformative Ecosystem
55 New Catalyst Paves Way for Carbon Neutral Fuel
56 Bitter or Sweet? How Taste Cells Decide What They Want to Be
57 The Rise of Giant Viruses
58 Over 150 Asian Giant Softshell Turtles Return to the Wild
59 UF Scientist: Calves Conceived in Winter Perform Better
60 Newly Identified Protection Mechanism Serves as First Responder to Cellular Stress
61 Nova Southeastern University Continues to Oversee National Coral Reef Fellowship Program
62 Study Assesses Risk in a Changing Insurance Market for Driverless Vehicles
63 Parents of Newborn Daughters Take Fewer Risks Study Suggests
64 KU Engineering Grad Loral O'Hara Becomes New NASA Astronaut
65 Three Honored by Society for Risk Analysis European Chapter
66 Southern Research Probe of Zika Virus Looks into 'Rebound Virus'
67 New Research from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Could Prevent Unnecessary Beach Closings
68 Geography Faculty Members Earn NSF Grant to Study Oak Forests
69 Yarraman Flu or Horse Flu? Words and Graphics Influence Willingness to Vaccinate
70 Upgrades at Sandia's Tonopah Test Range Help Weapons Testing
71 Hubble Captures Massive Dead Disk Galaxy that Challenges Theories of Galaxy Evolution
72 Researchers Find New Mechanism for Genome Regulation
73 Throwing Shade: Urban Climatologist Talks "Cool" Project
74 No Mercury Accumulation in Fish After Fire
75 Oxygen: The Jekyll and Hyde of Biofuels
76 New Measures of Aging May Show 70 Is the New 60
77 An End to Population Aging in China, Germany, USA
78 How Did Bird Babysitting Co-Ops Evolve?
79 A Simple Solution to Protect Critical Infrastructure
80 West Nile Mosquitos Are in NYC, Start Spraying and Drain Your Backyards
81 System Detects & Translates Sarcasm on Social Media
82 Temperatures Rising: The Current Heat Spell Is Needed for the Monsoon
83 Biologist Developed New Method to Calculate Populations of Elusive Species
84 The Advent of Intelligent Robots and Their Role in Society
85 Australian Origin Likely for Iconic New Zealand Tree
86 Adulthood Wellbeing Lower for Single-Parent Kids--New Research
87 UF Soil Scientist Selected 'Fellow' in National Society
88 USC to Lead IARPA Quantum Computing Project
89 Angelman Biomarkers and Outcome Measures Alliance and Roche Begin Patient-Centered Qualitative Research to Inform Potential Outcome Measures for Angelman Syndrome Clinical Trials
90 PPPL-Led Team Wins Major Award of Time on DOE Supercomputers for Fusion Studies in 2017
91 Willing Weather Brings Beautiful Blueberries, Superb Strawberries this Year
92 Merelaniite Named Mineral of the Year
93 Healthcare Providers Could Prevent Opioid-Related Deaths by Testing for Certain Genes
94 UK Chemistry Researchers Develop Catalyst that Mimics the Z-Scheme of Photosynthesis
95 A Single Electron's Tiny Leap Sets Off 'Molecular Sunscreen' Response
96 Piling on Pressure Solves Enduring Mystery About Metal's Makeup
97 Cancer Cells May Streamline Their Genomes in Order to Proliferate More Easily
98 New Efficient, Low-Temperature Catalyst for Converting Water and CO to Hydrogen Gas and CO2
99 Study Sheds Light on How Bacterial Organelles Assemble
100 How a Single Chemical Bond Balances Cells Between Life and Death
101 NUS Study: Plants Sacrifice "Daughters" to Survive Chilly Weather
102 UF Scientists Work to Develop Heat-Resistant 'Cow of the Future'
103 Our Expanding Universe: Delving into Dark Energy
104 Cool Power
105 By Far, Men Garner Most Coveted Speaking Slots at Virology Meetings
106 Cut U.S. Commercial Building Energy Use 29% with Widespread Controls
107 World's Biggest Neutrino Experiment Moves One Step Closer
108 Ames Lab Scientists' Surprising Discovery: Making Ferromagnets Stronger by Adding Non-Magnetic Element
109 Atomic Imperfections Move Quantum Communication Network Closer to Reality
110 Small Chips, Big Impact: MSU Researcher Studies Cardiovascular, Sickle Cell Disease