File Title
1 SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Rocket with No Landing this Time
2 Juno Spacecraft to Explore Jupiter's Great Spot on July 10
3 Gaia Satellite Spots Six Stars Speeding Rapidly in the Milky Way
4 NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Gets a Software Upgrade to Protect Wheels
5 NASA Keeps Tabs On ISS Microbes to Protect Astronauts
6 China Fails to Launch Its Most Powerful Rocket, Will Face Setback in Its Space Program
7 NASA to Test Technology to Help Future Human Colonization of Mars
8 NASA To Test 'DART' that Is Designed to Deflect Asteroids & to Prevent Collision with Earth
9 Milky Way's Fastest Stars Are Runaway Stars from Another Galaxy
10 New Technology Can Read Our Minds
11 SpaceX Plans to Expand Rocket Refurbishing Facilities in Florida
12 First Production of Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Unveils this Coming Friday
13 Look Out California! UF Scientist Says Artichokes May Grow in Warm, Humid Florida
14 Splitting Cells: How a Dynamic Protein Machinery Executes 'the Final Cut'
15 Technology Unlocks Mold Genomes for New Drugs
16 DHS S&T Announces $1.3 million in Small Business Innovation Research Awards
17 Promiscuous Salamander Uses Genes from Three Partners Equally
18 'DNA Is a Bully' that Hustles Transcribers to Targets
19 UF Center Director Speaks on Zika at National Roundtable
20 Student Wins Regional Data Challenge for Ocean Acidification Visualization Tool
21 A Fairy-Tail Ending: Public School in New York Tells a Cinderella Story with Russian Tigers
22 University of Rhode Island Pioneers Research into Movement, Learning, Language
23 Lab on a Chip Could Monitor Health, Germs and Pollutants
24 Lawrence Livermore Scientist Finds Jupiter Is One Old-Timer
25 Where Cigarette Smoking's Damage is Done...Down to Your DNA
26 Scientists Solve a Mystery in Cellular "Droplet" Organelles
27 Naltrexone: Injectable or Oral?
28 Molecule May Help Maintain Brain's Synaptic Balance
29 Newly Transitioned Hurricane Decision Support Platform Gives Emergency Managers More Capabilities
30 Scientists Discover More Effective, and Potentially Safer, Crystalized Form of DDT
31 Shining Light on Low-Energy Electrons
32 APS Awards $267,350 to Its 2017 Undergraduate Research Fellows
33 Researchers Show How a Cancer Gene Protects Genome Organization
34 Magnets, All the Way Down!
35 Large Canadian Arctic climate change study cancelled due to climate change
36 Discovering the Ultimate Limit of Heat Transport: Measurements across a Single-Atom Junction
37 Know of a Homemade Mosquito Repellent?
38 E. Coli Bacteria's Defense Secret Revealed
39 VLA Gives New Insight into Galaxy Cluster's Spectacular 'Mini-Halo'
40 Genomic Sequencing Could Become Household Term with New Hand-Held Device
41 Receiving More Robocalls than Ever? An ASU Researcher May Have a Solution.
42 Shape and Size of DNA Lesions Caused by Toxic Agents Affects Repair of DNA
43 U.S.-China Collaboration Makes Excellent Start in Optimizing Lithium to Control Fusion Plasmas
44 Researchers Pinpoint How Detecting Social Signals May Have Affected How We See Colors
45 Researchers advocate statistical approach to search for Earth-like planets
46 Ancient Otter Tooth Found in Mexico Suggests Mammals Migrated Across America
47 Discovery by NUS Researchers Improves Understanding of Cellular Aging and Cancer Development
48 Breakthrough by Queen's University Paves Way for Smaller Electronic Devices
49 Researchers Create 3-D Printed Tensegrity Objects Capable of Dramatic Shape Change
50 Radiation Levels in Food Predicted
51 One Step Closer to Practical Fast Charging Batteries
52 Lawrence Livermore Researchers to Design, Build Instrument to Help Explore Metal Asteroid
53 Electrifying Magnetism
54 Graphene Encapsulation Provides Unprecedented View of the Diffusion and Rotation of Fullerene Molecules
55 Tips for Tick Removal from Lyme Disease Expert at Binghamton University
56 Robot Uses Deep Learning and Big Data to Write and Play Its Own Music
57 Wildfires Pollute Much More than Previously Thought
58 Zika Researcher to Co-Lead NIH Center Project on Viruses, Brain Development
59 Chaotically Magnetized Cloud Is No Place to Build a Star, or Is It?
60 Defrosting the World's Freezer: Thawing Permafrost
61 Promising Peas' Potential in Big Sky Country
62 NDSU Assistant Professor Receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award
63 The Future of Our Cities: Engineers Test Resilient, Intelligent Infrastructure
64 New Research Finds a Missing Piece to High-Temperature Superconductor Mystery
65 N/A
66 Tulane Researchers Develop Map Showing La. Sinking One-Third Inch Per Year
67 Bioengineered Human Livers Mimic Natural Development
68 Molecular Pilot Light Prepares Body's Heating System for the Cold
69 Musk Deer Poaching in Russia Linked to Logging Roads
70 Researchers to Develop Wireless Sensor Network that Would Help Fight Potato Rot
71 Creighton Physicist's Work Unveils New Ability of Immune Cells
72 Hydroelectric Dams May Jeopardize the Amazon's Future
73 Cedars-Sinai Recognized as One of Computerworld's 2017 Best Places to Work in IT
74 Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and Flinn Scientific Expand Reach for STEM Teacher Training and Curricula Program
75 Nine Astronomy Outreach Professionals Selected for Prestigious ACEAP Ambassador Program
76 New Chemical Method Could Revolutionize Graphene
77 Argonne Hosts Battery Industry Day to Boost Collaboration
78 Drinking During Adolescence Can Alter Brain Cell Nerve Growth
79 Complex Links Between Latino Acculturation and Drinking
80 Elegant Switch Controls Translation in Transition from Egg to Embryo
81 Influenza Virus Can Overcome Potentially Crippling Mutations
82 Water Management Interventions Push Scarcity Downstream
83 Widespread Snowmelt in West Antarctica During Unusually Warm Summer
84 Scientists Report Large-Scale Surface Melting Event in Antarctica during 2015-16 El Nino
85 How Do Retaining Walls Work?
86 Image Release: GBT Captures Orion Blazing Bright in Radio Light
87 $1 Million Grant to Study Whether Prairies Can Help Beehives Keep the Weight on
88 Synthetic Development of Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials Could Revolutionize Future Technologies
89 Cornell Cubesat Wins Ride into Space with NASA in 2019
90 How to Build Software for a Computer 50 Times Faster than Anything in the World
91 Clinical Chemistry Impact Factor Rises to 8, the Highest in the History of the Journal
92 Investigating Global Water Scarcity
93 Scientists Discover Mechanism Behind Mosquito-Borne-Disease 'Blocker' Used to Fight Viruses
94 Forget the Red Hot Blob: Volcanic Zircon Crystals Give a New View of Magma
95 Cryo-EM Images Reveal How Key Biological Machine Unfolds Problem Proteins
96 Electrolytes Made from Liquefied Gas Enable Batteries to Run at Ultra-Low Temperatures
97 Department of Energy Awards Six Research Contracts Totaling $258 Million to Accelerate U.S. Supercomputing Technology
98 Cybersecurity for Your Car
99 Drill Holes in Fossil Shells Point to Bigger Predators Picking on Small Prey
100 Frederick Burgess Appointed VP for Infrastructure, Properties and Planning at Cornell University
101 Wearable Sensor Helps People Keep Tabs on Drinking
102 Dryland Cropping Systems Research Addresses Future Drought and Hunger Issues
103 WVU Emissions Researchers Help Address Automotive Industry and Regulatory Challenges on Clean-Diesel Issues
104 Shaking Schrodinger's cat
105 Researchers Send DNA on Sequential, and Consequential, Building Mission
106 Researchers Use Light to Manipulate Mosquitoes
107 10-Year Plan 'Much Too Little, Too Late' for Ecological Collapse of Salton Sea
108 Research Finds Common Household Chemicals Lead to Birth Defects in Mice
109 Save the Date: Leading Acoustics Meeting in Boston June 25-29, 2017
110 Nickel for Thought: Compound Shows Potential for High-Temperature Superconductivity