File Title
1 Stephen Hawking: Earth Could Turn into Hothouse Planet like Venus
2 How the Nazis Destroyed the First Gay Rights Movement
3 How Hot Will Your City Get by 2100?
4 Cancer Vaccines Help Patients Get Tumor-Free in 2 Studies
5 Super Croc with T. Rex Teeth May Have Chowed Down on Dinosaurs
6 Missile Test-Launched by North Korea Was an ICBM, US Officials Confirm
7 Psychopaths' Brains Reveal Secrets of Their Immoral Behavior
8 Charlie Gard Controversy: What Causes Infant's Rare Condition?
9 Scientists May Have Cracked the Secret Behind Different Egg Shapes
10 Thousands of Drowning Wildebeest Keep a Serengeti Ecosystem Humming
11 Millions of Rare 'Sea Pickles' Invade the Pacific
12 Why Did Six Highly-Endangered Whales Suddenly Die?
13 Can an Ambitious Australian Plan Save the Great Barrier Reef?
14 Aggressive Tick Could Cause Meat Allergy in Humans
15 Scientists Use DNA to Crack Ancient Case of Bizarre Creature
16 80-Year-Old Badass Fights Rabid Bobcat and Wins
17 Increasing Urban Temperature Could Negatively Affect Wild Bee Population
18 Movie "47 Meters Down" Gets Sharks All Wrong
19 'Sea Pickles' Are Invading the West Coast
20 Mountain Lions Are Terrified of One Thing--The Sound of a Human Voice
21 Birds in Mexico City Have Taken Up Cigarettes to Protect Their Young
22 Antarctica's Plant, Animal Life Threatened by Increasing Ice-Free Areas
23 Scientists May Have Cracked the Secret Behind Different Egg Shapes
24 Can an Ambitious Australian Plan Save the Great Barrier Reef?
25 UNESCO: World Heritage Coral Reefs Will Die of Heat Stress Unless Global Warming is Curbed
26 Movie "47 Meters Down" Gets Sharks All Wrong
27 Birds in Mexico City Have Taken Up Cigarettes to Protect Their Young
28 Scientists Use Vinegar to Increase Drought Tolerance of Plants, Here's How
29 New Antiviral Shows Promise Against Highly Contagious Coronaviruses
30 Millenia-Old Mystery of 'Bright Nights' Finally Solved
31 Bees Are Good Indicators that It's Getting Way Too Hot
32 Air Pollution, Dusts Could Decrease Efficiency of Solar Energy Production
33 As Peatlands Thaw, Two Gases Much Worse than Carbon Are Being Unchained
34 Everything from Whales to Plankton Killed by Underwater Oil Survey Air Guns
35 Rising Sea Levels Could Displace One-Fifth of Global Population by 2100
36 Antarctica's Plant, Animal Life Threatened by Increasing Ice-Free Areas
37 Deformation in Volcanoes Could Serve as Reliable Indicator of Future Eruptions
38 Active Sex Life Could Improve Brain Function in Older Adults
39 Work Stress Could Lead to Unhealthy Food Choices
40 The Future Is (Literally) Green--China Is Building the World's First Forest City
41 Japan to Send a Manned Mission to Moon by 2030
42 Millenia-Old Mystery of 'Bright Nights' Finally Solved
43 A Total Solar Eclipse Gets Even Cooler: Check Out the Simulator
44 Giant Asteroid Heading Earth's Way with Possible Impact in the Future
45 Breakthrough! Scientists Confirm Existence of Orbiting Supermassive Black Holes
46 NASA Slams New Conspiracy Theory, No Kidnapped Children on Mars
47 Transformer Stamp Released by US Postal Service
48 U.S. Total Solar Eclipse Sparks Spectator Excitement
49 One of Africa's Largest Wildlife Relocations Begins
50 Scientists Rescue Samples of Melting Bolivian Glacier for Posterity
51 British Forest Pumped Full of CO2 to Test Tree Absorption
52 Bear in Fatal Alaska Mauling Killed
53 Experts: US Exiting Climate Pact May Doom Some Small Islands
54 Jerry Nelson, Astronomer Who Built Advanced Telescopes, Dies
55 India Sends 31 Satellites into Space, Some for Foreign Customers
56 Bulgaria's First Communications Satellite Launched into Orbit
57 Conference: US Mayors May Shape National Climate Policy
58 Strong Earthquake Injures 2, Knocks off Roof Tiles in Japan
59 SpaceX Launches 10 Satellites from California Air Base
60 New Zealand Law Student Launches Climate Change Court Case
61 Subway Digging Uncovers 'Pompeii-Like Scene' in Rome
62 Jellied Sea Creatures Confound Scientists, Fishermen on U.S. Pacific Coast
63 Science Groups Ask Trump to Retain Advisory Board Integrity
64 Cambodia Conservationists Find Rare Cache of Crocodile Eggs
65 Study Links at-Risk Orcas' Failed Pregnancies to Scarce Food
66 Large Study Links Key Pesticide to Weakened Honeybee Hives
67 Search of Chicago Waterway Turns up No Asian Carp So Far
68 Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal Gives Birth on Waikiki Beach
69 United Launch Alliance Beats SpaceX to Win Air Force Launch
70 Launch Fails for Chinese Heavy-Lift Carrier Rocket
71 Aid Helicopter Crash Kills 8 After Indonesian Volcano Erupts
72 Forecaster Says Budget Cuts Could Hurt Hurricane Predictions
73 SpaceX Craft Returns to Earth After 2nd Space Station Trip
74 Lunar Robots Put to the Test on Sicily's Mount Etna
75 US Denies Visas to Gambia Teens in Global Robotics Contest
76 We Need to Talk About Sex, Robot Experts Say
77 SpaceX Launches Communication Satellite on 3rd Try
78 Jellyfish Invasion Stirs Debate Over Egypt's Suez Canal
79 Some Animals Make Stellar Stepdads, Science Says
80 Insects and the Growth of Mosses Threaten Antarctica Now
81 Marijuana Growers Now Going Green
82 Yellowstone Hit by More than 230 Earthquakes Since June 12
83 Death Valley: Tourists Flock in the Hottest Place in America Despite Soaring Temperatures
84 Global Bleaching Now Easing, but It Is Still Pretty Bad
85 Flight of the Bumblebee: A Soundscape for Survival
86 Breakthrough: Scientists Produce Biofuel from Algae
87 Bangladesh Hit by Lightning Strikes Again, 22 People Killed
88 Australian Scientists Gather Nightmarish Creatures from Deep Sea
89 Majority of World Population to Face Deadly Heat Waves by 2100
90 Some Greenhouse Gases are Produced in Your Own Backyard
91 Mountain Lions Are Afraid of Humans, a New Study Reveals
92 Portugal Mourns: The 'Road of Hell' Kills 62 People
93 Crack in Antarctic Shelf Ready to Produce Iceberg
94 Climate Change Threatens the World's Most Popular Coffee Bean
95 Yellowstone Update: 770 Earthquakes Recorded Since June 12
96 'Dead Zone' in the Gulf of Mexico Almost Double in Size Now
97 Scientists Finally Solve Mystery of Bright Nights
98 Global Coral Bleaching Likely Ending, NOAA States
99 Global Sea Level Rise Intensifies from Greenland, Researchers Say
100 Rapid Thawing of the Arctic Subsea Permafrost Could Heighten Global Warming
101 The World's First 'Forest City' Is Now Under Construction
102 Ozone Layer Threatened by Chemicals that Could Delay Its Recovery
103 Where Do Chimpanzees Get Their Super-Strength? A New Study Reveals
104 Rat Lungworm Spreads in Florida
105 Unraveling the First Family 5-Seater Car Empowered Completely by the Sun
106 The World Has Only 3 Years to Prevent Climate Disaster, Experts Warn
107 Climate Change Might Lead to Decline in Antarctica's Biodiversity, Experts Warn
108 Half a Degree Celsius of Global Warming Could Heighten Heat Waves, Heavy Rains
109 Concrete Pyramids Sunk to Act as Artificial Reef
110 Donald Trump's Plan to Withdraw from Paris Agreement Could 'Push the Earth Over the Brink,' Stephen Hawking Warns