File Title
1 Video games can change your brain
2 Adulthood wellbeing lower for single-parent kids--new research
3 Eating your feelings? The link between job stress, junk food and sleep
4 Mathematical confirmation: Rewiring financial networks reduces systemic risk
5 Clinics cut pregnancy risks for obese women
6 How pheromones trigger female sexual behavior
7 Custom built molecule shows promise as anti-cancer therapy
8 How protons move through a fuel cell
9 Stereotypes still affect females' career aspirations in STEM topics
10 Magnetic memories of a metal world
11 Piling on pressure solves enduring mystery about metal's makeup
12 Don't lose sleep over sharing your bed with your pet or kids
13 The 'Star dust' wasp is a new extinct species named after David Bowie's alter ego
14 New insight into a central biological dogma on ion transport
15 News from the pathogen that causes sleeping sickness
16 Australian origin likely for iconic New Zealand tree
17 An integrated perspective on diabetic, alcoholic, and drug-induced neuropathy
18 Smooth propagation of spin waves using gold
19 Multifunctional catalyst for poison-resistant hydrogen fuel cells
20 Biofilms--the eradication has begun
21 Crowdsourced data may inaccurately represent some population groups
22 Does MRI plus mammography improve detection of new breast cancer after breast conservation therapy?
23 HPV testing leads to earlier detection and treatment of cervical pre-cancer
24 How serious is binge drinking among college students with disabilities?
25 Ancient Egyptians to modern humans: Coronary artery disease genes benefit reproduction
26 Paracetamol during pregnancy can inhibit masculinity
27 Lessons from whale population collapse could help future species at risk
28 Select memories can be erased, leaving others intact
29 Switchable DNA mini-machines store information
30 Accentuate the positive to reduce risk of chronic disease
31 Studies of US Lassa fever patient offer clues about immune response, viral persistence
32 More guns now being purchased for self-defense than recreation
33 Researchers find way to better use current drugs to target cancer
34 Cleveland Clinic discovers similarities between next-generation prostate cancer drugs
35 Losing train of thought or it's hard to multi-task? You may be having one drink too many
36 Ecology insights improve plant biomass degradation by microorganisms
37 Satellite data to map endangered monkey populations on Earth
38 Elevated rate of autism symptoms found in children with Tourette syndrome
39 Study sheds light on how bacterial organelles assemble
40 Lab grown human colons change study of GI disease
41 For the first time in a patient, Stanford researchers use long-read genome sequencing
42 Finally, understanding how the sun's spicules are made
43 Greater emphasis on preventing, treating heart disease in women needed
44 Secondhand smoke exposure among nonsmoking adult cancer survivors has declined
45 New efficient, low-temperature catalyst for hydrogen production
46 Scientists recreate Californian Indian water bottles to study ancient exposure to chemicals
47 Study uncovers link between male hormones and metabolic disease in polycystic ovary syndrome
48 Study debunks claim of greatly improved survival rate for gunshot victims
49 Cancer cells may streamline their genomes in order to proliferate more easily
50 Critical gaps in our knowledge of where infectious diseases occur
51 Cracking the mystery of avian egg shape
52 Cells in fish's spinal discs repair themselves
53 Intensive blood pressure lowering benefits patients with chronic kidney disease
54 Nearly half of US women don't know heart disease is their No. 1 killer
55 Rare cells are 'window into the gut' for the nervous system
56 Scientists uncover potential mechanism for HPV-induced skin cancer
57 Lessons from whale population collapse could help future species at risk
58 The biology of uterine fluid: How it informs the fetus of mom's world
59 New brain network model could explain differences in brain injuries
60 Snake fungal disease identified in wild British snakes for first time
61 Human genes for coronary artery disease make them more prolific parents
62 Simulated honeybees can use simple brain circuits for complex learning
63 First Chikungunya-infected Aedes aegypti mosquitos found in Brazil
64 Localized signaling islands in cells: New targets for precision drug design
65 SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Rocket with No Landing this Time
66 Medieval Farmers May Have Skinned Cats for Pagan Rituals
67 Has the mystery of the Montem mound finally been solved?
68 Sudan: Mysterious holes drilled in rocks are remains of ancient shelters on the banks of the Nile River
69 Immigrants aided creative boom by ancient Ohioans
70 Archaeologists Find Ancient Treasure in Beautifully Preserved Roman Ruins in Libya
71 Historic shipwreck discovered off Southern California coast
72 Beaver's teeth 'used to carve the oldest wooden statue in the world'
73 Crusader Escape Tunnel to Kinneret Exposed in Tiberias
74 Multispectral Imaging Reveals Ancient Hebrew Inscription Undetected for Over 50 Years
75 Ancient Jerusalem tower younger than thought
76 Archaeologists in N. Iceland discover Viking age chief buried in ship with his sword and dog
77 AUC hands over Egyptian artifacts from 1964 excavation in Fustat
78 Archaeological excavation in Canterbury uncovers 14th century abbey precinct wall
79 A Pharaoh's Massive Tomb Unveiled
80 Archaeological dig in Sudan unearths 'many exciting finds'
81 Project maps Greek ceramic production over five millennia
82 1,000-Year-Old Colored Glass Beads Discovered in West Africa
83 Ancient Human Sacrifice Victims Faced Slavery Before Death
84 Lubelskie/ Medieval sword discovered at a peat bog
85 Archaeologists in Ethiopia uncover ancient city in Harlaa
86 DNA Reveals How Domestic Cats Conquered the World
87 Carbon dating undermines biblical narrative for ancient Jerusalem tower
88 Ancient Tomb of Gold Worker Found Along Nile River
89 Archeologist: Amber was popular in Europe already 3.5 thousand years ago
90 'Woman with small shovel' finds a clue to Sitka's paleo past
91 Construction works help archaeologists unearth Stone Age relics in Moscow
92 Revealed in Israel, a 2,600-Year-Old Request for Wine
93 Ancient skulls shed light on migration in the Roman empire
94 900-Year-Old Women's Jewelry Collection Discovered in Modi'in
95 1,600-year-old mosaic found in Turkey's Adiyaman
96 This Volcano-Shaped Pyramid in Peru Has Experts Stumped
97 In a pharaoh tomb, archaeologist examines the inscriptions...of ancient tourists
98 Archaeologists unearth prehistoric ritual area around Bryn Celli Ddu
99 Exclusive: Bone-Sniffing Dogs to Hunt for Amelia Earhart's Remains
100 Yale archaeologists discover earliest monumental Egyptian hieroglyphs
101 Machu Picchu: New Archaeological Finds from Inca Citadel Released
102 A wooden toe: Swiss Egyptologists study 3,000-year-old prosthesis
103 Archaeology: Ancient glass bracelets found at newly-discovered necropolis near Plovdiv's Small Basilica
104 Podkarpackie / Unique figurine from 7 thousand years ago discovered in arable field
105 Woven basket finding unravels ancient wooden box mystery
106 1,000-year-old Viking toilet uncovered in Denmark
107 Ancient Manufacturing Technique Exposed Indigenous Peoples to Dangerous Toxins
108 Traces of measures against quakes seen in Troy
109 Canadian scholars explore ancient Nabataean site of Hawara
110 Roman oil and wine pottery found at Ipplepen dig site