File Title
1 High-fat diet in pregnancy increases breast cancer risk over generations in animal study
2 Solar cell design using diverse plant pigments
3 School's in for asthma medication adherence
4 Study: World Heritage Convention can play critical role in protecting wilderness
5 Improved representation of solar variability in climate models
6 Making waves
7 New technique 'sees' radioactive material even after it's gone
8 New research describes the differences between mice and humans
9 Key genes in nitrogen utilization in tobacco identified
10 Immune defense mechanism: How proteins bring together membrane blebs
11 Superstretchable, supercompressible supercapacitors
12 Regional disparity in way local authorities and family courts deal with children
13 Greening the city--a measurement for a mindful environment
14 HKBU's clinical trial acupuncture proves effectiveness for weight control
15 Finnish mothers discovered to have gene variants that protect them from pre-eclampsia
16 Research examines how insect outbreaks affect forests and bats
17 New data on the protective effects of Alzheimer's on cancer
18 Long duration experiments reach 1,000th day
19 ANU invention may help to protect astronauts from radiation in space
20 UNIST researchers find new way to tackle cancer cells
21 Drug discovery: Alzheimer's and Parkinson's spurred by same enzyme
22 Artificial bile ducts grown in lab & transplanted into mice could help treat liver disease
23 First large-scale genomic analysis of key acute leukemia will likely yield new therapies
24 Sea spray losing its sparkle?
25 Certain OTC, less expensive hearing aids provide benefit similar to conventional hearing aid
26 Applying electric current to nerve for chronic low back pain does not provide clinically important improvement
27 Studies compare types of insulin for reducing episodes of low blood sugar for patients with Type 1 or 2 diabetes
28 Quick test finds signs of sepsis in a single drop of blood
29 What are outcomes later in life for high school football players?
30 Is concussion associated with abnormal menstrual patterns in young women?
31 Differences in US infant mortality rates among black and white babies
32 Baker's yeast can help plants cope with soil contamination
33 Increased air pollution cuts victims' lifespan by a decade, costing billions
34 Radiosurgery reduces depression and improves quality of life for patients with facial pain
35 Study shows childhood psychiatric disorders increase risk for later adult addiction
36 Decreasing height, increasing arthritis risk evolutionarily advantageous for humans
37 Freeze-frames of enzymes in action have implications for a new cancer treatment concept
38 Back to the future: The most efficient option for treating unexplained infertility
39 The more eggs the better in IVF?
40 Keeping the heat out
41 'Perfect storm' led to 2016 Great Barrier Reef bleaching
42 Milking it: A new robot to extract scorpion venom
43 Under pressure--Extreme atmosphere stripping may limit exoplanets' habitability
44 'Brain training' app found to improve memory in people with mild cognitive impairment
45 Two knees or not two knees: The curious case of the ostrich's double kneecap
46 Physicists demonstrate topological superconductivity on palladium dibismuthides
47 Delivery rates in IVF are affected by the age of the male partner
48 The peace builders of Northern Kenya; Successful research led model spreads to other African nations
49 The secret connection between anxiety and sleep
50 Right-sided colorectal tumors: An internal radiation advantage
51 Mount Sinai researchers develop technique to monitor laryngeal & vagus nerves in surgery
52 Negative density dependence explains tropical biodiversity
53 New measurement will help redefine international unit of mass
54 To buzz or to scrabble? To foraging bees, that's the question
55 Inhibition of tau protein aggregation by rhodanine-based compounds
56 Dragonflies reveal how biodiversity changes in time and space
57 In urban Baltimore, poor neighborhoods have more mosquitoes
58 Tiny 'motors' are driven by light
59 Black carbon varies, but stubbornly persists, in snow and ice around the world
60 Power to the people
61 Method elucidates inner workings of neural networks
62 Hubble eyes a powerful galaxy with a password name
63 Picture overload hinders children's word learning from storybooks
64 Altering gut bacteria pathways may stimulate fat tissue to prevent obesity
65 Disney Research, Pixar Animation Studios and UCSB accelerate rendering with AI
66 Bizarro comet challenging researchers
67 New study reveals new drug target for gout and other inflammatory diseases
68 Size not important for fish in the largest mass extinction of all time
69 Fixation of powder catalysts on electrodes
70 New insight into how telomeres protect cells from premature senescence
71 Exposure to cardiovascular risk factors linked with arterial distensibility in adolescence
72 Illegal activities threaten natural World Heritage--IUCN
73 Researchers find out how bromine fits into Venusian chemistry
74 Andalusian experts indicate new elements responsible for instability in chromosomes
75 Mistaken identity of East Asian vine species resolved after 100 years
76 Birds become immune to influenza
77 Spinning electrons open the door to future hybrid electronics
78 No pain, no gain?
79 Japanese children learn to write through rhythm
80 Mid-infrared images from the Subaru telescope extend Juno spacecraft discoveries
81 The Black Forest and climate change
82 Liquid biopsies: A non-invasive look at treatment response
83 Zoning in on specifics of Mediterranean diet for colorectal health
84 Miniature technology, big hope for disease detection
85 Singapore scientists uncover how the liver unclogs itself
86 How do impurities move in tungsten?
87 Colon cancer nuclear pore dynamics are captured by HS-AFM
88 Alzheimer's disease patients with psychosis more likely to be misdiagnosed, study suggests
89 Most reproductive-age women using opioids also use another substance
90 Self-powered system makes smart windows smarter
91 Rare, exceptionally preserved fossil reveals lifestyle of ancient armor-plated reptile
92 New method of measurement could lead to cheaper, more accurate sensors
93 Popular class of drugs reverse potentially harmful genetic changes from heart disease
94 Table top plasma gets wind of solar turbulence
95 Overactive scavenger cells may cause neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's
96 CAS researchers develop selective electrocatalysts to boost direct methanol fuel cell performance
97 Ancient Swiss reptile shows its bizarre scale armor for the first time
98 Genes may cause tumor aggressiveness and drug resistance in African-American prostate cancer
99 Older Americans don't get--or seek--enough help from doctors & pharmacists on drug costs
100 Wilderness areas are being destroyed but the World Heritage Convention can protect them
101 New clues found to common respiratory virus
102 Subtle molecular changes along the upper digestive tract could guide cancer therapy
103 Human activities worsen air quality in Dunhuang, a desert basin in China
104 AI helps to fight against lung cancer
105 Patients with multiple sclerosis may benefit from over-the-counter therapy
106 A new way out of the cycle of rejection
107 Discovery could influence methods to control bacteria on medical and other surfaces
108 Study shows antibiotics effective for treatment of small skin infections
109 NIST 'noise thermometry' yields accurate new measurements of boltzmann constant
110 State revenue declines lead to cuts in children's Medicaid benefits, education spending