File Title
1 Reference: Lake Superior: Facts About the Greatest Great Lake
2 This Country, Once Again, Is the Happiest Nation in the World
3 iPhone Turns 10: Why It Has Isolated, Not Connected, Humans
4 Boaty McBoatface Is Back! Here's What the Sub Found on Its 1st Mission
5 No More Glare: 'Moth Eye' Smartphone Coating Doesn't Reflect Sunlight
6 Gene Thieves: Female Salamanders Hijack DNA from Multiple Males
7 Reference: The Second Amendment & the Right to Bear Arms
8 Chicken Sandwich Takes One Giant Leap for Food-Kind
9 OMG Mission: Greenland's Ice Melting Faster than Previously Thought [Video]
10 Tiny, Lens-Free Camera Could Hide in Clothes, Glasses
11 Is There a Limit to the Human Life Span?
12 Carved Human Skulls Reveal Cultic Rituals at Mysterious Site in Turkey
13 Cockatoos Drop Sick Beats to Charm Mates
14 No, There Isn't Poop in Your Iced Coffee
15 Amazing Video Shows Spider Spinning 80+ Feet of Webbing
16 This Is What Happens When a Firecracker Explodes in Your Eye
17 Brain-Infecting 'Rat Lungworm' Spreads in Florida
18 Reference: Lake Huron Facts
19 Delaware-Size Iceberg Is About to Break Off of Antarctica
20 KFC Chicken Sandwich to Launch to Edge of Space 6/29 @ 8AM ET
21 What Really Made the iPhone So Transformative?
22 Why Scientists Are Growing Herpes-Ridden Turtle Skin in the Lab
23 July Fourth Comes Early: NASA Sounding Rocket Releases Colorful Morning Cloud Show (Photos, Video)
24 Light Makes New Material Creep like a Caterpillar
25 Quitting Religion? Mom and Dad Would Prefer a Slow Fade
26 Millions of Pickle-Shaped Organisms Are Invading Northwest Waters
27 The fight to save thousands of lives with sea-floor sensors
28 New journal blacklist, palm-oil ban and the world's top supercomputers
29 China's genomics giant to make stock-market debut
30 Modified viruses deliver death to antibiotic-resistant bacteria
31 Air guns used in offshore oil exploration can kill tiny marine life
32 Solar System survey casts doubt on mysterious 'Planet Nine'
33 US court grants Elsevier millions in damages from Sci-Hub
34 Scientists in limbo as US Supreme Court allows modified travel ban
35 Success of gravity-wave satellite paves way for three-craft mission
36 Has Harry Potter mania cursed Indonesia's owls?
37 How quantum trickery can scramble cause and effect
38 Overlooked water loss in plants could throw off climate models
39 Pirate sites, grizzly bears and a cholera outbreak
40 Vaccine ruling from Europe's highest court isn't as crazy as scientists think
41 The architecture of structured DNA
42 A billion-year arms race against viruses shaped our evolution
43 Survey reveals basic research in Canada is falling by the wayside
44 US lawmakers' science spending plans ignore Trump cuts
45 US postdocs face steep challenges when starting families
46 Largest-ever study of controversial pesticides finds harm to bees
47 The secrets of a top salary in science
48 Intuition harnessed in the name of particle packing
49 Image doctoring must be halted
50 Let science be a springboard for politics
51 Track batteries degrading in real time
52 Three years to safeguard our climate
53 Cyberattack on UK parliament exploited weak email passwords
54 Peruvian monkey avoids stomach trouble by adding mud to its diet
55 Research on male animals prevents women from getting best drugs
56 SpaceX has launched and landed two rockets in one weekend
57 Can we count on utopian dreamers to change the world?
58 Consciousness helps us learn quickly in a changing world
59 Google's multitasking neural net can juggle eight things at once
60 Living near noisy roads could make it harder to get pregnant
61 Ozone layer recovery will be delayed by chemical leaks
62 New ransomware outbreak hits organisations around the world
63 Chimps are not as superhumanly strong as we thought they were
64 Google's 2.4 billion euros fine is small change--the EU has bigger plans
65 Modified maize that kills with RNA is given go-ahead in the US
66 Gecko-inspired robot has grippers that could clean up space junk
67 People with higher IQs are more likely to live to their 80s
68 Birds use cigarette butts for chemical warfare against ticks
69 Wildfires' 'killer haze' tracked with Twitter as it spreads
70 The way we run protects our upper bodies but our legs suffer
71 'Missing link' whale could filter feed and hunt larger prey
72 Old brains can't hear similar sounds but a drug can change that
73 N/A
74 Strongest evidence yet that neonicotinoids are killing bees
75 Planets in other star systems fit a puzzling pattern
76 It's not you--solving a Rubik's cube quickly is officially hard
77 Birds play sick jungle beat with drumsticks they make themselves
78 Sun's gravity could power interstellar video streaming
79 Magpies recruited to safeguard vineyards from grape-eating birds
80 Synthetic fingerprints make plastic particles tiny security keys
81 Artificially intelligent painters invent new styles of art
82 Some Animals Make Stellar Stepdads, Science Says
83 Insects and the Growth of Mosses Threaten Antarctica Now
84 Marijuana Growers Now Going Green
85 Yellowstone Hit by More than 230 Earthquakes Since June 12
86 Death Valley: Tourists Flock in the Hottest Place in America Despite Soaring Temperatures
87 Global Bleaching Now Easing, but It Is Still Pretty Bad
88 Flight of the Bumblebee: A Soundscape for Survival
89 Breakthrough: Scientists Produce Biofuel from Algae
90 Bangladesh Hit by Lightning Strikes Again, 22 People Killed
91 Australian Scientists Gather Nightmarish Creatures from Deep Sea
92 Majority of World Population to Face Deadly Heat Waves by 2100
93 Some Greenhouse Gases are Produced in Your Own Backyard
94 Mountain Lions Are Afraid of Humans, a New Study Reveals
95 Portugal Mourns: The 'Road of Hell' Kills 62 People
96 Crack in Antarctic Shelf Ready to Produce Iceberg
97 Climate Change Threatens the World's Most Popular Coffee Bean
98 Yellowstone Update: 770 Earthquakes Recorded Since June 12
99 'Dead Zone' in the Gulf of Mexico Almost Double in Size Now
100 Scientists Finally Solve Mystery of Bright Nights
101 Global Coral Bleaching Likely Ending, NOAA States
102 Global Sea Level Rise Intensifies from Greenland, Researchers Say
103 Rapid Thawing of the Arctic Subsea Permafrost Could Heighten Global Warming
104 The World's First 'Forest City' Is Now Under Construction
105 Ozone Layer Threatened by Chemicals that Could Delay Its Recovery
106 Where Do Chimpanzees Get Their Super-Strength? A New Study Reveals
107 The Actual Plague is Appearing in New Mexico--and Scientists Think They Know Why
108 Rat Lungworm Spreads in Florida
109 Unraveling the First Family 5-Seater Car Empowered Completely by the Sun
110 The World Has Only 3 Years to Prevent Climate Disaster, Experts Warn
111 Climate Change Might Lead to Decline in Antarctica's Biodiversity, Experts Warn