File Title
1 NASA Introduced 12 New Astronauts from NASA Astronaut Class 2017, Agency Intends to Send Them to Mars
2 ESO: ALMA Discovered a Building Block of Life Near Infant-Like Star
3 Stargazing 2017: Mini Strawberry Moon to Light Up the Sky on June 9
4 Hubble Telescope Could Now Determine the Mass of White Dwarf
5 NASA Unveils 'Batmobile-Inspired' New Mars Rover Concept
6 NASA Will Illuminate the East Coast with Colorful Artificial Clouds to Study Earth's Aurora, Ionosphere
7 'Wow! Signal' Debunked: Mysterious Signal Was Likely a Radio Emission from a Comet and Not from Aliens
8 IKEA Trains with NASA to Create Compact Storage Ideas for Urban Homes--Will They Design for Mars?
9 Amputee Worm Grows Two Heads in Space, Aids in Regenerative Health Science
10 Baking in Space Could Soon Be Possible with Crumb-Free Bread, Special Oven
11 Cassini Captures Saturn's Moon Iapetus, Completes 8th Dive Through Rings
12 China to Grow Potatoes on the Moon
13 Jupiter Now Has 69 Known Moons
14 Elon Musk Reveals Details of His Plans for a Self-Sustaining City on Mars
15 Our Sun Was Likely Born in Binary System, Losing Its Twin Star Later
16 Cassini Detects Swarms of Methane Clouds in Titan's Summer Skies
17 China Launches Its Very Own Space Telescope
18 Obesity Could Increase the Risk of Cardiovascular Illness Among the Young
19 Sleep Deprivation Could Make the Brain Eat Itself, Increasing Risk of Alzheimer's
20 Taking Vitamin D Supplement During Pregnancy Could Prevent Childhood Asthma
21 Climate Change Could Promote Sleep Deprivation Among Poor and Elderly
22 Exercise Could Serve as a Safer Solution for Chronic Insomnia
23 Your Meal Times Could Greatly Influence Your Body Clocks
24 Internet Addicts May Experience Increased Heart Rate, Blood Pressure When Not Online
25 Smokers with HIV Infection More Likely to Die from Their Tobacco Use
26 Zika Update: This Is How the Zika Virus Causes Microcephaly
27 Doctor Slams Miracle 'Vaginal Rejuvenation' Technique, Strongly Advises Against Putting Dried Wasp Nest in Vaginas
28 Man Dies After Swimming with New Tattoo
29 Compound Found in Olive Oil Could Prevent Brain Cancer
30 Babies Should Sleep in a Separate Room After 4 Months, Here's Why
31 People Suffering from Chronic Pain More Likely to Develop Dementia
32 Moderate Consumption of Alcohol May Negatively Affect the Brain
33 Dry Drowning: You Can Actually Drown Even After Leaving the Water
34 New Leukemia Drug Shows Promising Results
35 LOOK: 13 Kilograms of Feces Removed from Colon of Chinese Man Born with Rare Disorder
36 Scientists Map Out DNA Damage Caused by Cigarette Smoking
37 Over 2 Billion People in the World Are Overweight, Obese
38 Fancy Names, Indulgent Ingredients Could Make People Eat More Vegetables
39 Having a Fever During Pregnancy May Increase the Likelihood of Autism
40 Eating French Fries Could Increase the Risk of Earlier Death
41 Acupuncture Could Provide Long-Term Relief in Emergency Patients with Considerable Pain
42 Dubai Police Adds First Ever Robot Cop to Their Ranks
43 ESO Starts Construction of World's First Super Telescope Called 'Extremely Large Telescope' and Its Spectograph 'HARMONI'
44 New Zealand Just Sent a 3D-Printed Rocket to Space
45 NASA's Psyche Mission to Reach the Metallic Asteroid 4 Years Earlier
46 World's Most Powerful Laser Creates a Molecular Black Hole
47 Bigelow Aerospace CEO Believes Aliens are Already Living on Earth
48 Internet Addicts May Experience Increased Heart Rate, Blood Pressure When Not Online
49 AI to Beat Humans in 2060, but Elon Musk Believes it Can by 2030
50 Scientists Develop New Low-Cost Solar Panels Capable of Operating Over a Year Without Losing Performance
51 This Newly Developed Software Tool Can Easily Identify Fake Online Profiles
52 Hubble Telescope Could Now Determine the Mass of White Dwarf
53 IKEA Trains with NASA to Create Compact Storage Ideas for Urban Homes--Will They Design for Mars?
54 Scientists Create Extraordinary New Form of Matter Called 'Liquid Light'
55 Messages from fake aliens decoded quickly in online SETI contest
56 Defibrillator drones could save lives before ambulance arrives
57 Police warned of drug so powerful it can kill in one breath
58 Eating a low carb breakfast may make you a more tolerant person
59 Cool retreats are needed to save giant panda from warmer weather
60 Crumb-free bread will mean ISS astronauts can now bake in space
61 Phone metadata reveals where city migrants go and who they call
62 Mistaken brown dwarf is actually two planets orbiting each other
63 Wireless charger uses quantum trick to power gadgets on the move
64 What it's like to take psychedelics in small doses at breakfast
65 Chatbots learn how to negotiate and drive a hard bargain
66 WHO classes HIV drug as an essential medicine
67 DeepMind now learns from human preferences--just like a toddler
68 Watch how spiders use sticky silk to win deadly wrestling match
69 Billion-dollar dams are making water shortages, not solving them
70 Two-headed porpoise caught in fishing net is first ever found
71 Fish recognise friends and foes through their unique faces
72 How did London tower block fire spread so fast and kill so many?
73 Chinese satellite beats distance record for quantum entanglement
74 UK's hunger for prawns is killing thousands of turtles a year
75 NASA eyes Neptune and Uranus for missions in the 2030s
76 My patrol with armed guards to protect Burmese star tortoises
77 Maths website stops you being ripped off by your flatmates
78 Strange ice lolly icicles seen floating in clouds above the UK
79 Bizarre new deep-sea creatures discovered off Australian coast
80 Buckyballs mysteriously show up in cold space and warp starlight
81 Wise elk learn to outsmart hunters and tell apart their weapons
82 Mindfulness and meditation dampen down inflammation genes
83 Footballers move around pitch like chaotic particles in a fluid
84 5 kilograms of broccoli in a pill slashes diabetics' blood sugar
85 Anxiety drug may prevent common virus that causes birth defects
86 Anxiety drug may prevent common virus that causes birth defects
87 World's largest annual wildlife drowning boosts river ecosystem
88 Kepler finds 219 new exoplanets and 10 are rocky and Earth-like
89 Smart doll fitted with AI chip can read your child's emotions
90 Private data of 198 million US voters accidentally leaked online
91 DNA variants that are bad for health may also make you stupid
92 Antibacterials in soap should be regulated globally, say experts
93 Sweden commits to becoming carbon neutral by 2045 with new law
94 Body Farm for Researchers and Detectives Opens Near Tampa
95 Malaysia Seizes 330 Exotic Tortoises from Madagascar
96 T. Rex Could Bite Just About Anything
97 Go West, Young Pine: US Forests Shifting with Climate Change
98 Indonesia Arrests Japanese Man in Reptile Smuggling
99 US Forecasters: Here Comes Another Hotter than Normal Summer
100 Scientists to Test Whether Zika Can Kill Brain Cancer Cells
101 Fossils Cast Doubt on Human Lineage Originating in Africa
102 'Winged' Snake Species from 5 Million Years Ago Discovered
103 After 9 Months in Space, Mouse Sperm Yield Healthy Mice
104 Failed Computer Replaced During U.S. Astronauts' Spacewalk
105 Egypt Moves Bed, Chariot of King Tut to New Museum
106 Science Says: Whale of a Mystery Solved? How They Got So Big
107 Agency Takes Tectonics Study to Earthquake-Prone Alaska
108 Poorly Understood Mars Landing Conditions Led to Probe's Demise: Report
109 New Zealand Launches into Space Race with 3D-Printed Rocket
110 Survey Finds US Honeybee Losses Improve from Horrible to Bad