File Title
1 Higher alcohol consumption leads to greater loss of muscle tissue in postmenopausal women
2 Does consuming low-fat dairy increase the risk of Parkinson's disease?
3 Scientists make biodegradable microbeads from cellulose
4 The first of our kind
5 Fungi awake bacteria from their slumber
6 World's 'first named dinosaur' reveals new teeth with scanning tech
7 Overcoming immune suppression to fight against bovine leukemia
8 Many rape victims experience involuntary paralysis that prevents them from resisting
9 Don't rely on smartphone apps to treat back pain
10 Survival of the fittest--Biology's role in sustainable power generation
11 Dating expert ages oldest modern human
12 Study: Common surgical treatment for melanoma does not improve patients' overall survival
13 Type of sugar may treat atherosclerosis, mouse study shows
14 Women with past adverse childhood experiences more likely to have ovaries removed, study shows
15 Moroccan fossils show human ancestors' diet of game
16 Effectiveness of antipsychotic treatments in patients with Schizophrenia
17 Improvements in control of cardiovascular risk factors not seen at all socioeconomic levels in US
18 Einstein's 'impossible hope' comes true: Weighing a star with gravity
19 Mammograms: Are we overdiagnosing small tumors?
20 'Immunoswitch' particles may be key to more-effective cancer immunotherapy
21 Regular/occasional teen cannabis use linked to other drug taking in early adulthood
22 Recent presidential election could have negative impact on health
23 Scientists find world's oldest fossil mushroom
24 What causes women to stop breastfeeding early?
25 Florida researchers identify protein target to halt citrus tree disease
26 Sleep apnea and insomnia combination linked with depression
27 Religious coping may affect couples dealing with type 2 diabetes
28 Predicting autism: Study links infant brain connections to diagnoses at age 2
29 Study reveals level of magnesium sulfate to prevent cerebral palsy in preterm infants
30 Retinal cells 'go with the flow' to assess own motion through space
31 Running multiple marathons does not increase risk of atherosclerosis
32 How have HPV vaccines affected cervical cancer screening?
33 Certain cardiovascular medications may increase risk of falling
34 Can pain increase the risk of dying early?
35 Excessive exercise may damage the gut
36 Scientists improve people's creativity through electrical brain stimulation
37 Oyster shells inspire new method to make superstrong, flexible polymers
38 Study doesn't support theory red and eastern wolves are recent hybrids, researchers argue
39 New class of type 2 diabetes drug associated with rare, life-threatening outcome
40 Mouse lemur could serve as ideal model for primate biology and human disease
41 Building 'OLEDs' from the ground up for better electronics
42 Recycling plant material into stock chemicals with electrochemistry
43 First dual-targeting nanoparticles lower cancer's defenses and attack tumors
44 New confirmation of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity
45 Drinking non-cow's milk associated with lower height in children
46 Reshaping Darwin's tree of life
47 Kestrels' strategies for flight and hunting vary with the weather
48 Female Steller sea lions tend to breed near their birthplace
49 How can you tell deep-sea octopuses apart? Check their warts
50 Neuroimaging technique may help predict autism among high-risk infants
51 Which extinct ducks could fly?
52 Aggressive flies: A powerful new model for neuropsychiatric disorders
53 Overweight children are excluded from friendships, USC study finds
54 Juno Flyby Photos Show Jupiter to Be a Strange Alien World, Reveals Whole New Side of the Planet
55 World's Largest Optical, Infrared Telescope Is Now Being Constructed
56 NASA Satellite Captures a Partial Solar Eclipse from Space
57 Saturn's Solstice: Cassini Spacecraft Captures Images of Ringed Planet's Seasonal Changes
58 Birth of a Black Hole Captured by NASA's Telescopes; Star Vanishes Without a Bang
59 NASA's Solar Probe Plus on Mission to 'Touch the Sun'
60 NASA's Moon Orbiter Camera Is a Meteoroid Hit Survivor
61 Juno Reveals Stunning Photos of Jupiter with White Clouds High Up in Its Atmosphere
62 Super Earth Found 21 Light-Years Away May Support Alien Life
63 NASA Partner, Aerospace Billionaire Robert Bigelow Absolutely Convinced There Are Aliens on Earth
64 'Halos' Found in Gale Crater on Mars May Indicate Potential for Life
65 SpaceX Delivers Cargo to International Space Station Using the Old Dragon Spacecraft
66 Hollywood-Like New Generation Mars Rovers to Launch in 2020
67 New Discovery: Astronomers Find a Red Supergiant Star
68 Hottest Planet in the Universe Discovered, Hotter than Most Stars
69 First-Ever Commercial Space Station to Launch in 2020
70 Is Alien Life Responsible for this Massive, Deep Depression Found on Mars?
71 Boomerang Nebula: Unravelling the Mystery of the Coolest Natural Place in the Known Universe
72 WASP-127b: Puffiest Alien World Has a Cloud-Free Atmosphere
73 The Milky Way and Other Supercluster Galaxies Exist in the Great Cosmic Void
74 NASA's GALEX Spacecraft Observes Effects of Red Dwarf Flares on Orbiting Planets
75 LIGO Detects Third Set of Gravitational Waves from Merging Massive Black Holes
76 New Discovery: Building Block of Life Spiraling the Newborn Stars
77 NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds Diverse Minerals in Martian Rocks
78 Jupiter Is the Oldest Planet in the Solar System, a New Study Reveals
79 Hubble Captures Stunning Images of Ultrabright Galaxies
80 Worm Regenerates into Two-Headed Alien Creature in Space
81 First Satellite for 'Space Nation' Asgardia Ready to Launch Itself into Orbit
82 The Sun Might Have Had an Evil Twin 'Nemesis'
83 SpaceX's Falcon Heavy to Be Launched Soon
84 Jupiter Has a Whopping 69 Discovered Moons
85 Cold Spot Could Be the Evidence of a Collision with the Parallel Universe?
86 China Wants to Grow Potatoes on the Moon
87 NASA's SOFIA Discovers Cool Dust Around Active Black Holes
88 Astronomical Twins: Lonely Sun May Have Had a Pair
89 Apple's Mac Revenue Hit New Record Thanks to Strong Demand for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
90 Volkswagen to Launch Quantum Computing-Based Traffic Optimization Systems in China
91 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro 2017 Model with 32GB RAM Likely to Enter Mass Production in Q4
92 Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Does Not Exist, Microsoft Official Panos Panay Confirms
93 iPhone 8 Latest News & Update: Apple Will Release Three Phones this Year; iPhone 8 Bundled with Latest Apple AirPods
94 Huawei Beats Oppo as the Top Smartphone Seller in China
95 Microsoft's Cortana-Powered Speaker to Rival Amazon Echo and Google Home; Invoke Speaker with Skype Integration
96 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is Apple's Worst Nightmare; Phone Expected to Redeem the Reputation of Galaxy Note Brand
97 Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Makes iOS, Android Operating Systems Better
98 Future of Apple MacBook Air 2017 Still Remains a Big Question Mark
99 Heart Rate Monitor of Apple Watch 97% Accurate; Third-Gen. Apple Watch Might Be the Best Sleep Tracker?
100 Google's Pixel 2 Might Run on Android O; New Operating System Makes Android Devices Smoother and Faster
101 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Might Sport Dual-Lens Camera? Samsung Found a Way Where to Put the Fingerprint Sensor
102 Apple Might Unveil Two New Devices at WWDC Next Month; Redesigned iPad Pro, Siri-Powered Speaker About to Arrive
103 Google Partners with Volvo and Audi to Make Android-Powered Cars
104 iPhone 8's Impressive Specs Could Make It an Expensive Smartphone
105 Samsung Galaxy Note 8's Specs, Release Date Update: New Leak Details Phablet's Possible Screen Size
106 Apple MacBook Air 2017's Release Date, Specs Update: Device Highly Likely to Get Unveiled at WWDC 2017
107 Samsung Rivals Android Pay, Apple Pay; New Mobile Payment Service Samsung Pay Recently Launched in UK
108 Huawei Nova 2 Specs, Other Features Leaked Ahead of May 26 Launch; Dual-Lens Camera that Can Rival Apple's Revealed!
109 Apple iPad Pro 2 Might Get a Bezel-less Display; Launch in June Almost Confirmed
110 Apple Plans to Launch a Completely Redesigned iPhone; Latest Leaks of iPhone 8