File Title
1 Drug for refractory psoriatic arthritis shows promise in clinical trial
2 Zika virus likely circulated in Americas long before detection during 2015-16 epidemic
3 Study identifies cost-effective ways to combat HIV risk among intravenous drug users
4 FAU archaeologist involved in groundbreaking discovery of early human life in ancient Peru
5 Revealed: How polyomavirus tricks our cells into helping it build its invasion route
6 Cuts to addiction services in England are 'a false economy' warns expert
7 Pregnancy complications linked to heightened heart disease risk in young adult offspring
8 Water is surprisingly ordered on the nanoscale
9 Large market share for non-quality-assured malaria medicines in Africa
10 New theory predicts wetted area of droplets colliding with flat surface
11 Dartmouth-led study finds heavier precipitation in the northeast began in 1996
12 Near real-time genomic sequencing maps introduction and spread of Zika virus in US
13 Hospitals vary widely in transitioning from treatment to comfort care after stroke
14 Countries most affected by weather disasters do not spend more on weather services
15 Program helps reduce risk of delirium, hospital length of stay for older patients undergoing surgery
16 Secret weapon of smart bacteria tracked to 'sweet tooth'
17 New Anaesthesia Workforce Map shows huge shortages impacting 5 billion people worldwide
18 Parent training on ADHD using volunteers can help meet growing treatment needs
19 Tracing how 'hidden life' grows inside a newly opened hospital
20 Brain microenvironment makes HER2-positive breast cancer metastases resistant to treatment
21 Study documents range of challenging meditation experiences
22 Breakthrough in how autopsy practice is conducted worldwide
23 Zika spread secrets tracked through new gene sequencing study
24 Happiness and harm awareness could keep young people from drinking and smoking
25 A fresh look inside the protein nano-machines
26 Cannabis derivative cannabidiol reduces seizures in severe epilepsy disorder
27 Too little sleep may raise death risk in people with cluster of heart disease risk factors
28 Feather-light metal cathodes for stable lithium-oxygen batteries
29 FGCU virologists publish study that finds Zika invaded Florida multiple times in 2016
30 Some grizzly bears appear to target railways for foraging in Canadian national parks
31 Ochre use by Middle Stone Age humans in Porc-Epic cave persisted over thousands of years
32 Year-long survey tracks the microbiome of a newly opened hospital
33 Fitness trackers accurately measure heart rate but not calories burned, study finds
34 New 'sperm radar' test may uncover secrets about male infertility
35 Amazingly flexible: Learning to read in your 30s profoundly transforms the brain
36 Border walls may pose big challenges to biodiversity--but smaller ones to humans
37 Song diversity hints at thrushes' evolutionary past
38 Machine learning may help in early identification of severe sepsis
39 In-hospital COPD mortality shows large drop from 2005-2014
40 Bronchial thermoplasty helps reduce severe asthma attacks and ER visits
41 Shedding light on how humans walk...with robots
42 World-first discovery of protein that causes liver disease brings hope for new treatments
43 Scientists develop new concept of confined catalysis under 2-D materials
44 Going with the flow: The forces that affect species' movements in a changing climate
45 Scientists gain better understanding of how Ebola disables people's immune defenses
46 Birds, bees and other critters have scruples, and for good reason
47 ACR opposes sweeping healthcare cuts in Trump administration budget
48 Lizards may be overwhelmed by fire ants and social stress combined
49 Stingless bees have specialized guards to defend their colonies, study reveals
50 How to prevent 3-D printing hacks? Install secret flaws and share the decoder ring
51 Blood test offers improved breast cancer detection tool to reduce use of breast biopsy
52 South highest, Northeast lowest for child auto fatalities
53 Genetic mutation trade-offs lead to parallel evolution
54 Recreational cocaine: Brain area involved in addiction activated earlier than thought
55 New chemical reaction developed at UCLA could eventually yield new fuels and medications
56 Using a genetic signature to overcome chemotherapy-resistant lung cancer
57 VLA reveals new object near supermassive black hole in famous galaxy
58 Biosynthetic secrets: How fungi make bioactive compounds
59 How X-rays helped to solve mystery of floating rocks
60 Better science faster
61 Special X-ray technique allows scientists to see 3-D deformations
62 The high plains aquifer: Can we make it last?
63 Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's diseases share common crucial feature
64 Oyster farming to benefit from new genetic screening tool
65 Paper: DNA may have only modest impact on sexual assault arrests
66 Study: Street gangs, crime serve as deviant leisure activities for youths
67 Cowbird moms choosy when selecting foster parents for their young
68 Pope's encyclical boosted his credibility on climate change, especially among liberals
69 First study shows tie between probiotic and improved symptoms of depression
70 Immunotherapy target suppresses pain to mask cancer
71 Fall calving season may yield higher returns for southeastern beef producers
72 Researchers untangle causes of differences in East Coast sea level rise
73 Declawing linked to aggression and other abnormal behaviors in cats
74 Lawson and Western researchers suggest dual gait testing as early predictor of dementia
75 UT study shows snakes, thought to be solitary eaters, coordinate hunts
76 School choice policies may impact segregation and diversity of public schools
77 Study offers guidance for targeting residual ovarian tumors
78 ACP brings prescription to improve American health care to Congress
79 Rising incidence of tick-borne Powassan virus infection in North America
80 CAST project places new limitations on dark matter
81 Depression risk following natural disaster can be predicted via pupil dilation
82 Common artificial sweetener likely a safe, effective birth control and pesticide
83 How to obtain highly crystalline organic-inorganic perovskite films for solar cells
84 Making biological drugs with spider silk protein
85 Probing problems with bariatric surgery: Reoperations, variation are common
86 Mystery of butterfly research resolved
87 Rethinking exercise: Replace punishing workouts with movement that makes you happy
88 Study leads to breakthrough in better understanding acute myeloid leukemia
89 Tracking cancer's signaling pathways
90 Tracking down the scent of recycled plastic
91 Optimization of hemp-ground tire rubber/high density polyethylene composites
92 A CLOUD of possibilities: Finding new therapies by combining drugs
93 Discovery of a key regulatory gene in cardiac valve formation
94 Stem cells may significantly improve tendon healing by regulating inflammation
95 Increased lysyl oxidase may be a significant contributor to heart disease and cancer
96 Do consent decrees adequately address police misconduct?
97 Exposure to particulate matter from traffic and residential heating
98 What will happen to European criminal law after Brexit?
99 You don't see what I see?
100 A review of denoising medical images using machine learning approaches
101 Crazy for ant eggs
102 Solar cells more efficient thanks to new material standing on edge
103 Research decoding the first deep-sea mussel genome published in Nature
104 Where body fat is carried can predict cancer risk
105 Three new mini thorn snails described from Georgia (USA), Belize and Panama
106 A new T-cell population for cancer immunotherapy
107 Recommended daily protein intake too low for the elderly
108 'Pregnant' housefly males demonstrate the evolution of sex determination
109 Monash researchers find piece in inflammatory disease puzzle
110 Two missing World War II B-25 bombers documented by Project Recover off Papua New Guinea