File Title
1 Legalizing marijuana will harm health of youth in Canada
2 HIV: A therapeutic advance for resource-limited settings
3 First Nations, Inuit babies hospitalized more often in first year of life
4 Increasing the age limit for Lynch syndrome genetic testing may save lives
5 How self-regulation can help young people overcome setbacks
6 Biologics before triple therapy not cost effective for rheumatoid arthritis
7 How the visual cortex changes from birth to old age
8 High-fat diet alters reward system in rats
9 Connecting the dots between dreams and brain disease
10 Toward an HIV cure: Pitt team develops test to detect hidden virus
11 Competition recognizes neuromodulation research that may facilitate expanded, tailored care
12 Overhead signs on freeways: Are drivers being told too much?
13 Small molecule prevents blood clots without increasing bleeding risk
14 Neural crest cells contribute an astrocyte-like glial population to the spleen
15 Infection with seasonal flu may increase risk of developing Parkinson's disease
16 Blocking TB germs' metabolic 'escape pathways' may be key to better, shorter treatment
17 Penn physicists discover why drying liquid crystal drops leave unusual 'coffee rings'
18 People walking to work or an errand more likely to stroll into dangerous areas, study says
19 Drone vs. truck deliveries: Which create less carbon pollution?
20 Rice lab creates tough, but tender, cancer fighters
21 Study: Ketamine doesn't affect delirium or pain after surgery
22 The next enchanted ring?
23 Genetic analysis of New World birds confirms untested evolutionary assumption
24 Women underrepresented in philosophy journals, data reveals
25 Heavy particles get caught up in the flow
26 Common antioxidant could slow symptoms of aging in human skin
27 New plasmonic sensor improves early cancer detection
28 Many cancer patients' Emergency Department visits appear preventable
29 Triple immunotherapy for rare skin cancer shows promise in small, early-stage trial
30 Nitrogen fixation research could shed light on biological mystery
31 A glove powered by soft robotics to interact with virtual reality environments
32 First step taken toward epigenetically modified cotton
33 Quality improvement measures cut hospital readmissions but do not always produce savings
34 A tough talk: How to improve cost transparency in cancer care
35 Preventing software from causing injury
36 'Halos' discovered on Mars widen time frame for potential life
37 Higher odds of late breast cancer diagnosis in isolated white communities, researchers say
38 Household chemicals may impair thyroid in young girls
39 NIH scientists find real-time imaging in mice a promising influenza study tool
40 Study documents opioid abuse following urologic surgery
41 NASA observes heavy monsoon rainfall in Sri Lanka
42 Awareness, adherence key to improved osteoporosis care
43 Vegetables rotting? Check bacteria conversation
44 New scaling law predicts how wheels drive over sand
45 Diabetes linked to bacteria invading the colon, study finds
46 A more energy-efficient catalytic process to produce olefins
47 More frequent extreme ocean warming could further endanger albatross
48 The synchronized dance of skyrmion spins
49 Gender and homicide: Important trends across four decades
50 LGBQQ college students face barriers to campus mental health services, study finds
51 Breaking glass in infinite dimensions
52 Physicists explore elusive high-energy particles in a crystal
53 'Quantum leap' for Liverpool
54 Scientists detect light-matter interaction in single layer of atoms
55 New method allows real-time monitoring of irradiated materials
56 Penn studies show hope for multiple cancers with pembrolizumab combination therapies
57 Fossil skeleton confirms earliest primates were tree dwellers
58 CMU's interactive tool helps novices and experts make custom robots
59 NASA's 'Webb-cam' captures engineers at work on Webb at Johnson Space Center
60 The chemistry of plants facing multiple stress scenarios
61 Understanding T cell activation could lead to new vaccines
62 Breakthrough curved sensor could dramatically improve digital camera image quality
63 Violence against conflict-affected teenage girls in Africa is widespread
64 Emergency room patients routinely overcharged, study finds
65 Reservoirs of latent HIV can grow despite effective therapy, study shows
66 Assessing and addressing the impact of childhood trauma
67 Flash glucose monitoring offers accuracy, ease of use, and clinical benefit for type 1 diabetes
68 Handwashing: Cool water as effective as hot for removing germs
69 Just ask: Documenting sexual orientation and gender identity among transgender patients
70 Magnetoelectric memory cell increases energy efficiency for data storage
71 One blood pressure drug therapy associated with lower health-care costs
72 Study identifies factors that lead to greater college success
73 High-sensitivity assay gives more reassurance to chest pain patients
74 Tactile feedback adds 'muscle sense' to prosthetic hand
75 The rules of baboons
76 Does stress lead to lengthier periods of sick leave?
77 Chemical coatings boss around bacteria, in the bugs' own language
78 Researchers measure the coherence length in glasses using the supercomputer JANUS
79 Evolution on the fast lane--1 flounder species became 2
80 Frequency modulation accelerates the research of quantum technologies
81 Brain opioids help us to relate with others
82 Body- and sex related problems are separate from other forms of psychological problems
83 Chimpanzees adapt their foraging behavior to avoid human contact
84 Just how old are animals?
85 Biologists find missing link for the 'safe' signal in plants
86 Cigarette damage to unborn children revealed in stem cell study
87 Blocking cancer-specific mutations in leukemia and brain tumors
88 How circadian clocks communicate with each other
89 A lightning-fast flu virus detector
90 Hunting can help European ecosystems
91 Childhood obesity causes lasting damage to the body
92 Fruity with a note of fungus: How fungal infections change the aroma of wine
93 Better treatment for kidney cancer thanks to new mouse model
94 New method of characterizing graphene
95 Nanosubmarine with self-destroying activity
96 More to the bunch: Study finds large chromosomal swaps key to banana domestication
97 Identifying species from a single caviar egg
98 Your sex life is only as old as you feel
99 Not such a 'simple' sugar--glucose may help fight cancer and inflammatory disease
100 PNG expedition discovers largest trees at extreme altitudes
101 How the popularity of sea cucumbers is threatening coastal communities
102 Do stars fall quietly into black holes, or crash into something utterly unknown?
103 Drug believed to reduce postoperative pain and delirium does neither
104 Springs were critical water sources for early humans in East Africa, Rutgers study finds
105 Do obese children need to attend treatment to lose weight?
106 Stem cells yield nature's blueprint for body's vasculature
107 'Halos' discovered on Mars widen time frame for potential life
108 AHCA could jeopardize health coverage for young adults, study suggests
109 Amazon rainforest may be more resilient to deforestation than previously thought
110 Mobile technology and child and adolescent development