File Title
1 Moon Mining? Companies Eye Moon, Asteroids for Precious Space Soil
2 This Morning Glory Flower Could Be the Key to Life Beyond Earth
3 NASA Affirms Plans for the SLS and Orion Launch, No Crew on Board for the First Integrated Flight
4 To Get to Mars, Mankind Should Mine Rocket Fuel on the Moon
5 Strange Light Flashes Spotted on Earth from Space Finally Explained
6 Dinosaurs Could Have Survived if Killer Asteroid Struck Sooner or a Few Minutes Late
7 Man's Journey to Mars Will Include a Year-Long Layover Around the Moon
8 Scientists Explore if Climate of Proxima B in Alpha Centauri Could Support Alien Life
9 NASA Dawn Spacecraft Discovers Weird Bright Spots on Dwarf Planet Ceres, Continues Observation on Asteroid Belt
10 Water on the Red Planet: There Could Have Been Flowing Rivers on Ancient Mars Formed by Heavy Rainstorms
11 NASA to Launch Indian Teen-Designed 'Lightest Satellite' KalamSaturday, to Space
12 Proof of a Parallel Universe? Mysterious 'Cold Spot' Could Mean the Multiverse Actually Exists
13 This Newly Discovered Planet has the Density of Styrofoam
14 NASA Probes Accidental Human-Made Barrier Surrounding Earth
15 Mysterious 'Alien Megastructure' Star Flickers Again
16 New Zealand Space Launch to Reach for the Stars with New Electron Rocket--What You Need to Know
17 NASA Scientist Names Bacteria After Former Indian President and Scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
18 Supermassive 'Renegade' Black Hole Speeds Through Space
19 Hubble Detects New Moon Orbiting Distant Dwarf Planet
20 Juno Completes Fifth Pass to Jupiter, Scientists to Discuss First in-Depth Result in Media Conference
21 Astronomers Create First and Biggest Large-Scale Map of the Universe, Quasars Based on Supermassive Black Holes
22 TRAPPIST-1: Scientists Learn About Planet H and the 7 Planets' Perfect Harmony
23 'Synestia': Fast Facts About the Newly Proposed Type of Planetary Object
24 Two Supermassive Black Holes on a Collision Course in Nearby Galaxy
25 Mice Sperm Stored on the ISS Produces Healthy 'Space Pups' Offspring--Is it Possible for Humans, Too?
26 NASA Fast-tracks 'Psyche' Mission to Explore a Metal Asteroid
27 Lost Beach Emerges in Ireland After Disappearing 33 Years Ago
28 Italy Searches for Emperor Caligula's Legendary 'Orgy Ships'
29 Inside the Strange World of Coober Pedy, Where an Entire Village Lives in Elaborate Underground Caves
30 7,000 Bodies from Old 'Insane Asylum' Found Buried Under University of Mississippi
31 First Ever Funerary Garden Dug Up in 4,000-Year-Old Site in Egypt
32 No Women Allowed: This 'Sacred' Men-Only Island in Japan Is Up for UNESCO World Heritage Status
33 'Lost' Forests the Size of 60 Percent of Australia Discovered in Plain Sight
34 KFC Secret Recipe Leaked as Iconic Original Chicken Gets New Alternative
35 Burying the 5,000-Year-Old Lost City of Pakistan to Save It
36 World's First Global Ice Archive in the Works to Preserve Memory of Disappearing Glaciers
37 Combination of features produces new Android vulnerability
38 Network traffic provides early indication of malware infection
39 Penn study pinpoints accuracy of ICU doctors' and nurses' predictions of patient outcomes
40 Angiotensin II shows promise in helping critically ill patients with low blood pressure
41 Accuracy of physician and nurse predictions for survival, functional outcomes after an ICU admission
42 Addition of in-home noninvasive ventilation to oxygen therapy improves outcomes following COPD exacerbation
43 New study describes standardized assessment for students graduating from UK medical schools
44 New hope for patients with severe lung disease
45 Faster is better when it comes to sepsis care
46 Improving health care for mother and child, doing fewer cesareans and...saving money!
47 Two biomarkers appear to predict course of IPF
48 Prompt sepsis treatment less likely when ERs overcrowded
49 Mortality from acute respiratory distress syndrome found to be lower in high-volume ICUs
50 Directly observed therapy for multidrug-resistant TB decreases mortality
51 COPD exacerbations in those with CVD may increase heart attack/stroke risk
52 Antibiotic therapy for nearly 1 in 4 adults with pneumonia does not work
53 Air pollution may disrupt sleep
54 EuroPCR issues statement on bioresorbable stent (BRS) technologies
55 Luminous bacteria will help to measure radioactivity
56 Tablet helps heart failure patients manage their disease including drug dosages
57 Heart failure and stroke identified as lethal combination
58 New survey delves into impact of intergenerational wealth on retirement
59 Scientists identify two new proteins connected to plant development
60 Experts explain origins of topographic relief on Earth, Mars and Titan
61 Sequestering blue carbon through better management of coastal ecosystems
62 Social media help identify medication concerns of inflammatory bowel disease patients
63 Hypertension in young adults shows long-term heart risks
64 Caution urged in using PRP or stem cells to treat young athletes' injuries
65 Triple play boosting value of renewable fuel could tip market in favor of biomass
66 SAEM 2017: Best practices in EMS oversight needed to improve pre-hospital care
67 Fueling the future
68 Rutgers researchers develop protocol to analyze many cells at once
69 Predicting influenza outbreaks faster with a digitally-empowered wearable device
70 Physicists discover that lithium oxide on tokamak walls can improve plasma performance
71 Can omega-3 help prevent Alzheimer's disease? Brain SPECT imaging shows possible link
72 Scientists enlist engineered protein to battle the MERS virus
73 Blood discovery could benefit preemies, help end platelet shortages
74 Study finds need for educating older adults on outdoor fall prevention
75 To curb medical errors, physicians must be better trained to admit mistakes
76 Researchers look to add statistical safeguards to data analysis and visualization software
77 New biomarkers of multiple sclerosis pathogenesis
78 Herpetologists describe an elf frog from the elfin forests in southern Vietnam
79 Stressing the brain through technology may reduce age-related disease
80 Scientists investigate how the sense of smell works in bacteria
81 New study opens case on emotional stress of senior police investigators in child homicide
82 'Adopted' embryo program produces new style extended families
83 Alzheimer's disease-associated A[beta]42 peptide
84 Understanding the architecture of our 'second brain'
85 Disrupted fat breakdown in the brain makes mice dumb
86 University of Surrey wins award to help revolutionize paper technology
87 Educational session helps alleviate distress in prostate cancer patients & their partners
88 Mislocalized calcium channel causes insulin secretion defect in diabetes
89 Urine test finds what makes people say no to blood pressure lowering pills
90 New approach to revolutionize the production of molecular hydrogen
91 Nutritional properties of mushrooms are better when grilled or microwaved
92 How cancer cells flood the lung
93 Shapeshifting materials: Using light to rearrange macroscopic structures
94 Tau prevents synaptic transmission at early stage of neurodegeneration
95 Light exposure in the evening improves performance in the final spurt
96 Results with new bioresorbable stent (BRS) technologies reported at EuroPCR 2017
97 Epigenetic program leading to vessel differentiation
98 Insects resist genetic methods to control disease spread, Indiana University study finds
99 Canadian cardiologist publishes world first mitral regurgitation procedure
100 Nursing homes cut urinary tract infections in half through focused effort on catheter care
101 Self-ventilating workout suit keeps athletes cool and dry
102 Chronic pain amplifies the brain's reaction to new injuries
103 Hay fever map of Britain published to help sufferers avoid hotspots
104 Study reveals meeting guidelines on TV time, physical activity and sleep duration lower BMI and body fat in children
105 Flies the key to studying the causes of dementia
106 Parental BMI, low income and smoking found to have strong effects on child BMI and overweight, independent of birthweight and infancy BMI
107 Study shows that a high protein intake in early childhood is associated with higher body fat mass but not higher lean mass
108 Overweight boys at greater risk of colon cancer as adults, but losing weight may modify risk
109 Plasmon-powered upconversion nanocrystals for enhanced bioimaging and polarized emission
110 Iron deficiency restrains marine microbes