File Title
1 The (extra) eyes have it
2 Systems pharmacology modelers accelerate drug discovery in Alzheimer's
3 Common water treatments could damage DNA
4 Warming temperatures threaten sea turtles
5 In organizations, bullying begets whining, study finds
6 Biological fingerprint of tuberculosis meningitis discovered in children
7 New study examines relationship between emotion regulation and brain connectivity in ASD
8 CWRU researchers find a chemical solution to shrink digital data storage
9 Underused cancer test could improve treatment for thousands
10 Head impact exposure increases as youth football players get older, bigger
11 New flood study reveals America's most vulnerable communities
12 Scientists solve mystery of unexplained 'bright nights'
13 UTMB researchers shed new light on a key player in brain development
14 US textile industry returning to life
15 Accelerating rate of temperature rise in the Pyrenees
16 Late premature birth increases risk of recurrent hospitalization for respiratory illness
17 Simple method measures how long bacteria can wait out antibiotics
18 New sensors could enable more affordable detection of pollution and diseases
19 Provider's preference for pain therapy can affect patient's results, UF researchers find
20 New 3-D display takes the eye fatigue out of virtual reality
21 New inhibitor drug shows promise in relapsed leukemia
22 Climate change label leads to climate science acceptance
23 Drip by drip
24 Bat biodiversity is in danger on islands worldwide
25 Chimpanzees modify grooming behavior when near higher ranking members
26 Molecular test for common causes of vaginitis receives FDA approval
27 Clear view on stem cell development
28 Active 24/7 and doing great
29 Transportation noise increases risk for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes
30 Marriage makes men fatter, shows new research
31 New clues in puzzle over pre-eclampsia and cholesterol regulation
32 German cities traumatized in WWII show distinct psychological resilience today
33 Domestication genetics: The career of the cosmopolitan cat
34 Hot summer frequents Europe-west Asia and northeast Asia after the mid-1990s
35 The world's largest canary
36 Regional 'hot spot' of Borna disease discovered in upper Austria
37 A rhodium-based catalyst for making organosilicon using less precious metal
38 New approach to teaching music improvisation enhances creativity
39 Screen time or story time?
40 Spanish researchers review the state-of-the-art text mining technologies for chemistry
41 A new technique isolates neuronal activity during memory consolidation
42 A patent study on the great new hope emerging from marine derived anticancer drugs
43 New catalyst paves way for carbon neutral fuel
44 Enzyme catalyzed decomposition of 4-hydroxycyclophosphamide
45 Strategic studying limits the costs of divided attention
46 Wild monkeys use loud calls to assess the relative strength of rivals
47 Bitter or sweet? How taste cells decide what they want to be
48 New gene mutations found in white blood cells in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
49 CAMH researchers discover brain inflammation in people with OCD
50 N/A
51 Neurons that regenerate, neurons that die
52 Drowsy dormice doze into decline
53 When estimating extinction risk, don't leave out the males
54 Oral storytelling skills impact reading differently for African-American boys and girls
55 Feelings of power change people's non-verbal responses to dominance displays
56 Study examines use, outcomes of valve replacement procedure performed for off-label indications
57 What are trends in emergency department utilization, costs for shingles?
58 Stroke history higher in asymptomatic versus symptomatic atrial fibrillation patients
59 Breast implants may impede ECG and lead to false heart attack diagnosis
60 One in 6 women with learning disabilities has attempted suicide
61 Forgetting can make you smarter
62 New antibody uses 1-2 punch to potentially treat blood cancers
63 Yarraman flu or horse flu? Words and graphics influence willingness to vaccinate
64 Temple study: Extra-virgin olive oil preserves memory & protects brain against Alzheimer's
65 Newly identified protection mechanism serves as first responder to cellular stress
66 Could flu during pregnancy raise risk for autism?
67 Study seeks to improve screening for falls in emergency departments
68 Urban agriculture only provides small environmental benefits in northeastern US
69 Plant inspiration could lead to flexible electronics
70 Addressing refugee and immigrant women's stress
71 Small rodent species may become endangered
72 Could handheld electronic devices contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome?
73 Fathers' involvement may help prevent childhood obesity
74 Eating fish may reduce arthritis symptoms
75 Rare genetic variants found to increase risk for Tourette syndrome
76 Three ways neuroscience can advance the concussion debate
77 Birds' feathers reveal their winter diet
78 New perspective: Vegetation phenology variability based on tibetan plateau tree-ring data
79 Study finds most people aren't as happy as their friends on social media
80 To work or not to work: Moms' well being rests on what she wants
81 Researchers call for paradigm shift in type 2 diabetes treatment
82 Shared decision-making is cornerstone of multiple sclerosis treatment
83 Small variations in breeding pools make for big differences in Yosemite toad use
84 Post-ICU glucose management may improve outcomes in critical patients
85 Computer scientists repurpose laparoscopy video for medical training
86 Mathematical biology tackles destructive plant virus
87 Study: While trust is inherited, distrust is not
88 Task Force presents new ranking of colorectal cancer screening tests
89 Students of all races feel safer in ethnically diverse middle schools, UCLA study says
90 Long-term memories made with meaningful information
91 Thousands of genes influence most diseases, Stanford researchers report
92 Star's birth may have triggered another star birth, astronomers say
93 Fighting a destructive crop disease with mathematics
94 People who go to bed late have less control over OCD symptoms
95 Queen's University scientist warns of asteroid danger
96 Memory for stimulus sequences distinguishes humans from other animals
97 UAlberta program found to lessen depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts in youth
98 First randomized controlled trial of DBS for chronic pain shows promise
99 Board game helps Mexican coffee farmers grasp complex ecological interactions
100 Making waves with the hot electrons within Earth's radiation belts
101 Predicting cognitive deficits in people with Parkinson's disease
102 Exhausted immune cells linked to irritable bowel syndrome
103 African plant extract offers new hope for Alzheimer's
104 Familiar faces look happier than unfamiliar ones
105 RAND: 'Principal pipelines' to develop leaders may be affordable way to improve schools
106 Studies link nutrient, academic achievement in pre-adolescent children
107 New report looks at integrating frailty research into care as we age
108 Modeling Gulf War illness: Knowing the cause of brain dysfunction is key to finding a cure
109 City rats: Why scientists are not hot on their tails
110 Penn study: Blocking yeast-bacteria interaction may prevent severe biofilms that cause childhood tooth decay