File Title
1 Reference: Catherine the Great: Biography, Accomplishments & Death
2 Less than 1 Drink Per Day May Raise Your Breast Cancer Risk
3 Robo-Venus Flytrap Could Help Bots Grasp Objects
4 How Alcohol & Gut Fungus Team Up to Damage Your Liver
5 Tainted Nacho Cheese: Why Botulism Is So Deadly
6 Sweet Therapy: Chocolate May Help Prevent Irregular Heartbeat
7 Reference: Facts About Astatine
8 Reference: Heat Stroke: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
9 Hunting Big Game: Why People Kill Animals for Fun
10 Soft 3D-Printed Robot Is Agile Even on Sand and Rocks
11 Hot-Donut Earth? Planet May Once Have Taken on Odd 'Synestia' Form
12 Feats of Balance: How Do Flamingos Stand on One Leg?
13 Pope Francis Gifts Trump His Encyclical on Climate Change
14 Dragon Ant, Devil Orchid Star in Top 10 Newfound Species
15 How Accurate Is Your Fitness Tracker, Really?
16 Double First: 19th-Century Book Is 1st with Photos, by 1st Female Photographer
17 Taiwan's Top Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage
18 Reference: Rip Currents: The Ocean's Deadliest Trick
19 New Map Tracks Germs' Travels Around Hospitals
20 Marijuana Extract Reduces Seizures in Kids with Rare Disorder
21 Your Intelligence Genes: 52 and Counting
22 From 'Magic' Mushrooms to Meth: The ER Rates for Drug Users
23 Trouble Sleeping? Air Pollution Could Be the Culprit
24 Reference: Keeping Cool: The Science of Sweat
25 4 Baby Squirrels Get Tails Entangled in Bizarre Video (Here's How)
26 Whales Only Recently Evolved into Giants
27 Ptooey! Tree-Climbing Goats Spread Seeds by Spitting
28 Book Excerpt: 'Looking Out for Number Two' (Harper Wave, 2017)
29 Enlightening: Meditation May Trigger Unpleasant Experiences
30 Why Sleep Is So Important for People at Risk for Heart Disease
31 Deaths from Alzheimer's Increase 50 Percent
32 Doctor of Baby Poop: Q&A with Author of 'Looking Out for Number Two'
33 Vikings Wintered and Planned Raids at 9th-Century English Site
34 'Seal Finger' Worries Prompt Antibiotics After Sea Lion Attack
35 Mysteries at Jupiter: NASA's Juno Probe Reveals Cyclones, Auroras & Surprises
36 Expect a Wild Hurricane Season this Year
37 Hurricane Season: Here's What to Expect
38 Reference: Lake Michigan Facts
39 'Lotus Birth:' What Experts Say About Cutting the Cord
40 Scientists Eliminate HIV in Live Animals for the First Time Using CRISPR Gene Editing Technique
41 New Species Discovered! Latest Crop of Dinosaurs Include a Giant Chicken-Like Creature and Africa's Last Dino
42 Lulu, the World's Most Contaminated Animal: Post-Mortem Reveals High Concentration of Toxic PCB in Famed Orca
43 LOOK: Rare Blue-Eyed Albino Orangutan Rescued from Captivity in Indonesia
44 Bony Head Crests in Male Gorillas Shed Light on Early Human Sex Practices
45 VIDEO: Pregnant Great White Shark Feasts on 55-Foot Long Whale Carcass for 18 Hours Straight
46 Wildlife Trafficking: Man Arrested After Smuggling 93 Exotic Birds in His Luggage, Only 8 Birds Survived
47 Rage Ensues as Lion's Gate Sanctuary in Colorado Kills All of Its 11 Exotic Animals--Why Did They Do it?
48 Wild Wolf Pack Roams Freely in Denmark for the First Time After 200 Years
49 No Place Safe: Animals Can't Escape Human Racket Even in American Wilderness
50 New Butterfly Species Spotted in Israel for the First Time in 109 Years
51 Hundreds of Leopard Sharks Washed Ashore San Francisco Bay
52 LOOK: Deer Spotted Eating Human Remains for the First Time Ever
53 Extinct Wolves Return to Denmark After 200 Years
54 France Finally Joins Ban on Breeding Captive Killer Whales, Dolphins
55 Two New Species of 'Yoda-Like' Tarsiers Discovered in Indonesian Island
56 RIP Jasper: Mother Bear Near Lake Tahoe Accidentally Shot Dead by Washoe County Deputy
57 Meet Zuul, the Destroyer of Shins: Newly Discovered 75-Million-Year-Old Armored Dinosaur Named After 'Ghostbusters' Monster
58 Baby Louie Gets a Name! Fossilized Chinese 'Baby Dragon' Finally Identified as a New Dinosaur Species
59 The Path to Extinction: African Lions Face Same Threats that Wiped Out Big Cats During the Ice Age
60 Having Pet Dogs Could Help Your Children Feel Less Stressed
61 Researchers Identify 3 New Sub-species of the Elusive Snow Leopard
62 Great White Sharks Are Turning Up Dead Without Their Livers
63 Fossilized Remains of 'Winged Serpent' Found in Ancient Sinkhole in Tennessee
64 Monstrous Sea Creature Washes Up on Indonesian Shores--What Is It?
65 These Shearing Positions Could Stress Out Alpacas, Study Shows
66 Therapy Miniature Horses Help Fearful Flyers in Cincinnati Airport--How?
67 Well-Preserved Dinosaur Fossil Discovered in Canada, 'Sleeping Dragon' Almost Looks like a Statue
68 The Mysterious, Violent Purpose Behind the Narwhal's 'Unicorn' Tusk [VIdeo]
69 Dinosaurs Could Have Survived if Killer Asteroid Struck Sooner or a Few Minutes Late
70 Animal Vanity? Vultures Mysteriously Slather Their Faces with Mud as 'Makeup'
71 Breakthrough: 3-D Printed Ovaries Could be the Key to Restoring Fertility
72 From Seals to Goose Eggs: Polar Bears Forced to Change Their Diet Because of Melting Sea Ice
73 Shocking! Newborn Found with 100 Rat Bites in Bloody Crib, Teenage Parents Charged with Child Endangerment
74 Mystery Solved: Scientists Identify Weird Monstrous Sea Creature in Indonesia
75 New Zealand's Rare Yellow-Eyed Penguins Nearing Extinction and Climate Change Isn't the Only Culprit
76 T-Rex Could Easily Shatter Bones with Nearly 8,000 Pounds of Bite Force
77 Tiny Fake Caterpillars Uncover Strange Global Predation Pattern
78 Meet the 'Cyclops' Goat with 1 Eye, 1 Ear and a Miraculous Survival Story
79 Sea Lion Drags Little Girl into the Water in Terrifying Video
80 Eating Beans Instead of Beef Could Help Reduce Greenhouse Gases
81 Sea Lion Grabs Little Girl, Pulls Her into Steveston Waters
82 'Winged Serpent' Discovered in 5-Million-Year-Old Sinkhole
83 Animal Mysteries: Why Do Flamingoes Stand on One Leg?
84 The Reason Behind the Blue Whale's Enormous Size
85 Scientists Eliminate HIV in Live Animals for the First Time Using CRISPR Gene Editing Technique
86 Bony Head Crests in Male Gorillas Shed Light on Early Human Sex Practices
87 AIDS Breakthrough: How CRISPR Gene Editing Successfully Eliminated HIV Infection in Animal Models
88 Walking Could Improve Neural Connectivity, Lowering Risk of Alzheimer's in Older Adults
89 Scientists Successfully Cured Diabetes in Mouse Models--Could Humans Be Next?
90 Human's Strange Cousin Lived More Recently than Scientists Believed
91 Low-Dose Cannabis Treatment Could Reverse the Brain's Aging Process
92 Oldest Life on Earth Unearthed in 3.48-Billion-Year-Old Australian Rocks
93 Homo Naledi Humanoids May Have Shared Earth with Humans, Roamed the Planet Less than 330,000 Years Ago
94 Exploding Opioid Crisis Triples New Cases of Hepatitis C
95 Scientists Take One Step Closer to Producing Limitless Artificial Blood Supply
96 Eat that Carb: This Good Heart Muffin Slows Down Fat Absorption, Reduces Cholesterol
97 Fruits, Vegetables Could Be the Key to Attractiveness: Study
98 Nacho Cheese Sold in California Gas Station Linked to Sudden Botulism Outbreak
99 Rewriting History: 7.2-Million-Year-Old Remains Put Mankind's Origins into Question
100 High Platelet Levels Could Mean Cancer, Study Suggests
101 'Light' Cigarettes Could Be More Fatal than Traditional Ones, New Review Suggests
102 Mice Sperm Stored on the ISS Produces Healthy 'Space Pups' Offspring--Is it Possible for Humans, Too?
103 South America's Lost Alien World: Mysterious Plateau on Top of a Mountain Is Home to Unique Flora and Fauna
104 The Underwater History of the Amazon Rainforest
105 No Place Safe: Animals Can't Escape Human Racket Even in American Wilderness
106 Iceland Drills Heart of a Volcano to Access Clean Energy from Magma
107 Hundreds of Leopard Sharks Washed Ashore San Francisco Bay
108 Chile's Epic 'Route of Parks' Will Link 17 National Parks to Save the Patagonia Wilderness
109 This Hauntingly Beautiful 'Dragon-Skin' Ice in the Antarctic Looks like It Came from 'Game of Thrones'
110 Lost Beach Emerges in Ireland After Disappearing 33 Years Ago