File Title
1 Mapping how words leap from brain to tongue
2 How viewing cute animals can help rekindle marital spark
3 Cells that make blood vessels can also make tumors and enable their spread
4 Why the 'peculiar' stands out in our memory
5 Chemistry of sea spray particles linked for first time to formation process
6 X-ray eyes in the sky: Drones and WiFi for 3-D through-wall imaging
7 Sound waves direct particles to self-assemble, self-heal
8 New branch in family tree of exoplanets discovered
9 Fighting global warming and climate change requires a broad energy portfolio
10 Southern California mountain lions' genetic connectivity dangerously low
11 Volcanic crystals give a new view of magma
12 Elegant switch controls translation in transition from egg to embryo
13 Mathematical modeling uncovers mysteries of HIV infection in the brain
14 Surgery patients placed in alternate ICUs due to crowding get less attention from doctors
15 Demographic differences in both diabetes rates and care sought
16 Molecules with potential against HIV produced by scientsts
17 Potential for more targeted treatments of neuroblastoma tumors
18 Brain stimulation protocol reduces spasticity in spinal cord injury patients
19 Poor adolescent diet may influence brain and behavior in adulthood
20 Psychiatric medication protects developing mouse brain from birth defects
21 Babies' DNA affects mothers' risk of pre-eclampsia in pregnancy, study finds
22 What is mindfulness-based meditation and why should i try it?
23 Does roasting level affect the antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties of coffee beans?
24 How far does the apple fall from the tree?
25 Transforming last night's leftovers into green energy
26 To connect biology with electronics, be rigid, yet flexible
27 Firefly gene illuminates ability of optimized CRISPR-Cpf1 to efficiently edit human genome
28 Inexpensive organic material gives safe batteries a longer life
29 On the road to creating an electrodeless spacecraft propulsion engine
30 Shortcut to satellite-based quantum encryption network
31 Chaotically magnetized cloud is no place to build a star, or is it?
32 Scientists make waves with black hole research: Water bath simulation
33 Figuring out the 3-D shape of molecules with a push of a button
34 Building a better alligator: Advanced 3-D models of bite data
35 Virtual reality therapy helps decrease pain in hospitalized patients
36 Mathematicians deliver formal proof of Kepler Conjecture
37 Deaths of migrating wildebeests key to Serengeti's vibrant ecosystem
38 Looking for trouble: Territorial aggressions and trespasses pay off among primates
39 Three chameleon species discovered
40 How to stop the nasty lurking toxoplasmosis parasite? Target its 'stomach,' research suggests
41 Scientists throw light on mysterious ice age temperature jumps
42 Deadly heatwaves expected to continue to rise
43 Spineless creature studied in DC swamp
44 California named state with the worst air quality (again)
45 Jerusalem tower younger than thought
46 Multispectral imaging reveals ancient Hebrew inscription undetected for over 50 years
47 Brazilian carnivorous mammal-like reptile fossil may be new Aleodon species
48 Dawn of humanity: Neanderthal-Homo sapiens transition
49 No place like home
50 Scientists a step closer to drug treatment for hepatitis B
51 Gaps remain in surveillance for mosquitoes that transmit Zika, new CDC data shows
52 Ebola vaccine developed in Canada shows promising results
53 Is it OK for parents to be supportive to children's negative emotions?
54 Why do those with autism avoid eye contact?
55 Spacing out and giving up: There is a link
56 Physical activity within physical education: Time for a rethink?
57 'Purposeful leaders' are winning hearts and minds in workplaces, study finds
58 Change at work linked to employee stress, distrust and intent to quit, new survey finds
59 Abusing power hurts leaders, too
60 Personality factors are best defense against losing your job to a robot
61 'Multi-dimensional universe' in brain networks
62 Meditation and yoga can 'reverse' DNA reactions which cause stress, new study suggests
63 Vegetarian diets almost twice as effective in reducing body weight, study finds
64 Tea consumption leads to epigenetic changes in women
65 Ring, Ring: 'Earth? It's space calling, on the quantum line'
66 Wireless charging of moving electric vehicles overcomes major hurdle
67 Solar paint offers endless energy from water vapor
68 Low-mass stars always born with a sibling: Many, like our sun, split up
69 Large Canadian Arctic climate change study cancelled due to climate change
70 Starving prostate cancer with what you eat: Apple peels, red grapes, turmeric
71 Does consuming low-fat dairy increase the risk of Parkinson's disease?
72 Manipulating mosquitoes with light
73 Dressmakers found to have needle-sharp 3-D vision
74 Semi-autonomous cars: No more stopping for red lights?
75 Technology which makes electricity from urine also kills pathogens, researchers find
76 Donor microbes persist two years after fecal transplant to treat C. difficile infection
77 Accelerating Antarctic crack will hasten calving of huge iceberg
78 Mass of a white dwarf star directly measured for the first time
79 Photos of human faces reassembled from monkeys' brain signals
80 Robot dog has an artificial woof that sounds like the real thing
81 Google blocker to eliminate bad ads and let users go ad-free
82 Our species may be 150,000 years older than we thought
83 There's as much water in Earth's mantle as in all the oceans
84 Baby brain scans can predict who is likely to develop autism
85 Late nights and lie-ins at the weekend are bad for your health
86 The hottest planet yet is twice Jupiter's size and hot as a star
87 Bacteria release aphrodisiacs that put others in mood for sex
88 Fortified gas marbles are 10 times stronger than regular bubbles
89 Artificial whisky taster has the palate of a connoisseur
90 Fetuses turn to follow face-like shapes while in the womb
91 The mystery xenon in Earth's atmosphere came from icy comets
92 Cystic fibrosis drug halts lung damage in young children
93 Bird caught in amber 100 million years ago is best ever found
94 How YouGov's experimental poll correctly called the UK election
95 General relativity passes test at Milky Way's central black hole
96 Feeling uncertain? It's the new normal in Theresa May's Britain
97 Extreme plants thrive at 72íC in New Zealand's hot volcanic soil
98 Drinking small amounts while pregnant may affect the baby's face
99 Rubber algae help create first artificial reef in Mediterranean
100 DeepMind's neural network teaches AI to reason about the world
101 Smart jacket and VR headset let you pilot a drone with your body
102 Five things you need to know about DUP politicians and science
103 Fungus creates zombie beetles that crave flowers before death
104 Ocean plastics from Haiti's beaches turned into laptop packaging
105 How Jupiter split the asteroid belt in two shows its great age
106 Pig brain cells implanted into brains of people with Parkinson's
107 'Devil weeds' threaten wildebeest migrations in Serengeti
108 Cub photo raises hope for Europe's rarest and largest wild cat
109 Science and climate face uncertain future in post-election UK
110 NASA revives 50-year-old idea to recycle space stations in orbit