File Title
1 Google Recently Launchs Android 'O' Public Beta; New OS Will Make Devices Work Better, Faster and Save Battery
2 Google Pixel 2 Might Run on Android O; Second Generation of Pixel Phones Might also Include the Latest Google Pixel Launcher
3 Samsung Galaxy C10 and Note 8 Will Feature Dual Camera; Smartphone Companies Adapt to Dual-Camera Technology
4 Microsoft to Ditch Surface Pro 5 in Favor of New Surface Pro Device
5 Ladybugs Could Help Produce Better Umbrella Designs
6 Microsoft Recently Unveils Holographic Near-Eye Displays for Virtual and Augmented Reality
7 iPhone 8 New Leak Shows Vertical Dual-Camera Setup; Bezel-less Design, 3D Sensing Technology and More Features Revealed!
8 MasterCard Plans to Introduce Cards with Built-In Finger Sensor
9 Apple iPhone 9 Rumors: 2018 iPhone Could Be Largest Ever with 6.46-inch OLED Display
10 Samsung Galaxy S8's Iris Scanner Tricked by a Photo? Easy Steps of Hacking Iris Scanners Revealed!
11 Apple and Nokia's Dispute Finally Over; Two Giant Companies Made an Agreement to Help Each Other
12 Google Pixel 2 Will Offer Better Battery Backup, All Thanks to Android O, New Reports Claim
13 New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leak Shows Dual-Camera Setup; Company Makes Impressive Battery for 4K Display?
14 New Microsoft Surface Pro Most Versatile Device the Company Has Ever Made; Battery Boost, Sensitive Stylus Pen and More Features Revealed!
15 Chinese Government Gets Its Own Customized Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System
16 Samsung Recently Unveils Its Stretchable Screen Prototype; New Technology Could Be Used for Wearable Devices
17 Apple's iPhone 8 Might Sport an AI Chip that Is Capable of Boosting Battery Life and Performance
18 Latest Apple Map Update Shows 3D Models of Apple Park Campus
19 Apple Plans to Make an Elongated Display for iPhone 8; Fingerprint Scanner Built Underneath Its Screen
20 iPhone 8 Rumored to Sport Apple Neural Engine that Can Boost the Device's Performance; Leaks and Speculations Heavily Affect the Company's Earnings
21 Apple Releases Persuasive Ads To Lure Android Users to Use iPhones or iOS; Apple Hired Qualcomm's Top Engineer to Manufacture Its Own Chips Soon
22 New Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Includes S Pen, Facial Recognition Feature
23 Hybrid Laptop Eve V Has Several Advantages Over Microsoft's Surface Pro
24 Essential Smartphone Could Rival Other Companies' Flagships; Company Plans to Unleash Android's Full Potential
25 Scientists Unlock a Key Cognitive Ability of Monkeys
26 A Third of US Bee Colony Died Last Year, Here's Why It Is Still Good News
27 Blue Whale Corpse Washes Ashore Northern California, Mammal Likely Died of Ship Collision
28 Nearly Extinct Florida Panther Returns to the Wild North
29 Bizarre Animals: This New Glass Frog Species Has a Fully Exposed Heart
30 Faceless Fish Emerges from the Australian Abyss
31 Doctor Slams Miracle 'Vaginal Rejuvenation' Technique, Strongly Advises Against Putting Dried Wasp Nest in Vaginas
32 There May Be Hope for the 'Lost' Tortoises of the Galapagos
33 Humans Are Bringing on Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction
34 Baby Humpback Whales Whisper to Get Mom's Attention
35 As People Flee Detroit, Bumblebees Move In
36 Shields Up: The CDC Says this Summer Will Be the Worst for Ticks
37 Hear the Buzz: Scientists Use Microphone, iPad Minis to Track Pollinating Bees
38 Could Edible Insects Solve World Hunger?
39 Live Donkey is Fed to Tigers at Zoo in China
40 Ocean Acidification, Global Warming's Evil Twin, is Killing the Oceans
41 Humans Are Changing the Underwater Soundscapes of the World's Oceans
42 Canadian Company Investigated for Alleged 'Sadistic' and 'Absolutely Sickening' Chicken Abuse
43 Study: Mothers Possess a 'Love Hormone' that Helps Them Protect Their Young
44 Amputee Worm Grows Two Heads in Space, Aids in Regenerative Health Science
45 Rare Two-Headed Porpoise Caught in North Sea
46 Spying on Fish Love Calls Could Help Prevent Overfishing
47 Thousands of Bees Took Over a Car and Won't Leave
48 Dutch Fishermen Catch Two-Headed Porpoise Near the Netherlands
49 There's Hope for Europe's Rarest Cat
50 Lizard Attack! Photographer Gets Chased Away by Fierce Mini-Dino (Video)
51 How Tree-Climbing Goats Make the Moroccan Desert Bloom
52 Nobody is Shocked that a DC Swamp is Home to a Spineless Creature
53 Scientists Unlock a Key Cognitive Ability of Monkeys
54 Sleep Deprivation Could Make the Brain Eat Itself, Increasing Risk of Alzheimer's
55 Taking Vitamin D Supplement During Pregnancy Could Prevent Childhood Asthma
56 Mummy DNA Unravels Genetic Secrets of Ancient Egyptians
57 Your Meal Times Could Greatly Influence Your Body Clocks
58 Zika Update: This Is How the Zika Virus Causes Microcephaly
59 Compound Found in Olive Oil Could Prevent Brain Cancer
60 Have Scientists Found the Brain of a Plant?
61 Oldest Homo Sapiens Fossil Found in Morocco, Rewriting the Story of Humanity
62 People Suffering from Chronic Pain More Likely to Develop Dementia
63 Moderate Consumption of Alcohol May Negatively Affect the Brain
64 New Leukemia Drug Shows Promising Results
65 Ocean Acidification, Global Warming's Evil Twin, is Killing the Oceans
66 Scientists Map Out DNA Damage Caused by Cigarette Smoking
67 Amputee Worm Grows Two Heads in Space, Aids in Regenerative Health Science
68 The Biology Behind Why Good People Do Bad Things
69 Dutch Fishermen Catch Two-Headed Porpoise Near the Netherlands
70 Having a Fever During Pregnancy May Increase the Likelihood of Autism
71 New Drug Offers Sun-Free 'Natural' Tan
72 Climate Change Could Promote Sleep Deprivation Among Poor and Elderly
73 Scientists Discover Extra Layer in Earth's Mantle
74 Alaska's Bogoslof Volcano Erupts, Raising Aviation Alert to Highest Level
75 'Extraordinary Rapidity' of Climate Change Is Making the Great Barrier Reef Irreparable
76 Great Barrier Reef Now Irrevocably Damaged, Experts Say Improvement is No Longer Achievable
77 World's Largest Floating Solar Power Plant in China Connected to Grid
78 Rockfalls Explained: Yosemite Cliffs Reveal How Heat Causes the Collapse
79 Extreme Heat, Fluid Pressure Discovered at New Zealand's Most Hazardous Earthquake-Generating Fault
80 Scientists Develop New Low-Cost Solar Panels Capable of Operating Over a Year Without Losing Performance
81 As People Flee Detroit, Bumblebees Move In
82 Crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf is About to Launch a Delaware-Sized Iceberg
83 Elon Musk Quits White House Consultancy Post After Trump Withdrew from Paris Agreement
84 Scientists Discover Natural Source of Potent Greenhouse Gas
85 World's Oldest Homo Sapiens Bone Fossil Discovered in Morocco
86 Hear the Buzz: Scientists Use Microphone, iPad Minis to Track Pollinating Bees
87 Ocean Acidification, Global Warming's Evil Twin, is Killing the Oceans
88 Humans Are Changing the Underwater Soundscapes of the World's Oceans
89 NASA: Climate Change Will Cause More Rainfall in Tropical Regions
90 Volcanic Plumes are Bad for Human Health. The Silent 'Plumerang' Could Be Worse
91 Canadian Climate Change Study Got Cancelled Due to Climate Change
92 Pollution Caused by Summer Wildfires Significantly Higher than Previously Thought
93 ESO Starts Construction of World's First Super Telescope Called 'Extremely Large Telescope' and Its Spectograph 'HARMONI'
94 NASA Captures Partial Solar Eclipse, to Reveal Details on Mission to 'Touch the Sun'
95 Look! Juno Captures Jupiter's Ring from the Inside
96 New Zealand Just Sent a 3D-Printed Rocket to Space
97 NASA'S Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Survived a Meteoroid Impact in 2014
98 NASA's Psyche Mission to Reach the Metallic Asteroid 4 Years Earlier
99 NASA Set to Unveil Mission to 'Touch the Sun'
100 New Super-Earth Planet Discovered in Habitable Zone of Nearby Star
101 World's Most Powerful Laser Creates a Molecular Black Hole
102 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Aims for Sun Orbit by 2018
103 NASA: First Science Data from Juno Reveals Secrets of Jupiter
104 Bigelow Aerospace CEO Believes Aliens are Already Living on Earth
105 Saturn's Icy, Oceanic Moon Enceladus May Have Tipped Away from Its Original Axis
106 NASA's Journey to $10,000 Quadrillion Metal Asteroid Could Transform Global Economy
107 Newly Discovered Exoplanet KELT-9b Is 'Hotter than Most Stars'
108 NASA Discovered a Strange, Deep Hole on Mars--Where Did it Come From?
109 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Mission to 'Touch the Sun' Explained--Here's What the Mission Is For
110 US Air Force to Launch Mission Using SpaceX Rocket Instead of ULA's Atlas V