File Title
1 Rise in Hepatitis C Cases May Be Linked to Opioid Use
2 Low-Dose Aspirin Could Reduce the Risk of Developing Breast Cancer in Women, a New Study Says
3 Jogging Adds 9 Years to Life, New Study Says
4 Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplants Could Advance ALS Treatment
5 Coffee Lovers Beware: Healthy Teen Dies of Caffeine Overdose
6 Baby Wipe Company Recalls Products Due to Mold Concern
7 Clot Removal Therapy Is Effective Within 6 Hours for Stroke Patients, Study Says
8 Infertility in Mice Solved by 3D Printing
9 Fennel Could Reduce, Manage Postmenopausal Symptoms, Study Says
10 Stealthing Now Classified as Rape, State Lawmakers Rule
11 Botulism Outbreak in CA Due to Gas Station Nacho Cheese Sauce
12 Health Watch: Lyme Disease Rising Rapidly Across the United States
13 Health Watch: Smoking 'Light' Cigarettes Increases the Risk of Developing Lung Cancer
14 Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: First African to Win Top WHO Job
15 Chocolate Could Decrease Risk of Irregular Heartbeat, According to Study
16 A Diet Rich in Fiber May Reduce the Risk of Developing Osteoarthritis
17 Marijuana Extract Cuts Seizures in Uncommon Epilepsy
18 Newly Developed Molecule May Lead to First Synthetic One-Dose Antimalarial
19 Probiotics Can Help in Battling Depression, New Study Suggests
20 This Immune Cell Could Promote Healthy Hair Growth
21 What Type of Blood Mosquitoes Would like to Suck Most
22 Uncovering Antioxidant that Could Reduce Aging in Human Skin
23 First Clinical Trial of Embryonic Stem Cells Is Set to Treat Parkinson's Disease and Blindness
24 Gene Therapy Could 'Turn-Off' Allergies, Asthma, a New Study Reveals
25 CAR T-Cell Therapy Could Be a Promising Treatment for Multiple Myeloma Cancer
26 Newly Discovered Treatment Could Control Blood Glucose Levels Longer for Diabetics
27 Moderate Drinking Could Lead to Cognitive Decline, a New Study Says
28 Keytruda Drug Could Diminish, Destroy Cancer Tumors
29 FDA Wants to Withdraw this Opioid Drug from the Market
30 Yemen Cholera Epidemic Reaches 'Devastating' Proportions
31 Is Your Diet Leading to Depression? Study Reveals
32 Obesity Problems Rise with 1/3 of World Population Overweight
33 New, Non-Invasive Knee Procedure Could Relieve Arthritis Patients Without Surgery
34 Red Onions Could Kill Cancer Cells, a New Study Says
35 Vitamin A Could Help Treat Diabetes, a New Study Reveals
36 Michigan Officials Charged with Manslaughter for Water Crisis
37 Quantum Physics Latest Update: A New Quantum Zeno Effect Experiment Showed Counterfactuality in Quantum Domain
38 Volkswagen to Launch Quantum Computing-Based Traffic Optimization Systems in China
39 Newly Developed World's Thinnest Hologram Could Integrate 3D-Holography in Electronics
40 Naked Singularity Could Exist in Three-Dimensional Space
41 Mystery of Milky Way's Antimatter Solved: Here Is What It Is
42 The Existence of 'Blackbody Force' Could Be Stronger than Gravity for Minute Particles
43 The Newly Developed World's Highest Gain High-Power Laser Amplifier Could Lead to New Radiotherapy Modalities for Cancer Treatment
44 Searching for the Missing Fifth Force of Nature Continues in the Core of Milky Way
45 Nothing Could Go Past the Event Horizon and Go Back, Einstein's General Relativity Theory Passed Again
46 Largest Virtual Universe Created, May Solve Mystery of Dark Matter
47 2-D Magnet Discovered by Scientists
48 Leave Earth! Stephen Hawking Warns Humans to Colonize Another Planet in 100 Years or Face Extinction
49 7,000 Bodies Buried Under University of Mississippi
50 Homo Naledi Raises Questions on Human Evolution
51 Texas Mom Warns Parents About Fidget Spinners
52 Fossil Reveals Origins of Human Spine
53 Hunter Trampled to Death by an Elephant
54 Scientists Identify 52 Genes Linked to Intelligence
55 Poor Sleep Patterns Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Diseases
56 Early Humans from Ancient Peru More Advanced than Originally Thought
57 Humans Returned to a Mysterious Cave Continuously for 4,500 Years Over 45,000 Years Ago, Here's Why
58 Oldest Fossil Bones of Homo Sapiens Uncovered in Morocco
59 Humans May Discover Aliens Within the Next 10 to 15 Years, Expert Suggests
60 Sex in Space Is a Real Concern, Has Implications on Colonization Attempts of Other Worlds
61 Mars Curiosity Rover Captures Images of the Red Planet's Stunning Black Sand Dunes
62 Unmanned Military Orbiter Causes Sonic Boom in Florida
63 SpaceX to Begin Testing High-Speed Satellite Broadbands
64 Gorgeous Black Sand Dunes Captured on Mars
65 Space Travel Can Lower Astronauts' Fitness Level, Decrease Heart and Blood Vessel Function
66 Cassini Spacecraft Captures Feathery Methane Clouds Gliding Across Saturn Moon Titan
67 Lava Waves Sweep Across Molten Lake on Jupiter's Moon
68 NASA Provides Detectors for ESA's Euclid Spacecraft to Study Dark Matter and Dark Energy
69 Mysterious X-37B Plane Lands Back on Earth After Spending 2 Years in Space
70 Sylacauga: A Chunk of Meteorite that Struck the Hip of a Woman Sold for $7,500
71 Cassini Shows New Photos of Wispy Cloud Rings on Titan
72 Countdown Begins: The Great American Eclipse Is 98 Days Away and It Is Not Just Any Other Eclipse
73 NASA Astronauts Perform the Magnificent 200th ISS Spacewalk
74 Ganymede: The Largest Moon Once Thought to Have More Water than Earth and Have Life
75 Comet 67P Produces Own Oxygen in Deep Space
76 NASA Discovers Primitive Atmosphere and Signs of Water in Neptune-Sized Exoplanet 'HAT-P-26b'
77 NASA Won't Send Astronauts On SLS Rocket's First Flight Despite Trump's Request
78 Hubble Spots a Rare Galaxy Duo in the Hare Constellation
79 A Newly Discovered 'Puffy Exoplanet' Has a Density of a Styrofoam
80 Milky Way's March Across the Night Sky: A View of the Galaxy as Never Seen Before
81 Indian Teen Builds World's Smallest Satellite 'KalamSat' that Will Be Launched by NASA
82 A Massive Magnetic Bridge Between Two Galaxies Observed for the First Time
83 18-Year-Old Kid Builds World's Lightest Satellite
84 Space Weather Events Can Be Linked to Human Activity, Scientists Say
85 Is the 'Cold Spot' a Possible First Evidence of the Existence of the Multiverse?
86 Martian Surface May Have Been Shaped by Large and Heavy Raindrops
87 Proxima B: Future Home or Doomed World? Planet's Climate Could Be Stable, Study Suggests
88 The Fascinating Detailed Image of the Supernova Remnant 'Spaghetti Nebula'
89 Saturn's Moon 'Titan' Evolved More like Mars than Earth
90 NASA Spots Man-Made Bubble Around Earth, What Is It?
91 NASA Competition to Seek Ideas for Europa Lander Instruments to Facilitate Alien Search
92 Celestial Discovery! Solar System's Third Largest Dwarf Planet '2007 OR10' Has a Moon
93 Hubble Space Telescope Detected a New Moon in the Solar System
94 Tabby's Star: This Famous, Mysterious Alien Megastructure Star Is Dimming Again
95 NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Gathers Data of TRAPPIST-1 System's Outermost Planet
96 Earth May Once Have Been Donut Shaped, Study Suggests
97 Mysterious Signal from Space Detected by Telescope Just Days After It Was Switched On
98 NASA Discovers Space Bacteria, Names It After Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam
99 Very Large Array Discovers a Bright New Object Near a Supermassive Black Hole in the Center of Cygnus a Galaxy
100 Mars Rover Opportunity Is Now Exploring the Ancient Fluid-Carved Perseverance Valley
101 NASA Has a $19.1 billion Budget for the Year 2018; Government Has Complete Trust and Confidence in NASA's Research and Missions
102 Protect Your Eyes for the Great Event with this Solar Eclipse Glasses
103 Trump's 2018 Budget Here: Axes 5 Earth Science Missions
104 NASA and ISRO Team Up to Make World's Most Expensive Earth Monitoring Satellite 'NISAR'
105 Milky Way's History to Be Uncovered with Largest-Ever Galaxy Simulation
106 Scientists Discover Fast-Growing Galaxies from Early Universe
107 NASA Schedules New Mission to Psyche Asteroid that Is Worth Quadrillion of Dollars; Asteroid Could Collapse the Global Economy
108 Schiaparelli Crash: Europe's EDM Lander Mission for Mars Was Ill-Prepared to Make Landing
109 Bag of Moon Dust that NASA Lost to Be Auctioned, Expected to Fetch Millions
110 Methanol Discovered for the First Time in the Protoplanetary Disk of Young Star 'TW Hydra'