File Title
1 Two combination therapies shrink melanoma brain metastases in more than half of patients
2 Steady decrease in severe health problems for childhood cancer survivors
3 Routine genomic testing is feasible, but only a subset of patients benefit
4 New technology dives deep into the cancer genome
5 New drug shows durable efficacy across diverse pediatric and adult cancers
6 Olaparib slows growth of BRCA-related metastatic breast cancer
7 Abiraterone slows advanced prostate cancer, helps patients live longer
8 Web-based system for self-reporting symptoms helps patients live longer
9 Abiraterone delays metastatic prostate cancer growth by 18 months, extends survival
10 Pregnancy after breast cancer does not increase chance of recurrence
11 Global study sets new risk-based standard to personalize chemotherapy for colon cancer
12 Cancer patients who systematically reported their symptoms lived longer
13 Natural Caesarean section is safe, popular and feasible and is not encouraging maternal requests for C-section births
14 Babies born to mothers with sleep apnea have higher risk of adverse neonatal outcomes
15 Electronic patient-reported symptom monitoring associated with increased survival among patients
16 New disposable, wearable patch found to effectively detect sleep apnea
17 Penn effort to expand trials of olaparib leads to new treatment options for patients with advanced BRCA-related breast cancer
18 Vapor from novel tobacco hybrid device minimally impacts human cells
19 Bed partners may unintentionally contribute to the perpetuation of insomnia
20 Nothing to fear for 'good Samaritan' doctors who assist medical emergencies
21 Cardiac arrest on plane journeys: New guidelines proposed
22 Emergency medicine in space: Normal rules don't apply
23 New millimeter-wave technology could make future vehicles much safer
24 New ultrathin material for splitting water could make hydrogen production cheaper
25 Memory loss and other cognitive decline linked to blood vessel disease in the brain
26 Is there a link between infertility and child educational outcomes?
27 Computer-aided imaging technique could reduce risk of second breast cancer surgery
28 Savvy sports audiences care about team sponsorship deals
29 HUD housing assistance linked to improved health care access
30 Aspirin does little or nothing for hard arteries, University of Florida researchers find
31 New Jupiter-like world so hot it stretches definition of 'planet'
32 ASU-led scientists discover why rocks flow slowly in Earth's middle mantle
33 Evidence shows increased risk of ozone loss over the United States in summer
34 Hubble's tale of 2 exoplanets: Nature vs. nurture
35 Texas team debuts battery-less pacemaker
36 Diabetes drug prevents stiffening of heart muscle in obese mouse model
37 Black, white men view impacts of prostate cancer treatment differently, study finds
38 Study: Collateral damage from cosmic rays increases cancer risks for Mars astronauts
39 How one man's shoes help NASA communicate water clarity issues
40 Tactile sensor gives robots new capabilities
41 What caused the most toxic algal bloom ever observed in Monterey Bay?
42 Increased number of female engineers in managerial roles brings unintended consequences
43 Electrocatalyst nanostructures key to improved fuel cells, electrolyzers
44 Two-part system turns stem cells into whatever you want
45 Seeing the invisible with a graphene-CMOS integrated device
46 Stanford classics student traces history of ancient geometry diagrams
47 Attacking metastatic tumors in the brain
48 Police officers speak less respectfully to black residents than to white residents
49 AACR pubs 1st set of screening recs from childhood cancer predisposition workshop
50 Domes of frozen methane may be warning signs for new blow-outs
51 Decomposing leaves are surprising source of greenhouse gases
52 Discovery reveals planet almost as hot as the Sun
53 Adding vemurafenib doubles progression-free survival in BRAF metastatic colorectal cancer
54 Baby sleeping in same room associated with less sleep, unsafe sleep habits
55 Cells change type to help or hinder immunity
56 Study evaluates overall geriatric health during androgen deprivation therapy
57 Metal-ion catalysts and hydrogen peroxide could green up plastics production
58 App uses smartphone compass to stop voice hacking
59 RIT study suggests dying stars give newborn black holes a swift kick
60 Newly discovered DNA sequences can protect chromosomes in rotifers
61 Generous health insurance plans encourage overtreatment, but may not improve health
62 One in 5 surgical weight-loss patients take prescription opioids 7 years after surgery
63 What motivates parents to protect children from cell phone addiction?
64 Engineer unveils new spin on future of transistors with novel design
65 ALMA returns to Boomerang Nebula
66 A stream of superfluid light
67 PET/MR shows arterial CO2 as potent vasodilator for cardiac stress testing
68 Brain development and aging
69 Adding a second HER2 blocker may lower chance of invasive breast cancer for some women
70 Pictorial warning labels on tobacco products could help improve communication of risks to smokers
71 Breeding pairs of birds cooperate to resist climate change
72 Alectinib halts lung cancer growth more than a year longer than crizotinib
73 Fixing the role of nitrogen in coral bleaching
74 Study addresses misconceptions about electroconvulsive therapy
75 Forensic technique uses forehead X-rays to assess age of juvenile remains
76 Research suggests possible new treatment for EGFR-positive lung cancer
77 Maternal-fetal transmission of Zika virus and therapeutic approaches to prevent it
78 Early research suggests first immunotherapy for mesothelioma on the horizon
79 CAR T-Cell therapy sends multiple myeloma into lasting remission
80 Earliest human impact on geological processes took place 11,500 years ago
81 A planet hotter than most stars
82 CRISPR tech leads to new screening tool for Parkinson's disease
83 Research reveals new insights into why the heart does not repair itself
84 New clinical data demonstrate safety and tolerability of activated B. infantis
85 First ever single guidance published for investigating and managing nut allergy
86 Simple step to protect people with type 1 diabetes against heart disease
87 NUS researchers pilot 'Home-but-not Alone' app to help new parents
88 Antibiotic overuse in children could be reduced with improved communication
89 Citizen scientists help infectious bacteria researchers
90 Dissolved barium as a new quantitative indicator for Kuroshio incursion into the East China Sea
91 Staphyloccus ribosome structure researched by KFU Structural Biology Lab
92 First long-term study of Murray-Darling Basin wetlands reveals severe impact of dams
93 Revolutionary new materials for troubled carbon times: Super filters the world can afford
94 Artificial fluorescent membrane lipid shows active role in living cells
95 Targeted therapies show initial effectiveness in subset of papillary thyroid cancer
96 Researchers find micro-gene that protects the brain from developing epilepsy
97 International science team: Marine reserves can help mitigate climate change
98 Chronic pain linked to increased risk of dementia in study of older adults
99 UCSF studies ambulance diversion by race, health care for released prisoners in journal issue
100 Newly identified gene helps time spring flowering in vital grass crops
101 'Hail Mary' mechanism can rescue cells with severely damaged chromosomes
102 Splitting carbon dioxide using low-cost catalyst materials
103 Treating depression w/ software: Tech from Mount Sinai steps into the digital healthcare universe
104 Time to initiating cancer therapy is increasing, associated with worsening survival
105 Research in bloodless worms reveals how organs communicate status of life-giving heme
106 Older adults under-referred for mental health therapies
107 Decomposing leaves are a surprising source of greenhouse gases
108 Extreme exoplanet: Astronomers discover alien world hotter than most stars
109 Social jet lag is associated with worse mood, poorer health and heart disease
110 New allocation system reduces racial/ethnic disparities in kidney transplant