File Title
1 History of Sandia Labs Rocketry Told in Award-Winning Film, 'It Really Is Rocket Science!'
2 Sensing the Nanoscale with Visible Light
3 Gulf of Mexico Alliance Announces Coastal Resilience Awards
4 Does the Sex of a Cell Matter in Research?
5 Yeast Study Examines How Cells Respond and Adapt to Heat Stress
6 Jackpot! Cosmic Magnifying-Glass Effect Captures Universe's Brightest Galaxies
7 Celestial Boondocks: Study Supports the Idea We Live in a Void
8 Hiding in Plain Sight: New Species of Flying Squirrel Discovered
9 Louisiana Scholar Named Chair of Geosciences, Geological and Petroleum Engineering at Missouri S&T
10 NUS Researchers Identify Potential Target for Treatment of Aggressive Brain Cancer
11 Wine Descriptions Make Us More Emotional About Wine
12 Oyster Shells Inspire New Method to Make Superstrong, Flexible Polymers
13 Cancer Immunotherapy Researcher Brings Team to Houston Methodist
14 Virginia Tech Helmet Lab Announces First Four-Star Rating for New Hockey Helmet
15 Business Innovation and Climate Change Initiative Panel Calls for Stronger 'Green Finance'
16 New Test Lets UF Scientist and Team Find Zika Faster
17 Imported Salamanders May Carry Deadly Disease that Threatens Native Amphibians
18 Researchers Image Quasiparticles that Could Lead to Faster Circuits, Higher Bandwidths
19 New Driving-Simulator Lab Accelerates Research into Driver Behavior and Vehicle Technology
20 The Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation and Science Exchange Launch ADDF Access to Advance CNS Research
21 Waste Not, Want Not
22 Hubble Astronomers Develop a New Use for a Century-Old Relativity Experiment to Measure a White Dwarf's Mass
23 Discovery in Morocco Points to Oldest Homo Sapiens Fossils
24 Scientists Discover a 2-D Magnet
25 Reshaping Darwin's Tree of Life
26 'Charliecloud' Simplifies Big Data Supercomputing
27 S&T Helps Explosive Detection Canine Teams get REDDI
28 New Carbon Economy Effort Launched at Arizona State University
29 N/A
30 Sensor Detects Shooting at Elephants, Helps Authorities Catch Poachers
31 Fiji's Commitment to Marine Managed Areas
32 World's 'First Named Dinosaur' Reveals New Teeth with Scanning Tech
33 Every Day Is World Oceans Day for U.S. Coastal Ocean Observing Systems
34 Could Edible Insects Help Global Food Security?
35 In Sex-Changing Fish, Male-Typical Sexual Behavior Associated with Elevated Expression of Male Sex Hormone Receptors in Muscles
36 WCS Launches 30-Day Plastics Challenge on World Oceans Day--Today, June 8
37 Live Webcast to Boldly Go Where Science Meets Sci-Fi
38 Biosensors Abroad: Students Join Danish Research Labs this Summer
39 Polymer Removes Highly Toxic Pollutant from Water
40 UF Weed Scientist to Lead Aquatic Invasives Center
41 Researching Radiosensitizers, a New Class of Drugs that Would Make Tumors More Vulnerable to Radiation Therapy
42 Row, Row, Row Your Bots: But Are They Synchronized?
43 Lost Ecosystem Found Buried in Mud of Southern California Coastal Waters
44 Mechanical Engineering Society Elects Four Fellows from Sandia Labs
45 Student Researchers Prepare Space Satellite for Launch
46 Engineering Degree to Be Offered at Indiana State
47 Why Microplastic Debris May Be the Next Big Threat to Our Seas
48 Army Family Physician, Uniformed Services University Alumnus Among NASA's New Astronaut Class
49 Chemicals Used to Combat Zika, Agricultural Pests Impact Motor Skills in Infants
50 Mice Exposed to Prenatal Stress Are Predisposed to Eating Disorders Later in Life
51 How to Reduce Shockwaves in Quantum Beam Experiments
52 New Cancer Drug Tested in Mice May Benefit Certain Leukemia Patients
53 Space-Traveling Flatworms Help Scientists Enhance Understanding of Regenerative Health
54 Boom in human gene editing as 20 CRISPR trials gear up
55 LIGO's third detection hints at how black hole binaries are born
56 Extinct species of Galapagos giant tortoise may be resurrected
57 Mars rover sees signs of microbe-friendly layers in ancient lake
58 Unhealthy vagina microbiome can make HIV drugs less effective
59 Trump ditching Paris climate deal isn't the end of the world
60 Automatic sign language translators turn signing into text
61 Giant bumphead parrotfish begin mating in their hundreds
62 Is ADHD a sleep disorder? Stimulant drug improves symptoms
63 Huge ice age methane blowout is ill omen for glacier retreat
64 AI will be able to beat us at everything by 2060, say experts
65 SpaceX launches first reused Dragon capsule full of research
66 Robots will be more useful if they are made to lack confidence
67 Human tests suggest young blood cuts cancer and Alzheimer's risk
68 Drug that boosts confidence in your own actions may help OCD
69 Theresa May's repeated calls to ban encryption still won't work
70 The strange Cook pine trees that always lean towards the equator
71 Accelerating Antarctic crack will hasten calving of huge iceberg
72 Mass of a white dwarf star directly measured for the first time
73 Photos of human faces reassembled from monkeys' brain signals
74 Robot dog has an artificial woof that sounds like the real thing
75 Google blocker to eliminate bad ads and let users go ad-free
76 Our species may be 150,000 years older than we thought
77 There's as much water in Earth's mantle as in all the oceans
78 Baby brain scans can predict who is likely to develop autism
79 Late nights and lie-ins at the weekend are bad for your health
80 The hottest planet yet is twice Jupiter's size and hot as a star
81 Bacteria release aphrodisiacs that put others in mood for sex
82 Fortified gas marbles are 10 times stronger than regular bubbles
83 Artificial whisky taster has the palate of a connoisseur
84 Fetuses turn to follow face-like shapes while in the womb
85 The mystery xenon in Earth's atmosphere came from icy comets
86 Cystic fibrosis drug halts lung damage in young children
87 N/A
88 N/A
89 Bird caught in amber 100 million years ago is best ever found
90 Fungus creates zombie beetles that crave flowers before death
91 How YouGov's experimental poll correctly called the UK election
92 General relativity passes test at Milky Way's central black hole
93 Five things you need to know about DUP politicians and science
94 Feeling uncertain? It's the new normal in Theresa May's Britain
95 Police warned of drug so powerful it can kill in one breath
96 Extreme plants thrive at 72íC in New Zealand's hot volcanic soil
97 Crumb-free bread will mean ISS astronauts can now bake in space
98 Drinking small amounts while pregnant may affect the baby's face
99 How did whales get so big?
100 What vampire bats can teach us about cooperation
101 Unusual test rocket successfully launches from New Zealand, but doesn't make orbit
102 Probe spots massive cyclones at the poles of Jupiter
103 How Trump's budget could affect basic research
104 NASA's Parker Solar Probe: a mission six decades in the making
105 Where are all the space hotels? Why smart people make terrible forecasts.
106 India surges in space race as its most powerful rocket launches satellite into orbit
107 Can the world come together in defense of oceans?
108 Can female mentors patch the leaky STEM pipeline?
109 Just how Earth-shattering are those 300,000-year-old Homo sapiens fossils?