File Title
1 Developing fetuses react to face-like shapes from the womb
2 Does consuming low-fat dairy increase the risk of Parkinson's disease?
3 Retinal cells 'go with the flow' to assess own motion through space
4 Scientists improve people's creativity through electrical brain stimulation
5 Composition of Earth-size planets in TRAPPIST-1 system
6 Celestial boondocks: Study supports the idea we live in a void
7 Scientists discover a 2-D magnet
8 Mini-flares potentially jeopardize habitability of planets circling red dwarf stars
9 World's 'first named dinosaur' reveals new teeth with scanning tech
10 Lost ecosystem found buried in mud of southern California coastal waters
11 Geology, biology agree on Pangaea supercontinent breakup dates
12 Sensitivity to inequity is in wolves' and dogs' blood
13 Could removal of aging cells extend human life?
14 Space-traveling flatworms help scientists enhance understanding of regenerative health
15 Infants born preterm may lack key lung cells later in life
16 Distinct wiring mode found in chandelier cells
17 Smiling during victory could hurt future chances of cooperation
18 Heroin's use rising, costing society more than $51 billion
19 Feared by drug users but hard to avoid, fentanyl takes a mounting toll
20 Altruism is changing Western society
21 Delayed food introduction increases risk of sensitization, study finds
22 Culprit hidden in plain sight in Alzheimer disease development
23 Study disputes link between uterine fibroids and miscarriage risk
24 Can routine hysterectomy lead to problems with constipation or bladder control?
25 Graphene enhancing our vision of the infinitely small
26 The way toward cleaner coal plants
27 Mind the liquid gap: Liquids are capable of supporting waves with short wavelengths only
28 Wind turbines: The strength test
29 The largest virtual Universe ever simulated
30 High-pressure experiments solve meteorite mystery
31 Jackpot! Cosmic magnifying-glass effect captures universe's brightest galaxies
32 Collateral damage from cosmic rays increases cancer risks for Mars astronauts
33 Mining cancer data for treatment clues
34 How the brain recognizes what the eye sees
35 Combatting weeds with lasers
36 Data from satellite imagery useful for malaria early warning systems
37 Waste not, want not: Byproduct of ethanol industry makes suitable cattle feed supplement
38 Reshaping Darwin's tree of life
39 How class of drugs blocks Hepatitis C virus replication
40 Sahara greening may intensify tropical cyclone activity worldwide
41 Why microplastic debris may be the next big threat to our seas
42 New-generation material removes iodine from water
43 Nanoparticles and magnets offer new, efficient method of removing oil from water
44 Where climate change is most likely to induce food violence
45 Which extinct ducks could fly?
46 World's oldest fossil mushroom found
47 Genetic study shakes up the elephant family tree
48 How the Arctic Ocean became saline
49 Highly safe biocontainment strategy hopes to encourage greater use of GMOs
50 Electric car subsidies may do more harm than good
51 Behavioral 'nudges' offer a cost-effective policy tool
52 Spread of local taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages is likely
53 Sequential options prompt future thinking, boost patience
54 Who has better mental health: Public or private college students?
55 Puberty hormones trigger changes in youthful learning
56 Take control to become a better parent
57 Change at work linked to employee stress, distrust and intent to quit, new survey finds
58 Abusing power hurts leaders, too
59 Personality factors are best defense against losing your job to a robot
60 Autonomy in the workplace has positive effects on well-being and job satisfaction, study finds
61 Tea consumption leads to epigenetic changes in women
62 Emotions expressed by the dying are unexpectedly positive
63 Exposure to specific toxins and nutrients during late pregnancy and early life correlate with autism risk
64 Timing meals later at night can cause weight gain and impair fat metabolism
65 Jupiter's Great Red Spot is smaller than ever seen before
66 'Instantly rechargeable' battery could change the future of electric and hybrid automobiles
67 LIGO detects gravitational waves for third time
68 Rover findings indicate stratified lake on ancient Mars
69 Neuroscientists rewire brain of one species to have connectivity of another
70 Starving prostate cancer with what you eat: Apple peels, red grapes, turmeric
71 Homo sapiens 100,000 years earlier: Ancestors' diet of game revealed
72 Lost your appetite? Try inviting yourself to dinner
73 Brain damage can make sideways faces more memorable, and give us 'emotion blindness'
74 'Harder, better, faster, stronger': Tethered soft exosuit reduces metabolic cost of running
75 Ingredient of life found around infant Sun-like stars
76 Guts to glory? Newly discovered enzyme complexes in herbivore digestive tracts show promise for sustainable fuels, medicines
77 Bee buzzes could help determine how to save their decreasing population
78 Cope's gray treefrogs meet the cocktail party problem
79 How can you tell deep-sea octopuses apart? Check their warts
80 Astonishingly speedy brain mechanism helps bats get louder when necessary
81 Get Gutsy About Your Digestive Health in 2017
82 Ancient Sloth and Bison Fossils Turn Up in LA Metro Dig
83 How Hot Were the Oceans When Life First Evolved?
84 Skeleton of Teen Girl Yields Central America's Oldest Cancer Case
85 Gay Dads More Involved in Kids' Lives than Heterosexual Fathers
86 Animal Sex: How Narwhals Do It
87 The Grand Canyon Is Extra Grand in this Stunning Student Photo from Space
88 History at Risk: 20,000 Archaeological Sites Threatened by Conflict
89 Preschoolers Happier When They Share Because They Want To
90 Mars Crater or Collapse? A Photo Mystery in Martian 'Swiss Cheese'
91 Why Are Atheists Generally Smarter than Religious People?
92 'Twilight Zone' Horror Story: Lionfish Prey on Unknown Fish Species
93 Snowball 'Tumbleweeds' Blow Across Antarctica
94 Climber Becomes 1st to 'Free Solo' Yosemite's Most Challenging Peak
95 Inexpensive Kit Offers Augmented Reality Alternative to High-End Headsets
96 Baby Volcanic Domes Pop Out in Space Image
97 Hottest Alien Planet Ever Discovered Is a Real Scorcher
98 This Mask Is Among the Oldest Human-Made Metal Objects in South America
99 Charmed Existence: Mysterious Particles Could Reveal Mysteries of the Big Bang
100 Hurricane Season 2017 Guide
101 Former 'Bachelorette' Star's Health Scare: What Causes Seizures?
102 These Lab Chimpanzees Are Getting a 2nd Lease on Life
103 Why Are Super-Destructive Supervolcanoes So Rare?
104 One of Malaysia's Last Sumatran Rhinos Dies
105 Scary Snake Strategy: Cuban Boas Hunt in Packs
106 Trump's Seldom-Seen Glasses: Why Vision Declines with Age
107 Sunken WWII Destroyer Found by Paul Allen's Research Company
108 Lip-Smacking Good! How 'Mushroom-Lipped' Fish Score Hard-to-Get Meals
109 After a Life in Slow Motion, World's Oldest Sloth Dies
110 Self-Replicating 3D Printers Could Build Moon Bases, Fight Global Warming