File Title
1 Astronomers characterize two 'super-Earths' in a distant planetary system
2 NASA scientist parlays experience to build ocean worlds instrument
3 NASA lab's life-saving work
4 ASKAP telescope to rule radio-burst hunt
5 A new approach to forecasting solar flares
6 Secondary mirror of ELT successfully cast--largest convex mirror blank ever created
7 Comet V2 Johnson takes center stage
8 Saving time in space
9 3-D navigation tool among MESSENGER's final delivery products to the planetary data system
10 NASA asks scientific community to think on possible Europa lander instruments
11 Astronomer discovers supernova in Fireworks Galaxy
12 One of first Soviet cosmonauts Gorbatko dies
13 Scientists take first tentative steps to explore potential climate of Proxima B
14 Mars rover Opportunity begins study of ancient valley's origin
15 Obscured supermassive black holes in galaxies
16 Peering into the heart of planet formation
17 Atomic structure of irradiated materials is more akin to liquid than glass
18 Understanding stars: How tornado-shaped flow in a dynamo strengthens the magnetic field
19 Neptune: Neutralizer-free plasma propulsion
20 Collecting real-time data for material microstructural evolution during radiation exposure
21 New blackbody force depends on spacetime geometry and topology
22 Husker engineers craft microscopic heater-thermometer
23 Astronomers use bubbles to look for WIMPs
24 Researchers find first compelling evidence of new property known as 'ferroelasticity' in perovskites
25 Weyl fermions exhibit paradoxical behavior
26 Turmoil in sluggish electrons' existence
27 Researchers uncover new gravitational wave characteristics
28 Classical synchronization indicates persistent entanglement in isolated quantum systems
29 'Saddle-shaped' universe could undermine general relativity
30 Magnetic order in a two-dimensional molecular chessboard
31 Physicists discover that lithium oxide on tokamak walls can improve plasma performance
32 XENON1T, the most sensitive detector on Earth searching for WIMP dark matter, releases its first result
33 Deconstructing osmosis provides insight for medical and industrial use
34 ATLAS releases new results in search for weakly-interacting supersymmetric particles
35 Group develops technique to shape pulses of intense infrared light
36 World's thinnest hologram paves path to new 3-D world
37 Destruction of a quantum monopole observed
38 Testing quantum field theory in a quantum simulator
39 Two studies show possibility of some cosmic rays existing due to dark matter collisions
40 Butterfly wings inspire invention that opens door to new solar technologies
41 Hunting for the superpartner of the top quark
42 High voltage for tomorrow's particle accelerator
43 Plasmonics enhances the sensitivity of smartphone microscopy
44 In a neutron-rich tin nucleus, electromagnetism can win over the strong force
45 A 'wearable' brain scanner for studies of human interaction, dementia, movement disorders, and more
46 Researchers create ultrafast tunable semiconductor metamaterial
47 Scientists perform first-principles simulation of transition of plasma edge to H-mode
48 N/A
49 Physicists use Einstein's 'spooky' entanglement to invent super-sensitive gravitational wave detector
50 New study describes how surface texture can help or hinder formation of ice crystals
51 Stars as random number generators could test foundations of physics
52 New ATLAS precision measurements of the Higgs Boson in the 'golden channel'
53 Engaging diamond for next-era transistors
54 Swirling swarms of bacteria offer insights on turbulence
55 Preparations for a new season of physics at the Large Hadron Collider
56 Precision measurement on heavy ions contradicts theory of interaction between atomic nucleus and electron
57 Fields and flows fire up cosmic accelerators
58 Energy decay in graphene resonators
59 Nano fiber feels forces and hears sounds made by cells
60 Report sheds new insights on the spin dynamics of a material candidate for low-power devices
61 Next-gen computing: Memristor chips that see patterns over pixels
62 Speeding up quality control for biologics
63 Researchers show laser-induced graphene kills bacteria, resists biofouling
64 'Sticky' particles promise more precise drug delivery for brain cancer
65 Let there be light: Controlled creation of quantum emitter arrays
66 Graphene-based sensor could improve evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of asthma
67 New nano-polymer could prevent heart failure
68 IBM scientists demonstrate ballistic nanowire connections, a potential future key component for quantum computing
69 Scientists construct a stable one-dimensional metallic material
70 Graphene-nanotube hybrid boosts lithium metal batteries
71 Researchers create first significant examples of optical crystallography for nanomaterials
72 Gold nanoparticle chains show promise as light conductors
73 Silk proteins paired with renewable wood nanocellulose to produce the strongest artificial spider silk yet
74 Using graphene to create quantum bits
75 Chemists create the ultimate natural sunscreen
76 Researchers uncover new way to stimulate the body's immune response
77 How scientists turned a flag into a loudspeaker
78 Stretching the limits of elastic conductors
79 Gas gives laser-induced graphene super properties
80 A holey graphene electrode framework that enables highly efficient charge delivery
81 Researchers create anticancer nanomaterials by simulating underwater volcanic conditions
82 'Sister cell' profiling aims to shut down cancer metastasis
83 Stable, highly conductive 2-D nanosheets of boron nitride
84 Immersion meta-lenses at visible wavelengths for nanoscale imaging
85 Graphene on silicon carbide can store energy
86 Research reveals insights into optical properties of plasmonic nanostructures
87 New graphene sensor to improve hepatitis diagnosis
88 Holographic microscope provides a new tool for nanomedicine to rapidly measure degradation of drug loaded nanoparticles
89 Molecular Lego for nanoelectronics
90 Managing stress helps transistor performance
91 The brighter side of twisted polymers
92 'Microscopic Lego' to keep scientists busy 'for next 50 years'
93 Researchers shape the future of nano-electronics
94 Synthesis of a carbon nanobelt with potential applications in nanotechnology
95 Scientists print nanoscale imaging probe onto tip of optical fiber
96 Study into spirals of magnetic spin showcases potential of layered materials for future data storage
97 New materials bring quantum computing closer to reality
98 Researchers develop a cost-effective way to improve optical gas sensors from a common compound
99 Elusive atomic motion captured by electron microscopy
100 X-ray imaging and computer modeling help map electric properties of nanomaterials
101 Scientists find nanogaps in plasmonic gold wires enhance voltage when excited
102 Even babies agree roses are red, psychologists say
103 Critical repairs completed on International Space Station
104 'Space pups' bred on Earth from mouse sperm stored on ISS for nine months
105 WA telescope offers new clue on fast radio burst mystery
106 Microfibres: Scientists warn of growing cost of inaction on tiny particles polluting oceans
107 Endocrine disrupting chemicals: Is your home making you sick?
108 First whales of the season sighted off Gold Coast
109 Homeschooled students get wildcard entry for international Lego robotics tournament
110 Stand firm: Resisting the self-improvement craze
111 CSIRO's Larry Marshall denies climate science strategy backflip as new $20 million research centre announced