File Title
1 Reference: What Are Chinook Winds?
2 Reference: Pituitary Gland: Facts, Function & Disease
3 Researchers Probe Viability of Amino Acids in Alien Environments
4 The History of the 'First 100 Days': How Did Most Presidents Fare?
5 Physicist Describes 45 Gruesome Ways to Die (or Not)
6 Are Cholesterol, Saturated Fat Less Important to Heart Disease?
7 New Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines Don't Go Far Enough (Op-Ed)
8 Goya's Mystery Illness: Nearly 200 Years Later, Docs Have a Diagnosis
9 NASA's $200 million Spacesuit Problem Threatens Its Deep-Space Exploration Plans
10 Malaria on Rise in US as Travelers Return with Disease
11 'Giant Hurricane' on Saturn: 1st Images Back from Cassini's Epic Ring Dive
12 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
13 Reference: Hopewell Culture
14 Virgin Galactic Aims to Fly Space Tourists in 2018, CEO Says
15 How Would Just 2 Degrees of Warming Change the Planet?
16 Animal Sex: How Lobsters Do It
17 'Anumeric' People: When Languages Have No Words for Numbers
18 Testosterone makes men less likely to question their impulses
19 Study revises the development, evolutionary origin of the vertebrate brain
20 Success in the 3-D bioprinting of cartilage
21 Stem cells edited to fight arthritis
22 Solar system: New insights into ring system
23 The world's fastest film camera: When light practically stands still
24 Intergalactic gas and ripples in the cosmic web
25 Using math to investigate possibility of time travel
26 Ice cave in Transylvania yields window into region's past
27 Resource availability drives person-to-person variations in microbes living in the body
28 Ocean warming to cancel increased carbon dioxide-driven productivity
29 Genes that help trout find their way home
30 Innovative 'Smart Scar-Care' pad to create a 'scar-less' world
31 Artificial pancreas benefits young children, trial shows
32 Non-O blood groups associated with higher risk of heart attack
33 Are yearly body exams an answer to rising skin cancer rates?
34 New appetite control mechanism found in brain
35 A little support from their online friends calms test-anxious students
36 Left-handed people are more likely to have a slender face
37 Overweight/obese people with diabetes at increased risk of brain abnormalities
38 Symptoms of cystitis probably caused by bacterial infection, even when tests are negative
39 Antibiotics counteract the beneficial effect of whole grain
40 Primary school children get less active with age, study finds
41 Pregnancy does not increase expectant mothers' melanoma risk
42 Controlling proton conduction with light
43 Discovery of a facile process for hydrogen production using ammonia as a carrier
44 Environment-friendly textiles from cellulose
45 PowerPoint, LED projector enable new technique for self-folding origami
46 Hubble's bright shining lizard star
47 Scientists propose mechanism to describe solar eruptions of all sizes
48 Cassini's first grand finale dive: Milestones
49 'Ageless' silicon throughout Milky Way may indicate a well-mixed galaxy
50 Mapping the edge of reality
51 Hybrid circuits can increase computational power of chaos-based systems
52 Ultracold atom waves may shed light on rogue ocean killers
53 No, complex is not complicated--it is rather simple
54 Long-term fate of tropical forests may not be as dire as believed, says study
55 The ocean detectives
56 Plague bacteria take refuge in amoebae
57 Zika virus persists in the central nervous system and lymph nodes of rhesus monkeys
58 When bridges collapse: Researchers study whether we're underestimating risk
59 Modern metabolic science yields better way to calculate indoor carbon dioxide
60 Mining: Bacteria with Midas touch for efficient gold processing
61 Fast, low energy, and continuous biofuel extraction from microalgae
62 Flawed forensic science may be hampering identification of human remains
63 Discovery in northern lakes may be key to understanding early life on Earth
64 Headless dinosaur reunited with its skull, one century later
65 Early evidence of Middle Stone Age projectiles found in South Africa's Sibudu Cave
66 Can early experiences with computers, robots increase STEM interest among young girls?
67 Staking self-worth on the pursuit of money has negative psychological consequences
68 Legal marijuana stores lead to increases in property crime
69 Urban Water Atlas for Europe: 360 view on water management in cities
70 When students pay attention in class, their brains are in sync
71 Cognitive skills differ across cultures and generations
72 Children with reading and spelling difficulties lag behind their peers despite special education
73 How walking benefits the brain
74 Autonomy in the workplace has positive effects on well-being and job satisfaction, study finds
75 Who are you on social media? New research examines norms of online personas
76 Policymakers 'flying blind' into the future of work
77 Why we prefer to be fired by an individual than by a committee
78 Diagnosed autism linked to maternal grandmother's smoking in pregnancy
79 Low-sodium diet might not lower blood pressure
80 Triggering artificial photosynthesis to clean air
81 System can 3-D print an entire building
82 Mastodon discovery shakes up understanding of early humans in the New World
83 Wax worm caterpillar will eat plastic shopping bags: New solution to plastic waste?
84 DNA from extinct humans discovered in cave sediments
85 Could Parkinson's disease start in the gut?
86 Virtual humans help aspiring doctors learn empathy
87 Working human forebrain circuits assembled in a lab dish
88 Skin stem cells used to generate new brain cells
89 Thin layers of water hold promise for the energy storage of the future
90 Engineers investigate a simple, no-bake recipe to make bricks from Martian soil
91 Illuminating the secret of glow-in-the-dark mushrooms
92 Paleontologists identify new 507-million-year-old sea creature with can opener-like pincers
93 Powerful Supercomputers Provide New Evidence of Dark Matter
94 Hubble Image of the Week--TYC 3203-450-1 and NGC 7250
95 Astronomers View Hubble Images of a Gravitationally Lensed Type Ia Supernova for the First Time
96 NASA's Cassini Views Ithaca Chasma on Tethys
97 Heliosphere May be Much More Compact and Rounded than Previously Thought
98 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Completes Final Flyby of Titan
99 New MRO Image Examines Martian Gullies
100 Yale Researchers Reveal Role of INAVA Gene in IBD
101 MIT Engineers Control and Separate Fluids Using Visible Light
102 Astronomers Discover Earth-Mass 'Iceball' Planet OGLE-2016-BLG-1195Lb
103 Cassini Spacecraft Set to Dive Through the Gap Between Saturn and Its Rings
104 New NASA Funded Research Opens a Window into Mars' Tumultuous Past
105 New Research Shows Tick Protein IAFGP Helps Antibiotics Combat MRSA
106 New MRO HiRISE Image Reveals Windblown Sand in Ganges Chasma
107 Cassini Completes Dive Between Saturn and Its Rings, Back in Contact with Astronomers
108 Newly Discovered TRAPPIST-1 System Could Spread Life Between Adjacent Exoplanets
109 MIT Develops a System that Can 3D Print the Basic Structure of an Entire Building
110 Harvard Astronomers Find Evidence of Shocked Gas in Galaxy Collisions
111 NASA Putting Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope on Pause, Need to Review Project
112 UCLA Engineers Develop a New Technique to Control Laser Polarization