File Title
1 Clues as to why cockroaches are so prolific
2 Online preconception health education tool positively impacts patient care
3 Fertility can hinge on swimming conditions in the uterus
4 Alerting stem cells to hurry up and heal
5 Noninvasive imaging test shown accurate in ruling out kidney cancers
6 The foundations of parenting
7 Ben-Gurion U. researchers develop membranes that remove viruses from drinking water
8 Researchers create red-eyed mutant wasps
9 With beetroot juice before exercise, aging brains look 'younger'
10 Action required: Invasive fungus is killing European salamanders
11 Cycling or walking to and from work linked to substantial health benefits
12 Childhood adversity linked to increased suicide risk in adolescence
13 Newly discovered exoplanet may be best candidate in search for signs of life
14 Fewer exams and better eye health? Aye-aye, finds type 1 diabetes study
15 Painkillers relieve zebrafish larvae discomfort
16 Give life-saving diagnostic tests greater priority, says new report
17 Study examines emergency department visits for patients injured by law enforcement in the US
18 Adherence to high-intensity statin drops-off for many following heart attack
19 Twin research reveals which facial features are most controlled by genetics
20 Amino acids in diet could be key to starving cancer
21 First evidence for higher state of consciousness found
22 USC team develops new method to create the next fuel-efficient renewable energy
23 Could fixing the body clock help people regain consciousness?
24 Water is streaming across Antarctica
25 Widely disparate spending on health forecast through 2040
26 The tale teeth tell about the legendary man-eating lions of Tsavo
27 Ocean current dumps plastic in remote Arctic waters
28 New blood test offers potential for faster, targeted treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer
29 The brain sets a unique learning rate for everything we do, by self-adjusting to the environment
30 Cell biologists discover crucial 'traffic regulator' in neurons
31 Protein in human umbilical cord blood rejuvenates old mice's impaired learning, memory
32 High-speed images capture archer fish's rocket-like launch
33 150-year-old drug may provide 'off' time relief for people with advanced Parkinson's disease
34 Antibody helps detect protein implicated in Alzheimer's, other diseases
35 Time-lapse cameras provide a unique peek at penguins' winter behavior
36 Nutrient offers hope to stop deadly march toward cirrhosis, liver cancer
37 Graphene 'copy machine' may produce cheap semiconductor wafers
38 Sociable crayfish get drunk more easily than loners
39 Immature spinner dolphin calf SCUBA tanks spell disaster in tuna fisheries
40 Review highlights why animals have evolved to favor one side of the brain
41 Reduction of post-traumatic stress symptoms associated with noninvasive technology
42 Post-traumatic stress symptoms reduced after use of HIRREM closed-loop neurotechnology
43 Ancient reptile tracks in the Pyrenees may include evidence of a new type of footprint
44 Newly discovered Egyptian carnivore named after Anubis, ancient Egyptian god of underworld
45 What makes a man-eater? Check the teeth
46 Under-studied boreal habitat key for North America's ducks
47 New study explains extraordinary resilience of deadly bacterium
48 Wooden Figurines 'Weave' at Tiny Looms Placed in Ancient Grave
49 Centuries Old Pemmican-Making Camp Uncovered in Montana
50 5,000-year-old skeleton discovered at Guar Kepah construction site
51 Solstice Alignments Discovered in 'Peter Pan' Gardens
52 Megafaunal extinctions driven by too much moisture
53 Unique dragon found in Siberia
54 Archaeologists Discover 38,000-Year-Old Animal Art
55 Archaeologists find 1,000 statues in tomb in Egypt's Luxor
56 Removal of a rare Roman mosaic in southern France enflames local conservation groups
57 'Hell on Earth': Yorkshire academics reveal secrets of medieval grave
58 1,100-year-old inscription unearthed from floor of Tiruvannamalai temple
59 Village site on Triquet Island proves to be ancient history
60 Archaeologists Find Roman Emperor's 1,900-year-old Summer Home in Turkey
61 St. Andrews academic reveals secrets of ancient Incan talking knots
62 Jamestown Unearthed: Archaeologists begin conservation of knight's tombstone
63 Ancient stone carvings confirm how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC, sparking the rise of civilisations
64 Ramses II colossus restored and re-rected at Luxor Temple
65 Origins of Indonesian hobbits finally revealed?
66 Plans to Renovate Ancient Harbor at Caesarea
67 Treasure trove of bronze and copper reveals incredible speed of flash Inca invasion
68 Frozen in Time: DNA May ID Sailors Looking for Northwest Passage in 1845
69 Egyptian ministry staff face trial over theft from Giza Pyramids
70 Archaeologists to probe ancient pyramid in Judean Hills
71 A new online digital resource has been launched to bring to life one of Scotland's most important prehistoric settl
72 Otzi the Iceman froze to death
73 A famous 'ancestor' may be ousted from the human family
74 Excavation at site of 'ancient wag' in Caithness
75 Iron-age Viking longhouses were burned and buried in funerals
76 Radiocarbon dating gets a postmodern makeover
77 Apple considers investing 'several billion dollars' for stake in Toshiba chip business, report says
78 'House of Strombo' concerts coming to Apple Music as 10-part video series
79 Amazon allowing Alexa software, far-field microphone technology use by other companies
80 Apple Turkey airs three new 'Shot on iPhone' ads for Children's Day
81 Actress says credit for Siri's personality belongs to Apple programmers, not voice work
82 Apple wins California DMV permit for testing self-driving car, could put tech on public roads
83 Indie gaming hit Fez coming to Apple's iOS later this year
84 Apple's Mac, iPad dodge an ugly new NSA hacker bomb targeting majority of Windows PCs globally
85 Breaking the trend: why Apple is likely to release both an 'iPhone 7s' and 'iPhone 8' this year
86 Garmin's Fenix 5 smartwatch aims at athletes, not Apple Watch fans
87 iPad 4 service replacement with iPad Air 2 not universal policy, but allowed in low-stock conditions
88 In-browser Mac OS 7.0.1 emulation, compatible software suite arrives at the Internet Archive
89 Rumor: Apple TV to get multi-user support, picture-in-picture with 'tvOS 11'
90 One Apple GPU, one giant leap in graphics for iPhone 8
91 Alleged 'iPhone 8' diagrams show display dimensions, sensor array
92 Rumor: Apple pushing LG to get into smartphone OLED business for 2018 iPhone
93 Google to patch Chrome phishing vulnerability already solved in Safari & Edge
94 Al Gore & Apple's Lisa Jackson to talk 'climate optimism' at San Francisco store
95 Nvidia 1080ti with new drivers in external enclosure quadruples MacBook Pro native performance
96 Analyst speculates Apple's OLED 'iPhone 8' could ditch embedded fingerprint sensor
97 Apple releases third betas of macOS 10.12.5, watchOS 3.2.2, tvOS 10.2.1, iOS 10.3.2 to developers
98 US appeals court revives 'rubberbanding' portion of key patent from Apple v. Samsung case
99 Wall Street expects Apple's revenue to grow to $52.9 billion in March quarter
100 How to disable homescreen rotation on Apple's Plus-series iPhones
101 Apple's 'iPhone 8' again rumored to adopt stainless steel chassis, flat OLED, vertical iSight camera
102 Google Maps for iOS gets Directions widget, location sharing via iMessage app
103 Apple A10 iPhone 7 speeds past Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, LG G6 & BBK 3T (with 2x RAM)
104 Apple's Find my iPhone fingers a phone finagler
105 Apple settles Unwired Planet patent suit for undisclosed amount
106 New 'pro' iMac said to have discrete GPU and Xeon E3 processor, ship at end of 2017
107 Apple still experimenting with 'iPhone 8' tech including curved screens, new camera systems
108 Teardown finds Samsung Galaxy S8+ battery 'virtually identical' to fire-prone Note 7
109 Logitech POP programmable button gains Apple HomeKit compatibility with new model
110 State-backed fund may take minority stake in Toshiba's memory unit to prevent foreign buyouts