File Title
1 A self-healing structural color hydrogel inspired by nature
2 Making biological drugs with spider silk protein
3 A new tool for discovering nanoporous materials
4 Two simple building blocks produce complex 3-D material
5 Taking a closer look at genetic switches in cancer
6 Micro delivery service for fertilizers
7 Scientists design new protein structure
8 Successful synthesis of nanomaterial that improves catalytic converter efficiency
9 Catalyst for the carbon-free production of hydrogen gas from ammonia
10 Virus's multipronged attack on bacteria points to new ways to fight infection
11 How RNA formed at the origins of life
12 Sensors detect disease markers in breath
13 Insight into enzyme's 3-D structure could cut biofuel costs
14 MOFs provide a better way to remove water from gas
15 Engineering heart valves for the many
16 Advanced imaging reveals unusual, unseen patterns in seabird feathers
17 Scientists use nanotechnology to boost the performance of key industrial catalyst
18 Conductive paper could enable future flexible electronics
19 The structure of a pathogenic effector protein from Legionella pneumophila
20 Microbial fuel cell converts methane to electricity
21 Scientists develop real-time technique for studying ionic liquids at electrode interfaces
22 Oddball enzyme provides easy path to synthetic biomaterials
23 New way to reduce skin scarring relies on a glue-like substance secreted by mussels
24 Titan supercomputer analyzes bacterial photosynthetic system
25 Antibody biosensor offers unlimited point-of-care drug monitoring
26 Video: Should you pee on a jellyfish sting?
27 Tracking down the scent of recycled plastic
28 A CLOUD of possibilities: Finding new therapies by combining drugs
29 Total synthesis of flueggenine C via an accelerated intermolecular Rauhut-Currier reaction
30 How gold can recycle biofuel waste into useful additive
31 Flexible new method for early cancer diagnosis
32 Mapping changes in the dynamics and structure of water molecules in the vicinity of solutes
33 Better and cheaper healthcare with dry blood samples
34 New, water-based, recyclable membrane filters all types of nanoparticles
35 Shapeshifting materials: Using light to rearrange macroscopic structures
36 Novel method for synthesis of molecular hydrogen sets benchmark for platinum-free electrocatalysts
37 Scientists develop effective system of biomaterial delivery to laboratories
38 Unveiling the nasty action of trans-fatty acids in blood
39 Photocatalyst makes hydrogen production 10 times more efficient
40 Research consortium produces high-resolution 3-D map of GLP-1R
41 Development of ultra-high capacity lithium-air batteries using CNT sheet air electrodes
42 Scientists decipher the multi-domain, full-length structure of the human smoothened receptor
43 Energy-efficient green route to magnesium production
44 Microsoft Surface gets battery boost, better viewing angles
45 Google aims to connect online ads to real-world sales
46 Chinese online retailer developing one-ton delivery drones
47 AI wins as Google algorithm beats No. 1 Go player (Update)
48 Researchers find computer code that Volkswagen used to cheat emissions tests
49 Network traffic provides early indication of malware infection
50 Humanitarian efforts could be aided by AI
51 Watch out in a world of connected objects, cyber specialists warn
52 Ready, Set, Go! Rematch of man vs. machine in ancient game
53 Frenchmen claim cure for WannaCry-infected computers
54 Team demos potential environmental sustainability benefits in full life cycle assessment of 2nd-generation biofuels
55 Self-ventilating workout suit keeps athletes cool and dry
56 At a Glance: Some of Google's new features seem...familiar
57 In battle of digital assistants, Google heads to Apple turf
58 GE Appliances to get Google voice control option
59 Another large-scale cyberattack underway: experts
60 Dubai firm dreams of harvesting icebergs for water
61 3-D-printed, soft, four legged robot can walk on sand and stone
62 Interview: Surfer worked from bedroom to beat cyberattack
63 Diesel vehicles produce 50 percent more nitrogen oxide than originally thought
64 Experts: Cyberattack havoc could grow as work week begins
65 An alert researcher, cooperation helped stem cyberattack
66 Manhunt for hackers behind global cyberattack (Update)
67 Huge cyberattack forces Microsoft to offer free tech fix
68 Researcher finds 'kill switch' for cyberattack ransomeware
69 Sheffield energy experts design cooling system for Qatar 2022 stadium
70 Sony chief promises profitability, but is short on specifics
71 North Korea-linked hackers 'highly likely' behind WannaCry: Symantec
72 Solar cells more efficient thanks to new material standing on edge
73 China scrambles to tame bike chaos
74 How far can your shoes run?
75 Exploring underground with a colliding drone
76 Nokia and Apple settle long-running legal disputes
77 Sensing insole for footstrike pattern detection in runners
78 Ford taps former office furniture executive to be new CEO
79 Team creates high-speed internet lane for emergency situations
80 A leap for 3-D printing
81 Crews cover partially-collapsed tunnel at nuclear site
82 Sheffield bioenergy experts collaborate with Egyptian partners to produce drinking water
83 Ukrainian hacker sentenced in stolen news releases scheme
84 Baseball coming June 1 to virtual-reality headsets
85 World's first demonstration of multicolor 3-D in vivo imaging using ultra-compact Compton camera
86 Parasitic robot system for waypoint navigation of turtle
87 Binary star composed of two brown dwarfs discovered by microlensing
88 'Victory' for US astronauts on critical spacewalk to replace power box (Update)
89 After 9 months in space, mouse sperm yield healthy mice
90 Study shows how radioactive decay could support extraterrestrial life
91 Researchers propose new type of planetary object
92 Scientists solve mystery of how most antimatter in the Milky Way forms
93 Kepler telescope spies details of TRAPPIST-1 system's outermost planet
94 NASA orders up urgent spacewalking repairs at space station
95 Tidal tails detected around a distant globular cluster
96 Tabby's star dims again, multiple telescopes to examine its spectra
97 Star-forming filaments
98 New Zealand space launch has nation reaching for the stars
99 Mapping super massive black holes in the distant universe
100 First radio detection of lonely planet disk shows similarities between stars and planet-like objects
101 Study finds history of Titan's landscape resembles that of Mars, not Earth
102 Hubble spots moon around third largest dwarf planet
103 ALMA eyes icy ring around young planetary system
104 NASA mission uncovers a dance of electrons in space
105 Punching above its weight, a brown dwarf launches a parsec-scale jet
106 First direct exploration of magnetic fields in the upper solar atmosphere
107 Space weather events linked to human activity
108 FADO--a ground-breaking tool to reconstruct the history of galaxies
109 Movie shows Ceres at opposition from sun
110 New study reveals how changes in Martian rainfall shaped the planet