File Title
1 You don't see what I see? Visual perception may depend on birthplace and environment
2 Recommended daily protein intake too low for the elderly
3 Probing problems with bariatric surgery: Reoperations, variation are common
4 DNA vaccine protects against toxic proteins linked to Alzheimer's
5 Pulmonary Thrombosis-on-a-Chip provides new avenue for drug development
6 Why our brain cells may prevent us burning fat when we're dieting
7 Scholars analyze children's ability to detect 'sins of omission'
8 Study offers guidance for targeting residual ovarian tumors
9 Just one alcoholic drink a day increases breast cancer risk, exercise lowers risk
10 City life could present psychosis risk for adolescents
11 Readily available antibiotic could help to curb lung damage from TB
12 Less than 50 percent of U.K. adolescents eat fruit or veg daily
13 Family history of Alzheimer's may alter metabolic gene that increases risk for disease
14 Himalayan powerhouses: How Sherpas have evolved superhuman energy efficiency
15 Study identifies RNA molecule that shields breast cancer stem cells from immune system
16 'Smart genes' account for 20% of intelligence: study
17 Experimental therapy for immune diseases hits Achilles heel of activated T cells
18 People perceive attractive scientists as more interesting but less able, studies show
19 The secret to combating pancreatic cancer may lie in suppression of a common protein
20 Protective responses appear weaker in neural stem cells from Huntington disease patients
21 An elegans solution: Worm genetic screen maps cell-to-cell communication in human cancer
22 New heart disease risk genes point to flaws in blood vessel walls
23 Computations of visual motion in the brain
24 New answers for kids with inherited kidney disease
25 Researchers suppress fibrosis chemical signal to block haywire healing
26 New insight into life-threatening childhood brain cancer
27 Intestinal fungi worsen alcoholic liver disease
28 Genes responsible for severe congenital heart disease identified
29 New cancer drug can prevent reactions to common airborne allergens
30 Study finds that sleep disorders affect men and women differently
31 Loss of airway blood vessels is associated with risk of death in smokers without COPD
32 Stem cells may significantly improve tendon healing by regulating inflammation
33 Increased lysyl oxidase may be a significant contributor to heart disease and cancer
34 WHO elects new chief to lead reform
35 Social factors of patients affect hospital performance measures
36 Scientists uncover dietary strategy to address obesity using component in red chili
37 Inflammatory bowel disease, bone marrow transplant precision medicine clinical trial opens
39 Online pulmonary rehabilitation not inferior to face-to-face rehab
40 Telepsychiatry helps mental health patients in rural Missouri
41 Do best-selling drugs that calm stomachs damage kidneys? The answer's unclear
42 Low vitamin D levels if you're lactose intolerant
43 A new T-cell population for cancer immunotherapy
44 Obesity related to upbringing
45 Majority of Americans say they are anxious about health--millennials are more anxious than baby boomers
46 US approves Sanofi, Regeneron arthritis drug
47 Study provides surprisingly complex portrait of ancient trade networks
48 Study suggests people less likely to fact check news when in company of other people
49 Rare tooth find reveals horned dinosaurs in eastern North America
50 3.3 million-year-old fossil reveals origins of the human spine
51 The right thing to do: Why do we follow unspoken group rules?
52 Scientists find 7.2-million-year-old pre-human remains in the Balkans
53 Study finds female students less likely to drop engineering program if female mentored
54 Life in the Precambrian may have been much livelier than previously thought
55 Evidence of the earliest occupation of the coasts of Australia from Barrow Island, Northwest Australia
56 Extending electricity to poor rural communities in India not reaping hoped-for economic impact
57 Study sheds light on Earth's first animals
58 Populations along the eastern Mediterranean coast share a genetic heritage that transcends nationality
59 Time flies: Insect fossils in amber shed light on India's geological history
60 The secrets behind T. rex's bone crushing bites: Researchers find T. rex could crush 8,000 pounds
62 STEM students who learn by example may miss key concepts, study finds
63 Ancient human sacrifice discovered in Korea
64 IMF austerity has consequences for children's health: study
65 Grassy beginning for earliest Homo
66 17 mummies discovered in central Egypt
67 Wolves need space to roam to control expanding coyote populations
68 Rethinking role of viruses in coral reef ecosystems
69 Biofilm discovery suggests new way to prevent dangerous infections
70 Sunflower genome sequence to provide roadmap for more resilient crops
71 New findings on formation and malformation of blood vessels
72 New clues emerge about how fruit flies navigate their world
73 Scientists identify two new proteins connected to plant development
74 Sequencing of green alga genome provides blueprint to advance clean energy, bioproducts
75 Land around powerlines could be boon to birds
76 Triple play boosting value of renewable fuel could tip market in favor of biomass
77 Insects resist genetic methods to control disease spread, study finds
78 Nest of rare ant T. rex found in Singapore
79 Using seaweed to kill invasive ants
80 Fake caterpillar study reveals global pattern in predation
81 New study helps solve a great mystery in the organization of our DNA
82 Fine-tuning 'dosage' of mutant genes unleashes long-trapped yield potential in tomato plants
83 Scientists engineer disease-resistant rice without sacrificing yield
84 Study of parrotlets hopping offers clues on how dinosaurs might have developed flight
85 Study on how rats process smell may address larger issue of experiment reproducibility
86 UK survey finds 28,000 plant species for medical use7
87 Microbes seen controlling action of host's genes
88 Wallflower center pack baboons find place
89 Beaver dams may buffer against temperatures that threaten sensitive species
90 Wild orangutan teeth provide insight into human breast-feeding evolution
91 New study sheds light on origins of life on Earth through molecular function
92 Three new mini thorn snails described from Georgia (USA), Belize and Panama
93 Research decoding the first deep-sea mussel genome published
94 Crazy for ant eggs: Team reveals that 'yellow crazy ant' workers lay eggs as a food source
95 Fall calving season may yield higher returns for southeastern beef producers
96 New project uses phones and drones to monitor endangered species
97 Large study uncovers genes linked to intelligence
98 Wood beetles are nature's recyclers--with a little help from fungi
100 Clock mystery from 350 years ago is shedding light on human health
101 Baby bump: China eatery in Japan soars on pregnant panda hopes
102 Morocco fishermen decry 'El Negro' dolphin attacks
103 Team finds new antibiotic resistance gene in Salmonella from broiler chickens
104 Wild geese in China are 'prisoners' in their own wetlands
105 Conservation and nameless earthworms: Assessors in the dark?
106 Nepal torches valuable wildlife parts
107 Calcium dynamics regulating the timing of decision-making in C. elegans
108 Breakthrough means fewer frogs needed for research
109 Scientists investigate how the sense of smell works in bacteria