File Title
1 Tomatoes on Mars? Student's genetic research could one day help space travelers
2 New Research Explores Demand on Younger Rugby Union Players
3 UF Study Shows "Pretty" Termites Do the Most Damage
4 Ransomware/Cybersecurity Expert Available for Media Working Wannacry Virus Stories
5 New Study Upends Established Models of Forecasting Coextinction in Complex Ecosystems
6 N/A
7 Nano Fiber Feels Forces and Hears Sounds Made by Cells
8 Strontium Niobate Demystified: NUS-Led Research Teams Uncover Extraordinary Properties of the Semiconductor Material
9 UNH Researcher Identifies Key Differences in Solar Wind Models
10 What Can I Tell by Looking at--and Touching--My Soil?
11 A Better Sustainable Sanitary Pad
12 The Cybersecurity War Needs More Talent Now, Says UW Bothell Cybersecurity Expert
13 Olin College Holds Twelfth Commencement
14 Engineering Students Develop 3D-Printed Prosthetic Hand for Campus Employee
15 Laser Printing with Nanoparticles Holds Promise for Medical Research
16 Code of Conduct Needed for Ocean Conservation, Study Says
17 Six California State University Campuses Top Producers of Latino Doctorate Recipients
18 A Carnivorous Plant's Prized Genetic Treasures, Unveiled
19 Ebola: Lives to Be Saved with New Management Approach
20 Rise of Aggressive Reef Predator May Impede Sea Urchin Recovery, Study Finds
21 Study: 'Moral Enhancement' Technologies Are Neither Feasible Nor Wise
22 UF-Developed Mandarin Shows Increased Tolerance to Greening
23 Mountains of Waste Could Lead to New U.S. Manufacturing, Jobs
24 Citizen Science Campaign to Aid Disaster Response
25 Gulf of Mexico Alliance Receives NAS Capacity Building Grants
26 Managing Stress Helps Transistor Performance
27 Don't Count on Your Chickens Counting
28 Engaging Diamond for Next-Era Transistors
29 Research Highlights Ideal Temperature for Spread of Mosquito-Borne Diseases
30 UK Researchers Identify Macrophages as Key Factor for Regeneration in Mammals
31 Plants Call 911 to Help Their Neighbors
32 Tea-Time Means Leopard-Time in India
33 Cyber Security Expert on Ways to End Ransomware Attacks
34 The Secrets Behind T-Rex's Bone Crushing Bites: Researchers Find T-Rex Could Crush 8,000 Pounds
35 BRI Reports Status of Common Loon Species in Wyoming
36 Bumblebee Populations Higher in Detroit than in Some Less-Urbanized Areas; Vacant Lots Could Be a Factor
37 Well-Heeled Research: In New Rehabilitation Lab, Creighton Students Examine Effects of Women in Heels
38 Climate Change Refuge for Corals Discovered (and How We Can Protect It Right Now)
39 WCS's Queens Zoo Helps Howler Monkeys Thrive in Belize
40 When Birds of a Feather Poop Together
41 Researchers Harness Metabolism to Reverse Aggressiveness in Leukemia
42 NAU Researchers Find Silent Victim in Drug Wars: Central America's Forests
43 Wild Orangutan Teeth Provide Insight into Human Breast-Feeding Evolution
44 Earth's Atmosphere More Chemically Reactive in Cold Climates
45 Exposure to BPA Potentially Induces Permanent Reprogramming of Painted Turtles' Brains
46 Cybercrime Expert Says Computer Infection Rate of Wannacry Attack May Not Be as Widespread as Initially Reported
47 Tiger Breakthrough: Camera Trap Time Stamps Provide Valuable Data for Conservationists
48 Rare Feline Genetic Disorders Identified Through Whole Genome Sequencing at MU
49 Thieves in online games can be caught by watching how they play
50 First timeline of a cancer tracks tumours from origin to spread
51 Ransomware attack hits 200,000 computers across the globe
52 Tiny invasive sea creatures hitch a ride in rabbitfish guts
53 Diesel fumes lead to thousands more deaths than thought
54 What vision of doom made Hawking seek a faster Earth exit plan?
55 Ladybird's transparent shell reveals how it folds its wings
56 AI detective analyses police data to learn how to crack cases
57 Microbes might thrive after crash-landing on board a meteorite
58 Neptune-like exoplanet spotted that has a watery atmosphere
59 Mussel gloop can be used to make wounds knit without any scars
60 Brain zaps let minimally conscious people communicate for a week
61 UK may force charities to prove complementary therapies work
62 Google DeepMind NHS data deal was 'legally inappropriate'
63 Pregnant rays tangled in trawler nets have small, sickly babies
64 Corals that grow faster in warm water could beat climate change
65 Hear the roar of the lionfish recorded for the first time
66 Ebola once again on the prowl as emergency teams stand ready
67 Stars can start shining at a smaller mass than we thought
68 Automation will have a bigger impact on jobs in smaller cities
69 Hopping miniature parrots suggest how birds first got airborne
70 Beaver dams keeps streams cool and protect sensitive fish
71 Fish boost photosynthesis by wafting water around corals
72 Frog skeleton allows them to jump horizontally or vertically
73 Hundreds of newly-discovered plants may yield new crops or drugs
74 Vultures smear their faces in red mud which they use as makeup
75 Brain stent to let five paralysed people control exoskeleton
76 Driest ten months in 100 years recorded in southern England
77 Human blood stem cells grown in the lab for the first time
78 Plasma jet engines that could take you from the ground to space
79 Unshackled, big auto will keep choking the world on diesel fumes
80 Remote Pacific island found buried under tons of plastic waste
81 Mass landfills are saving endangered vultures from extinction
82 Narwhals could help us measure melting glaciers underwater
83 Rising seas could double the number of severe coastal floods
84 Wedding Fireworks Ruptured Man's Eardrums
85 Reference: Watermelon: Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition Facts
86 Laser-Printed Nanotech Makes Colors that Never Fade
87 3 Dead, Liverless Sharks Wash Ashore in Weird Whodunit
88 Weird Ants Have Hairy Blobs for Babies
89 Deep Blue vs. Garry Kasparov: 20th Anniversary of Epic Chess Match
90 Can a 'Poop Transplant' Change Your Weight?
91 Burial Chamber of Princess Possibly Found in Ancient Egypt Pyramid
92 After the Flood: Author Kim Stanley Robinson Describes Future NYC Underwater
93 What's Behind the Fidget Spinner Fad?
94 What Is Intelligence? 20 Years After Deep Blue, AI Still Can't Think like Humans
95 Cotton Swabs Send 34 Kids to the ER Every Day
96 People Smell Great! Human Sniffers Sensitive as Dogs'
97 'Alien: Covenant in Utero' Lets You Experience a Neomorph Birth in VR
98 3D-Printed 'Eyes' Could Help Blind Children's Faces Grow Naturally
99 How 450-Million-Year-Old Bacteria Evolved into a Dangerous Superbug
100 Hepatitis C Cases Triple, and Opioid Crisis Is Mainly to Blame
101 Reference: Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril): Dosage & Side Effects
102 How Many US High Schoolers Binge Drink?
103 New Drones Exhibit Has It All: Cool Tech, Games and Science
104 Huge Hidden Landforms Under Antarctica Contribute to Ice Sheet's Melting
105 Famed Tree-Climbing Lions Running Low on Prey
106 Which Came First, Sleep Problems or Anxiety?
107 Water, Weird Clouds Found on Alien 'Warm Neptune'
108 540-Year-Old Page from Medieval Priests' Handbook Discovered
109 Thanking 'Cigars and God,' Oldest US Vet Turns 111
110 Small-Brained Human Cousin Was Surprisingly Smart