File Title
1 Detecting Life in the Driest Place on Earth
2 Lack of Oxygen Not a Showstopper for Life
3 Deep-sea animals make their own light
4 US Hypersonic Aircraft Will Not Catch Russia Flat-Footed
5 How Gorbachev Destroyed the USSR's Military Space Program, and What It Cost Russia
6 Pentagon Awards Contract to Develop Knowledge-Based Space Command Tools
7 Lockheed Martin Debuts System to Protect Space Assets
8 US Military Satellite Production Rates Boosted by 3-D Printed Parts
9 ICBM launch facility receives comprehensive maintenance
10 N. Korea takes leap with missile test: analysts
11 N. Korea says 'new missile' can carry nuclear warhead
12 US tests intercontinental ballistic missile
13 Lockheed Martin receives Trident missile contract
14 Electric Boat selected for $95.6 million ballistic missile tube contract
15 Taking the guesswork out of designing extremely complex military systems
16 Pentagon Space Programs Continue to Suffer Long Delays, Huge Cost Overruns
17 ISS crew harvest new crop of vegetables grown in space
18 Six-legged livestock--sustainable food production
19 Students Taste Sweet Smell of Success in Culinary Challenge
20 Lunar, Martian Greenhouses Designed to Mimic Those on Earth
21 The long legacy of space-farming leading us to Mars
22 Student Scientists Select Menu for Astronauts
23 3D Pizza Printer to Feed Hungry Astronauts in Deep Space
24 Indicators show potatoes can grow on Mars
25 How bright is the future of space food
26 'Awesomesauce,' proclaims US astronaut on historic spacewalk
27 N. Korea's 'new missile' has unprecedented range: experts
28 Mining the moon for rocket fuel to get us to Mars
29 Ultra-Cold Storage--Liquid Hydrogen may be Fuel of the Future
30 China develops non-toxic propellant for orbiting satellites
31 China announces success in technology to refuel satellites in orbit
32 How do hydrogen droplets behave when hydrogen-oxygen aerosol mixtures burn
33 NASA awards Paragon with in-space Fuel Depot technology study
34 NASA 'green' propellant passes major pre-flight milestone
35 NASA Team Demonstrates Loading of Swedish 'Green' Propellant
36 Laser Power: Russia develops energy beam for satellite refueling
37 Army researchers look at new artillery propellant control system
38 Green Propellant Infusion Mission Passes Spacecraft Integration Milestone
39 Ancient Mars impacts created tornado-like winds that scoured surface
40 NASA's MAVEN reveals Mars has metal in its atmosphere
41 New MAVEN findings reveal how Mars' atmosphere was lost to space
42 How hard did it rain on Mars
43 How Old are Martian Gullies
44 Paleolake deposits on Mars might look like sediments in Indonesia
45 New evidence for a water-rich history on Mars
46 Remnants of a mega-flood on Mars
47 Scientists say Mars valley was flooded with water not long ago
48 Bursts of methane may have warmed early Mars
49 3-D images reveal features of Martian polar ice caps
50 Mars Rover Opportunity Begins Study of Valley's Origin
51 A cabin on the moon? China hones the lunar lifestyle
52 China tests 'Lunar Palace' as it eyes moon mission
53 China to conduct several manned space flights around 2020
54 China's cargo spacecraft completes in-orbit refueling
55 Reach for the Stars: China Plans to Ramp Up Space Flight Activity
56 AIA report outlines policies needed to boost the US Space Industry competitiveness
57 BRICS States Want to Expand Cooperation to Space Science
58 Russia probes murder of senior space official in jail
59 Funding awarded to schemes to support space entrepreneurs
60 Kuwait Space Agency--a pipedream or reality
61 Turkey Moves Closer to Launching Own Space Agency
62 NASA seeks partnerships with US companies to advance commercial space technologies
63 Space, Ukrainian-style: Through Crisis to Revival
64 Shaping the Future: Aerospace Works to Ensure an Informed Space Policy
65 Russia-China Joint Space Studies Center May Be Created in Southeastern Russia
66 Blue Sky Network Targets Key Markets for Iridium SATCOM Solutions
67 Three-dimensional direction-dependent force measurement at the subatomic scale
68 Scientists help thin-film ferroelectrics go extreme
69 Inverse designing spontaneously self-assembling materials
70 Researchers invent process to make sustainable rubber, plastics
71 Researchers develop eco-friendly 4-in-1 catalyst
72 New metamaterial designed with counterintuitive property
73 A plastic-eating caterpillar
74 Materials bend as they 'breathe' under high temperatures
75 Ames Lab and Iowa State scientists develop more efficient catalytic material
76 HP Enterprise unveils computer 'for era of Big Data'
77 Physics may bring faster solutions for tough computational problems
78 The first one bit chemical memory unit: The 'chit'
79 Ultra-thin multilayer film for next-generation data storage and processing
80 DARPA Wades into Murky Multimedia Information Streams to Catch Big Meaning
81 Spray-on memory could enable bendable digital storage
82 The beginning of the end of order
83 ADATS could assist X-planes with large, super-fast data transmission
84 Airbus Friedrichshafen: new satellite hub lays groundwork for the future
85 Ground Control Satellite Dish Arrives at University of Leicester
86 Tiny Probes Hold Big Promise for Future NASA Missions
87 'Warm Neptune' Has Unexpectedly Primitive Atmosphere
88 Variable Winds on Hot Giant Exoplanet Help Study of Magnetic Field
89 Primitive Atmosphere Found Around 'Warm Neptune'
90 Two Webb instruments well suited for detecting exoplanet atmospheres
91 SOFIA Confirms Nearby Planetary System Is Similar to Our Own
92 Next Breakthroughs in Exoplanet Discovery
93 New 'styrofoam' planet provides tools in search for habitable planets
94 The PI's Perspective: No Sleeping Back on Earth!
95 ALMA investigates 'DeeDee,' a distant, dim member of our solar system
96 Hubble spots auroras on Uranus
97 Neptune's journey during early planet formation was 'smooth and calm'
98 Hubble takes close-up portrait of Jupiter
99 Invention produces cleaner water with less energy and no filter
100 As summer heat looms, post-IS Mosul faces water crisis
101 Teleconnection between the tropical Pacific and Antarctica
102 N/A
103 Dutch design breakthrough fast tracks oceans clean-up plan
104 US fishing generated more than $200 billion in sales in 2015; two stocks rebuilt in 2016
105 Australian scientists say shark cull could wreck marine ecosystems
106 Decades of data on world's oceans reveal a troubling oxygen decline
107 New Tool May Assist US Regional Sea Level Planning
108 Refining the ocean's thermometer
109 N/A
110 Code of conduct needed for ocean conservation, study says