File Title
1 Cornell Researches Black Bear Boom in New York
2 Global Climate Trend Since November 16, 1978: +0.12íC Per Decade
3 Toxic Effects of Mercury Exposure Persist for Multiple Generations, Study Suggests
4 Researchers Unlock the Mysteries of Fabric Softener Science
5 UF Project to Select the Best Brahman Genes
6 Bond Strength in Multilayer Casting of Self-Consolidating Concrete
7 Distributed Sensing for Shrinkage and Tension Stiffening Measurement
8 Older, Denser Neighborhoods Offer Better Access to Everyday Destinations, UCI Study Finds
9 NASA Selects Arkansas' First CubeSat
10 TTUHSC El Paso Breaks Ground on $83 Million Medical Sciences Building
11 Doctoring the Soil
12 Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Ticks
13 Advancing the Science of Science: Patterns of Changing Research Interest Uncovered
14 'Princess Pheromone' Tells Ants Which Larvae Are Destined to Be Queens
15 Making the Numbers Work: Researchers Use Math to Develop Personalized Chemo Treatments
16 Resistance to Herbivory Varies Among Tamarix Populations
17 Robots May Bring Reef Relief
18 Climate Change, Tornadoes and Mobile Homes: A Dangerous Mix
19 Climate Change Basics for Busy People
20 UF Faculty Help Keep Palm Trees Part of Florida's Fabric
21 A Lot of Galaxies Need Guarding in this NASA Hubble View
22 High Temperature Step-by-Step Process Makes Graphene from Ethene
23 NIH Launches Competition to Develop Human Eye Tissue in a Dish
24 The Seleni Institute Receives Landmark Funding from the Hope & Grace Fund
25 Researchers Find Surprise Communication Between Brain Regions Involved in Infant Motor Control
26 Falkland Islands Basin Shows Signs of Being Among World's Largest Craters
27 Video: New Fabric Coating Protects Your Clothes, and the Environment
28 Top Ten Food Trends for 2017
29 The Institute of Food Technologists and Ingredion Incorporated Announce Their Shared Commitment to Innovation Through a New IFT Initiative--IFTNEXT
30 The Institute of Food Technologists Recommends a Definition of "Healthy" to FDA
31 Institute of Food Technologists Announces 2017 IFT Fellows
32 Homeowner Flood Insurance Roundtable National Conversation Flood Resilience Dialogue
33 Researchers Shed New Light on Influenza Detection
34 Scientists Reveal New and Improved Genome Sequence of Daphnia Pulex
35 Discovery of New Transparent Thin Film Material Could Improve Electronics and Solar Cells
36 Scientists Find Skin Cells at the Root of Balding, Gray Hair
37 Chemically Tailored Graphene
38 You Cannot Control the Weather, but UF-Developed Tools Help You Cope
39 The Evolutionary Story of Birch, Told Through 80 Genomes
40 New Plutonium Discovery Lights Way for FSU Chemistry Professor's Work to Clean Up Nuclear Waste
41 Open Access and Science Publishing: Keeping Up with the Transformations--From Physics Today
42 Expert Behind 'EF Scale' Describes Development of Tornado Rating System
43 How Cancer Turns a Good-Guy Protein into a Double Agent
44 Cornell and Adobe Collaboration Creates Tool for Transferring Image Styles Between Photos
45 Physical Keyboards Make Virtual Reality Typing Easier
46 Hands-on Chemistry Course Has Students Taking on Rare Cancers
47 Attention and Emotional Regulation of Veterans with PTSD Is Subject of Creighton Profs' Latest Research
48 Low Oxygen Reverses Mitochondrial Disease in Mice
49 Engineered Bone Marrow Could Make Transplants Safer
50 Underlying Molecular Mechanism of Bipolar Disorder Revealed
51 UCI Establishes Malaria Initiative to Fight Deadly Disease in Africa
52 Geologists Study the Past to Learn About El Nino's Future
53 N/A
54 N/A
55 Geologists Study the Past to Learn About El Nino's Future
56 Symposium Tackles Water Scarcity in the Middle East
57 South African Cave Yields Yet More Fossils of a Newfound Relative
58 Researchers Uncover New Fossil Remains of Recently Discovered Human Relative
59 A New Tool to Decipher Evolutionary Biology
60 A Molecular Rivet for Long-Range Force Transmission--From Isolation to Global Connectivity
61 Looking at Light to Explore Superconductivity in Boron-Diamond Films
62 'Inverse Designing' Spontaneously Self-Assembling Materials
63 UCTV Launches New Portal to Sustainability for California
64 Aging Gracefully in the Rainforest
65 Lyme Disease Researchers Seek Consensus as Number of Cases Grows
66 UCLA Researchers Design Process to Better Understand How Advanced Melanoma Adapts to Immunotherapy
67 The Latest Weapons Against Climate Change: The Beaver, the Oyster, Cold Water and More...
68 Grape Seed Extract Could Extend Life of Resin Fillings
69 Shrubs, Grasses Planted Through Federal Program Crucial for Sage Grouse Survival in Eastern Washington
70 New York Seascape Marine Life Now Revealed at Brooklyn Bridge Park Photo Exhibition
71 Rising Temperatures Threaten Stability of Tibetan Alpine Grasslands
72 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Could Help Stress in Sport
73 Manuel Zimmer Selected HHMI-Wellcome International Research Scholar
74 UNH Researchers Find Significant Increase of Invasive Seaweed Changing Sea Habitat
75 University of North Florida Nutrition Professor Discusses Strawberry Myth Busters
76 Controlling Bacteria's Necessary Evil
77 Kids, Parents Alike Worried About Privacy with Internet-Connected Toys
78 3D-Printed 'Bionic Skin' Could Give Robots the Sense of Touch
79 N/A
80 New Light Sensing Molecule Discovered in the Fruit Fly Brain
81 Connecting Brain Regions in a Dish--a New Organoid Technology to Detect Malfunctions in the Brain
82 Observatories Combine to Crack Open the Crab Nebula
83 Image Release: A New Look at the Crab Nebula
84 In Brain Evolution, Size Matters--Most of the Time
85 SDSC's Comet Helps Replicate Brain Circuitry to Direct a Realistic Prosthetic Arm
86 Cyber Security R&D Showcase Coming in July
87 Stroke, MS Patients Walk Significantly Better with Neural Stimulation
88 Inclusive Fitness Coalition Launches New Partnership for Inclusive Health
89 Lawrence Livermore Unveils "Heart-on-a-Chip" to Improve Drug Development
90 New Lyme Disease Forecast Map Targets Rising Tide of Ticks
91 Fiber Hybridization Technology for Next Generation Concrete
92 Dramatic Cooperation Between Two Infectious Bacteria Revealed by BIDMC Researchers
93 Beauty Requires Thought, Neuroscientists Find
94 Antibiotic-Resistant Microbes Date Back to 450 MYA, Well Before the Age of Dinosaurs
95 Dendritic Cell Vaccine Augments the Immune System in People with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
96 Why One Eye-Targeting Virus Could Make for a Useful Gene-Delivery Tool
97 Research Increases Distance at Which Supernova Would Spark Mass Extinctions on Earth
98 Study Finds Bacteria Living in Marine Sponge Produce Toxic Flame Retardant-Like Compounds
99 ESF to Announce Top 10 New Species this Month
100 Astronauts Join Debate on How--and if--Humans Will Get to Mars
101 The Impact of a Changing Climate on Threatened Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
102 Study of Worms Reveals 'Selfish Genes' that Encode a Toxin--and Its Antidote
103 Oldest Buckthorn Fossilized Flowers Found in Argentina
104 DHS S&T Transition to Practice Program Announces 2017 Cohort
105 The Blink of an Eye May Predict Risk for Alcohol Problems
106 GCOOS Members Leading the Way to Create Ocean Technology Education Opportunities
107 Michele Parrinello Wins the Dreyfus Prize for Advances in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
108 Hafnia Dons a New Face
109 Missouri S&T, PCRMC Partner on New Research
110 UIC to Expand Rapid Water Testing at Chicago Beaches