File Title
1 Plant and animal stem cells behave similarly, research shows
2 Hurricanes linked to deaths of sooty terns, migratory seabird
3 Hubble spots pair of galaxies passing at high speed
4 Cotton swabs send 34 children to the ER every day
5 Outcomes getting worse in veterans years after mild concussion
6 Ultrasound better than X-ray for children with broken arms, study says
7 Incidental findings regularly generated by routine imaging scans
8 Scientists may be close to finding genetic cause of type 2 diabetes
9 Studies show socioeconomic and racial disparities in lupus
10 Early puberty in girls may increase risk for dating abuse
11 Scientists find cells linked to graying, thinning hair
12 Most dietary salt not added to food at the table
13 Bullying in childhood linked to health risk in adulthood
14 Babies benefit mentally from dad's involvement early on
15 European panel says sucralose is safe, not a carcinogen
16 Technique designed to protect police, EMS from fentanyl exposure
17 EpiPens effective years after expiration date, study says
18 Antibiotics unnecessarily prescribed for half of all seniors with colds
19 One in three drugs have safety concerns after FDA approval
20 Nursing home patients with dementia helped by music
21 Access to long-lasting birth control after childbirth lags behind demand, study says
22 Study links exercise intensity to less cell aging
23 Study identifies common sweetener as a marker for weight gain
24 New point-of-care test may help tackle flu pandemics
25 New understanding of lymphedema may lead to treatment
26 Outcomes getting worse in veterans years after mild concussion
27 Many parents not requiring children to wear helmets when on wheels
28 Genetics linked to early-onset pancreatitis in children
29 Researchers identify trigger for autoimmune disease
30 Study shows placebo effect in energy drinks and alcohol
31 CDC: More ticks, deadly new tick-borne disease coming this summer
32 Researchers link employment status, incidence of domestic violence
33 Study: Athletes with ADHD likely to choose team sports, have higher risk of injury
34 Study shows hepatitis C increasing in pregnant women
35 Risky kidney transplants may be less risky than previously thought
36 Climate change making seasonal allergies worse, study says
37 Fewer U.S. high school students drinking alcohol, CDC says
38 Program helps young adults with autism find jobs during pilot study
39 Study identifies genetic locus in anorexia nervosa
40 Study: Smartphones may help discharge ER patients faster
41 Chronic illness in children linked to mental health issues later
42 Study: Diet and exercise may prevent osteoarthritis
43 Scientists create lung organoids that mimic full-size lung
44 Study links preference for pornography with real-world sexual dysfunction
45 Astronauts' blood vessels less efficient on long missions, study says
46 Outcomes getting worse in veterans years after mild concussion
47 Study sees link between porn and sexual dysfunction
48 Researchers identify counterintuitive approach to treating a brain cancer
49 Visual images often intrude on verbal thinking, study says, suggesting that pondering with images may be hardwired
50 Macrophages need two signals to begin healing process
51 Antibody genes influence forgotten heart disease
52 Invasive lung cancer cells display symbiosis--key to metastasis
53 Osteoarthritis could be prevented with good diet and exercise
54 A lead candidate for immunotherapy may increase tumour growth in certain cancers
55 Lifting your spirits doesn't require many reps
56 For anorexia nervosa, researchers implicate genetic locus on chromosome 12
57 Free C3d regulates immune checkpoint blockade and enhances anti-tumor immunity
58 Trigger for autoimmune disease identified
59 The human sense of smell: It's stronger than we think
60 String quartets become guinea pigs for a social interaction study
61 Study shows 'walking a mile in their shoes' may be hazardous to your health
62 Researchers find key molecule that could lead to new therapies for anemia
63 Video imaging reveals how immune cells sense danger
64 Compiling big data in a human-centric way
65 Beauty requires thought--study supports philosophical claim
66 Cell particles may help spread HIV infection, study suggests
67 First spherical nucleic acid drug injected into humans targets brain cancer
68 Dartmouth tuberculosis vaccine passes important milestone
69 Everyday chemicals may affect brain development, including foetal IQ
70 Dramatic cooperation between two infectious bacteria revealed
71 Organ signal find raises hopes of immune disorder treatments
72 10-year lifespan gain for some HIV patients: study
73 Gut microbiomes may hold clues to IBD treatment's likelihood of success
74 Link between heart disease risk factors and depression is biological, not behavioral
75 Novel tissue-engineered islet transplant achieves insulin independence in type 1 diabetes
76 Looking closer at MCI, the complex forerunner to dementia
77 Ablation for atrial fibrillation proven safe and effective for patients with congenital heart disease, study finds
78 ARVO: Latanoprost halts myopia progression in animal study
79 Can experimental nasal spray treat common heart problem?
80 Blood vessel-clearing procedure riskier on weekends: study
81 Never breastfeeding linked to increased risk of T1DM
82 Ebola outbreak in remote part of DR Congo (Update)
83 Stress-mitigation interventions for parents did not lessen symptoms among kids with asthma
84 ARVO: Conformers can stimulate socket expansion in MICA
85 Congo announces 9 suspected Ebola cases, including 3 deaths
86 Smartphones in the ER can help discharge patients faster
87 Large multicenter study shows high success rate for robotic PCI procedures
88 Try this workout at home
89 Early treatment for NSTEMI patients shows greater rate of survival
90 People with pre-existing health issues fear repeal-and-replace bill
91 Analysis looks at role type of valve plays in patient outcomes post-TAVR
92 Race, gender and socioeconomic factors impact PCI outcomes
93 17 mummies discovered in central Egypt
94 Baleen whales' ancestors were toothy suction feeders
95 'Death drag' of ancient ammonite fossil digitized and put online
96 Oldest buckthorn fossilized flowers found in Argentina
97 A 'guilt trip' is the road to cooperation
98 Our taste in movies is highly idiosyncratic--and at odds with critics' preferences
99 Nearly pristine ankylosaur fossil found in Montana
100 First baby of a gigantic Oviraptor-like dinosaur belongs to a new species
101 Homo naledi's surprisingly young age opens up more questions on where we come from
102 The vicious circle of inequality
103 Innovation dilemma suggests that 'better' models are not always better
104 Genetic analysis reveals patterns of migration of early Bantu speaking people
105 Fossil 'winged serpent' is a new species of ancient snake
106 New lung 'organoids' in a dish mimic features of full-size lung
107 Scientists unlock secret of chromosome copier
108 Using single-cell RNA sequencing and clever statistical analysis to track stem cells as they mature
109 Three new sub-species of snow leopard discovered
110 Why one eye-targeting virus could make for a useful gene-delivery tool