File Title
1 Prosecutors Move to Toss More than 21,000 Tainted Drug Cases
2 Mongolia Launches Its First Satellite
3 Milestone on Way to Switching on World's Biggest X-Ray Laser
4 Pilot, Meteorologist Vying to Be 1st German Female Astronaut
5 Another Nearby Planet Found that May Be Just Right for Life
6 APNewsBreak: Baby Orca! Last Killer Whale Born at SeaWorld
7 China Launches Cargo Spacecraft
8 Wily Bald Underground Critter Uses Plant-Like Survival Strategy
9 Robots, Chefs Hope to Bring Invasive Lion Fish to Restaurants Near You
10 As Orbit Becomes More Crowded, Risk from Space Debris Grows
11 Last Adventure Ahead for NASA's Cassini Spacecraft at Saturn
12 'Genius' TV Series Shows Drama of Albert Einstein's Life
13 China's First Cargo Spacecraft Docks with Orbiting Space Lab
14 Supply Ship Named for John Glenn Arrives at Space Station
15 Study: Whale and Boat Collisions May Be More Common
16 At Least Global Warming May Get Americans off the Couch More
17 Trump Talks About Mars Mission on Call with Record-Breaking Astronaut
18 Astronaut Breaks US Space Record, Gets Call from Trump
19 Study: Man-Made Extreme Weather Has Hit All Over the World
20 Converting Coal Would Help China's Smog at Climate's Expense
21 Scientists Develop Fluid-Filled Artificial Womb to Help Premature Babies
22 World's Last Male Northern White Rhino Gets Help from Tinder
23 Hope for Preemies as Artificial Womb Helps Tiny Lambs Grow
24 Spacecraft Flies Between Saturn and Rings in Historic 1st
25 California Fossils, Stone Tools May Rewrite New World Human History
26 Neanderthals in California? Maybe So, Provocative Study Says
27 NASA Spacewalking Suits in Short Supply, Report Finds
28 Spacecraft Survives Unprecedented Trip Between Saturn, Rings
29 California Says Oceans Expected to Rise Higher than Thought
30 U.S. Spacecraft Shares First View from Inside Saturn's Rings
31 China to Begin Construction of Manned Space Station in 2019
32 Horseman Rides Across US to Bring Attention to Agent Orange
33 SpaceX Rocket Lifts off on First Launch for U.S. Military
34 5 New Truffle Species Identified in New Hampshire
35 German Project Looks to Home Photovoltaic Systems to Help Grid
36 U.S. Wind Industry Has Biggest First-Quarter Installs in Eight Years
37 Europe's Most Innovative Universities--2017
38 World's Biggest X-Ray Laser Sees First Light
39 De Beers Pilots Plan to Store Carbon Dioxide in Diamond-Bearing Rock
40 Scientists Call for More Precision in Global Warming Predictions
41 Lion Cubs Born in Chile After World First Veterinary Procedure
42 Shhh. Hear the Rustle of Grass? Not So Much Now in US Parks
43 APNewsBreak: US Plan to Improve Firefighter Shelters Falters
44 India Calls Satellite 'Gift to South Asia,' Pakistan Says No Thanks
45 Military Orbiter's Landing Rattles Florida with Sonic Boom
46 Vatican Celebrates Big Bang to Dispel Faith-Science Conflict
47 Near Record Amount of April Showers Drench US Last Month
48 Rare French Flowers Destroyed in Australian Quarantine Drama
49 Early Humans Co-Existed in Africa with Human-Like Species 300,000 Years Ago
50 New CERN Particle Accelerator May Help Both Doctors and Art Sleuths
51 AeroVironment Unveils Palm-Sized Surveillance Drone for U.S. Military
52 Who You Gonna Call? Dinosaur Named for 'Ghostbusters' Beast Zuul
53 Name Sought for Rare Albino Orangutan Rescued in Indonesia
54 Physics Professor Sues FBI Agent Over Espionage Arrest
55 China Simulates Extended Moon Stays Amid Space Drive
56 Scientists Name Newly ID'd Dino for Ghostbusters Monster
57 Pocket laboratories
58 Cell maps reveal fresh details on how the immune system fights cancer
59 Human noise in US parks threatens wildlife
60 NIH grant limits rile biomedical research community
61 French plan to create 5-billion euro science 'super-campus' in disarray
62 Scientists relieved by Emmanuel Macron's French election victory
63 Science can tell us only so much about Stradivarius violins
64 Satellite images reveal gaps in global population data
65 Ghana telescope heralds first pan-African array
66 Former US mental-health chief leaves Google for start-up
67 How dingoes could be shaping Australia's landscape
68 The secret war against counterfeit science
69 Science publishers try new tack to combat unauthorized paper sharing
70 DIY gene engineering, an attack on Darwinism and a probe into Nazi science.
71 Century-old tumours offer rare cancer clues
72 Fossil of oldest known baleen-whale relative unearthed in Peru
73 Cells that trim brain connections are linked to autism
74 China cracks down on fake data in drug trials
75 Arctic nations strike down research roadblocks
76 Revamped 'anti-science' education bills in United States find success
77 Brainstorming is not the way to discuss scientific issues
78 Beware the anti-science label
79 Macron presidency is a welcome experiment
80 Science struggles on in my ravaged country
81 Antibiotic resistance has a language problem
82 Report estimated quake death tolls to save lives
83 New device turns dirty air into energy
84 Australian scientists say shark cull could wreck marine ecosystems
85 Chemical engineer explains why comets expel oxygen
86 Earth started 4.4 billion years ago as a barren water world, scientists say
87 Plutonium research to aid nuclear cleanup techniques
88 Modern DNA reveals ancient origins of Indian population
89 South African cave yields more evidence of newest human relative
90 Global warming is altering the microbiota of lizards
91 Chefs, robotics engineers, sailboat racers team up to tackle lionfish problem
92 Global warming could surpass 1.5 degree target from Paris talks by 2026
93 Scientists recreate space radiation in the lab
94 Research suggests modern violins outperform those made by Antonio Stradivarius
95 Scientists find rare 'dragon skin' ice in Antarctica
96 Scientists create hologram that changes images as it is stretched
97 Montana's glaciers are disappearing
98 Composite image renders Crab Nebula in brilliant blue and purple
99 New study explains why TRAPPIST-1 planets don't collide
100 Scientists treat cowpea seeds with 'aspirin'
101 Astronomers spot lava waves on Io, Jovian moon
102 Forget email, study shows face-to-face requests get results
103 Atomic-scale study could pave the way for better, longer-lasting solar cells
104 Irish consume the most alcohol in Europe, study confirms
105 No batteries necessary, new medical implant derives energy from the human body
106 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria first emerged at least 450 million years ago
107 Primitive atmosphere surrounds 'Warm Neptune,' astronomers confirm
108 NASA astronauts complete 200th space station spacewalk
109 Snow leopard features three sub-species, scientists discover
110 Large storms can flood aging sewer systems with harmful bacteria, viruses