File Title
1 First comprehensive map of subcellular localization of proteins reveals new insights
2 Study of worms reveals 'selfish genes' that encode a toxin--and its antidote
3 Disentangling chloroplast genetics: Scientists isolate a critical gene for plant health
4 Antibiotic-resistant microbes date back to 450 million years ago, well before the age of dinosaurs
5 Fruit fly study measures genetic variation in learning
6 How thirsty roots go in search of water
7 Zebrafish study reveals first fine structure of a complete vertebrate brain
8 Ongoing natural selection against damaging genetic mutations in humans
9 In brain evolution, size matters--most of the time
10 New light sensing molecule discovered in the fruit fly brain
11 Quorum sensing helps beneficial bacteria rein in their pathogenic origins
12 Cells calculate ratios to control gene expression
13 How fruit fly brains control what they choose to eat
14 Dingo fence study shows dingo extermination leads to poorer soil
15 Noise pollution from gas compressors changes abundance of insects, spiders
16 Four-billion-year-old 'fossil' protein resurrected in bacteria protects them from viruses
17 Research yields new details about trap-jaw ants
18 Newly discovered malaria mechanism gives hope to pregnant women
19 A new tool to decipher evolutionary biology
20 Researchers develop low tech method for environmental sampling of campylobacter
21 Famous tree-climbing lions of Uganda roaming farther as prey animals decrease
22 Not a lizard nor a dinosaur, tuatara is the sole survivor of a once-widespread reptile group
23 Stem cells in plants and animals behave surprisingly similarly
24 Untangling the knots in cell stress
25 Dig it! Two new shrimp species found in burrows at the bottom of the Gulf of California
26 In both love and war, alligators signal size by bellowing
27 Shearing of alpacas is necessary, but also stressful
28 Endangered Finnish seals go online to highlight plight
29 What egg-producing housefly males can tell us about the evolution of sex determination
30 Ancient ground squirrels prove to belong to a present-day species
31 New Zealand's ambitious plan to save birds: Kill every rat
32 It's a myth that humans' sense of smell is inferior to that of other animals--here's why
33 Measuring the impact of a changing climate on threatened Yellowstone grizzly bears
34 Knowledge of DNA repair mechanisms advances with new paper
35 Migratory seabird deaths linked to hurricanes
36 The curious character of cats--and whether they are really more aloof
37 This nasal receptor mediates the appetizing smell of fish food
38 Electroplating delivers high-energy, high-power batteries
39 Hydrogen bonds directly detected for the first time
40 Supercomputing mimics berkelium experiments to validate new find
41 Tracking the protein patrollers
42 A cheaper, greener way to grow crystalline semiconductor films
43 Lab unveils 'heart-on-a-chip'
44 How plankton and bacteria shape ocean spray
45 Harnessing geometric frustration to tune batteries for greater power
46 'Protein missile' raises possibility of disease breakthroughs
47 Researchers isolate hydrogen fluoride and water to understand acid dissolution
48 Self-assembling cyclic protein homo-oligomers
49 Researchers develop new way to clear pollutants from water
50 New method of microbial energy production discovered
51 Scientists develop more efficient catalytic material for fuel cell applications
52 'Inverse designing' spontaneously self-assembling materials
53 Transition-metal free carbon-carbon bond-forming reaction: vinylation of azaallyls
54 Graphene membranes can make nuclear industry greener
55 Strategy suggests ways to prepare for emerging antibiotic resistant superbugs
56 High-temperature devices made from films that bend as they 'breathe'
57 New plutonium discovery lights way to clean up nuclear waste
58 New water filtration process uses 1,000 times less energy
59 Lab-scale technology recycles wastewater into hydrogen for use in fuel production
60 Generating power from polluted air
61 A slingshot to shoot drugs onto the site of an infection
62 Researchers shed new light on influenza detection
63 Water droplets as miniaturized test tubes
64 A fundamentally new approach to electrostatic design of materials
65 New biosensor zymonic acid shows changes in pH value
66 Cellulose nanofibers can help particles in ink and printed electronics disperse evenly
67 SIRT6 ability to suppress cancer cell growth is explained
68 A faster, less costly test detects foodborne toxin
69 New breakthrough makes it easier to turn old coffee waste into cleaner biofuels
70 Nipping flu pandemics in the bud
71 Cosmetic makers bottle bacteria for beautiful skin
72 A portable measuring device to detect optimum ripeness in tomatoes
73 Fentanyl can sicken first responders. Here's a possible solution
74 Web-based open-source program determines protein structures
75 Mixed valence states in lead perovskites
76 Scientists watch fat metabolism in live fish, observe real-time lipid biochemistry
77 New way to detect ecstasy discovered
78 Ancient proteins studied in detail
79 Bird feathers inspire researchers to produce vibrant new colors
80 Lubing up industry, the natural way
81 Unprecedented cyberattacks wreak global havoc
82 Huge cyberattack forces Microsoft to offer free tech fix
83 Researcher finds 'kill switch' for cyberattack ransomeware
84 Fast-moving cyberattacks wreak havoc worldwide (Update 3)
85 Ransomware cyberattack cripples hospitals across England
86 Microsoft aims at 'mixed reality' with new devices
87 Robotic 'exoskeleton' prevents elderly falls: study
88 What's holding back self-driving cars? Human drivers
89 Battery-free implantable medical device draws energy directly from human body
90 3-D-printed 'bionic skin' could give robots the sense of touch
91 New 3-D printing method promises vastly superior medical implants for millions
92 Microsoft CEO: tech sector needs to prevent '1984' future (Update 2)
93 Laser, sound waves provide live views of organs in action
94 Research may help combat abusive online comments
95 Experiments show that a few self-driving cars can dramatically improve traffic flow
96 Amazon's new Alexa speaker has a screen too (Update)
97 Right research and development investments are 'good bets' for both climate and economies, say researchers
98 Study researches 'gorilla arm' fatigue in mid-air computer usage
99 Brain-imaging system uses 'multi-pupil' prism arrays
100 Expert rock climbing routes recreated indoors using 3-D modeling and digital fabrication
101 Ditch the Stradivarius? New violins sound better: study
102 Dutch open 'world's largest offshore' wind farm
103 Physical keyboards make virtual reality typing easier
104 Researchers create touchpads with a can of spray paint
105 Researchers unveil new password meter that will change how users make passwords
106 Nations battle cyberattack damages; UK focuses on hospitals
107 Organisations hit by global cyberattack
108 Dozens of countries hit by huge cyberextortion attack
109 Explainer: What is ransomware?
110 UK working to restore hospital systems after cyberattack