File Title
1 Bio-inspired catalysts that work in water open door to greener chemical processes
2 'Chemobrain': Post-traumatic stress affects cognitive function in cancer patients
3 Improving control of age-related obesity
4 In Huntington's disease, traffic jams in the cell's control center kill brain cells
5 Buprenorphine cuts length of stay nearly in half for infants withdrawing from opioids
6 Sperm study reveals testes cells that may offer fertility hope
7 Climate change, tornadoes and mobile homes: A dangerous mix
8 Cranky crabs in broken shells often have the upper claw in fights
9 Edible insects could play key role in cutting harmful emissions
10 Study unravels the genetics of childhood 'overgrowth'
11 Biggest X-ray laser in the world generates its first laser light
12 Good vibrations no longer needed for speakers as research encourages graphene to talk
13 Scientists reveal how epigenetic changes in DNA are interpreted
14 Russians may be happier than they appear, but they hide it
15 Lake water recharged by atmospheric precipitation in the Badain Jaran Desert
16 With more light, chemistry speeds up
17 KAIST team identifies the novel molecular signal for triggering septic shock
18 Results of prospective randomized phase III study of the EBMT (Ricmac trial) dose-reduced versus standard conditioning followed by allogeneic stem cell transplantation for patients with myelodysplastic syndrome
19 A first-ever find in Egypt: A funeral garden known of until now only through [illustrations]
20 The first one bit chemical memory unit: The 'chit'
21 Deep-seated tectonic genesis of large earthquakes in North China
22 Zika virus could cost United States billions of dollars
23 'Smart contact lens sensor' for diabetic and glaucoma diagnosis
24 New self-sustained multi-sensor platform for environmental monitoring
25 Potential predictor of glaucoma damage identified
26 For richer or poorer, we all eat fast food
27 Three of 48 fetuses exposed to Zika in utero had abnormal fetal MRIs
28 Breast milk appears to aid white matter microstructural organization in preemies
29 Exosomes derived from very obese patients' fat send wrong signals throughout body
30 Comprehensive atlas of immune cells in renal cancer
31 Policies to curb short-lived climate pollutants could yield major health benefits
32 Current climate change measurements mask trade-offs necessary for policy debates
33 Reasons for eczema susceptibility uncovered
34 Living in a poor area increases the risk of anxiety in women, but not in men
35 ESTRO announces GIRO: A project to save one million lives in under 20 years
36 Cervical cancer survivors suffer from fatigue, insomnia and hot flushes
37 Scientists engineer baker's yeast to produce penicillin molecules
38 Study suggests omega-3 in mothers' diets may lower children's risk of type 1 diabetes
39 Discovery of a Zika antibody offers hope for a vaccine
40 Prevalence of visual impairment among preschool children projected to increase
41 Large data set brings precision to breast cancer diagnosis and care
42 Pac-Man-like CRISPR enzymes have potential for disease diagnostics
43 Type 2 diabetes genetic mapping identifies new 'loci'
44 Osimertinib improves symptoms in advanced lung cancer patients
45 Some lung cancer patients benefit from immunotherapy even after disease progression
46 Scientists use satellites to count endangered birds from space
47 Greater efforts are needed to promote biopesticides
48 White blood cell count predicts response to lung cancer immunotherapy
49 Treatment seeks to address exacerbations of COPD
50 Researchers identify potential Zika virus target
51 Heart failure is as 'malignant' as some common cancers
52 Noisy knees may be an early sign of knee osteoarthritis
53 Study examines 'watch-and-wait' approach for people with rectal cancer
54 New intervention brings hope to patients with primary progressive aphasia
55 Swearing aloud can make you stronger
56 Spare the praise--spoil the child
57 I've only had a couple! Students underestimate their bad drinking behavior
58 Researchers develop new capabilities for genome-wide engineering of yeast
59 First EPA-approved outdoor field trial for genetically engineered algae
60 Grandparents who practice outdated health myths may pose safety threat on grandchildren
61 'Health halo' foods likely to pass parents' scrutiny by not examining nutrition labels
62 Sugar-sweetened beverages becoming more affordable around the world
63 Humans are creating quite a racket, even in the wilderness
64 Novel tool confers targeted, stable editing of epigenome in human stem cells
65 Stink bugs: Free guide for agricultural integrated pest management
66 Surprise communication found between brain regions involved in infant motor control
67 The liver increases by half during the day
68 Fluid overload linked to premature death in patients on dialysis
69 Discovery of new pathway in brain has implications for schizophrenia treatment
70 Researchers identify immunotherapy targets in early-stage lung cancer
71 Can the antioxidant resveratrol reduce artery stiffness in diabetics?
72 Atlases of immune cells surrounding tumors may guide immunotherapy
73 Brain model explores the cause of different epileptic seizure onset patterns
74 Interaction between HIV-1 and antibodies modeled with new mathematical precision
75 Tuberculosis vaccine safe for teens with Schistosoma parasite
76 ER visits related to marijuana use at a Colorado hospital quadruple after legalization
77 Internet health information can reduce parents' trust in doctors' diagnoses
78 Tracking devices may improve quality of life for parents of children with autism
79 Study finds social challenges amplify negative effects of childhood lead exposure
80 Children's hospitals admissions for suicidal thoughts or actions double during past decade
81 Ordinary sounding expressions of teen angst may signal early depression
82 Buprenorphine cuts neonatal abstinence syndrome treatment length by nearly half
83 Handheld screen time linked with speech delays in young children
84 Alcohol marketing in popular movies doubles in past 2 decades
85 Noise created by humans is pervasive in US protected areas
86 Reading with children starting in infancy gives lasting literacy boost
87 Study finds infants prescribed antacids have increased risk of fractures during childhood
88 Saliva test predicts prolonged concussion symptoms in children
89 Teens and adolescents who consume too much salt show unhealthy changes to blood vessels
90 Youth most at risk for violence or mental health issues have increased access to guns
91 Children who survive sepsis often experience lingering effects
92 Study finds 16 US children hospitalized for firearms injuries each day
93 Kentucky study highlights harms from disruptions in children's Medicaid coverage
94 Study finds exposure to racism harms children's health
95 Robots may bring reef relief
96 Researchers identify evidence of oldest orchid fossil on record
97 Does my algorithm work? There's no shortcut for community detection
98 Portland State research shows link between home styles and high water use
99 Report: Younger women battling breast cancer face more aggressive diagnoses
100 UMD exercise study offers hope in fight against Alzheimer's
101 New hope in the fight against superbugs
102 Making the numbers work: Researchers use math to develop personalized chemo treatments
103 Neuroscientists seek brain basis of craving in addiction and binge eating
104 Large trial of acupuncture for allergic asthma finds benefits in quality of life
105 Doubling vegetable consumption in schools with a lower-cost gaming approach
106 First result from Jefferson Lab's upgraded CEBAF opens door to exploring universal glue
107 Diving deep, WSU researchers find wealth of fish
108 Fake news and filters aren't fooling internet users
109 'Princess pheromone' tells ants which larvae are destined to be queens
110 Lasers shed light on the inner workings of the giant larvacean