File Title
1 Narrative journaling may help heart health post-divorce
2 Bullying's lasting impact
3 In measuring gas exchange between water and air, size matters
4 Study: Black and white kids faring equally in subsidized housing
5 UTHealth researchers identify genes in children linked to stress, bipolar disorder
6 The BGRF is helping develop AI to accelerate drug discovery for aging and age-associated diseases
7 Lubing up industry, the natural way
8 Virtual reality for psychiatric treatment? Research shows promise for VR and other technologies in mental health care
9 Brain injury causes impulse control problems in rats
10 Ethical business practice can flourish in nations with serious corruption problems
11 Studies reveal socioeconomic and racial disparities in lupus
12 'Juicing' T cells with small molecules enhances immune response against melanoma
13 Systemic therapy outperforms intraocular implant for treating uveitis
14 Research evaluates effectiveness of yoga in treating major depression
15 Trump's actions on sexual orientation/gender identity data collection send ominous message
16 Policy statement urges 'alternatives to discipline' for nurses with substance use disorders
17 Pasture management and riparian buffers reduce erosion
18 Lung study points to new therapies to treat critical illness
19 Scientists watch fat metabolism in live fish, observe real-time lipid biochemistry
20 N/A
21 Ultrasound for children with broken arms: Accurate, faster, less painful than X-rays
22 Kidney research leads to surprising discovery about how the heart forms
23 Poor overall environmental quality linked to elevated cancer rates
24 Female hormones may trigger headache in girls battling migraine
25 Space weather model simulates solar storms from nowhere
26 Ancient proteins studied in detail
27 Penn study identifies new target to fight prostate, lung cancer
28 Researchers use modified insulin and red blood cells to regulate blood sugar
29 SPECT/CT combined with fluorescence imaging detects micrometastases
30 Research center helps consumers 'fight bac' through national poultry food safety campaign
31 Caution: Energy drinks put individuals with genetic heart condition at risk
32 Rice U. unveils dual-channel biological function generator
33 How cancer turns a good-guy protein into a double agent
34 New findings may explain the advantages of polyunsaturated fat
35 Scrib protein identified as a natural suppressor of liver cancer
36 CMU researchers create touchpads with a can of spray paint
37 US international military training programs tied to fewer civilian casualties
38 Fabrication technology in the fourth dimension
39 Manufacturing technique can make proteins less effective
40 Maternal and paternal cooperation
41 Public skeptical of research if tied to a company
42 Commuter marriage study finds surprising emphasis on interdependence
43 A large mineral sector can undermine other companies
44 'Incidental findings' from scans challenge efforts to reduce health care costs
45 'Hot' electrons don't mind the gap
46 Scottish badgers highlight the complexity of species responses to environmental change
47 New way to detect ecstasy discovered
48 Elementary school: Early English language lessons less effective than expected
49 Archaeogeneticist pinpoints Indian population origins using today's populace
50 Shortage of progranulin is a frequent cause of frontotemporal dementia
51 Space radiation reproduced in the lab for better, safer missions
52 New risk assessment will protect the feet of diabetes patients
53 Tillage farming damaging earthworm populations, say scientists
54 New research could transform how we filter water
55 Chemically tailored graphene
56 New cell separator could revolutionize medical advances in cancer
57 Cannabis reverses aging processes in the brain
58 Statins may benefit cirrhotic patients with hepatitis B or C infections
59 Consumers are willing to pay $4,900 extra for a car that drives itself
60 Organic electronics: Semiconductors as decal stickers
61 Drivers are slower to respond to emergencies in semi-automated cars
62 Unpolarized single-photon generation with true randomness from diamond
63 Women perform worse in CPR
64 Bird feathers inspire researchers to produce vibrant new colors
65 Earth was barren, flat and almost entirely under water 4.4 billion years ago
66 Nutraceutical (Longevinex) reduces time it takes older eyes to adapt to the dark
67 Ben-Gurion U researchers find that low levels of a specific protein cause Alzheimer's
68 Breast-feeding's role in 'seeding' infant microbiome
69 Physical keyboards make virtual reality typing easier
70 Installing solar to combat national security risks in the power grid
71 The influence of zero-hours contracts on care workers' lives
72 Scientists find skin cells at the root of balding, gray hair
73 Physician moms are often subject to workplace discrimination
74 Cotton tip applicators are sending 34 kids to the emergency department each day
75 Secondhand smoke ups heart disease in unique group of female nonsmokers--Amish women
76 Researchers discover neuronal targets that restore movement in Parkinson's disease model
77 New technology generates power from polluted air
78 Global warming kills gut bacteria in lizards
79 US strategy to defeat Islamic State in Iraq and Syria needs overhaul
80 The evolutionary story of birch, told through 80 genomes
81 Insecticide-resistant flies 'rubbish' at courting females
82 Refrigerator for quantum computers discovered
83 How do toddlers learn best from touchscreens?
84 Changes in Early Stone Age tool production have 'musical' ties
85 Researchers demonstrated violation of Bell's inequality on frequency-bin entangled photon pairs
86 Testosterone explains why women more prone to asthma
87 Study points to new approach to battling infections
88 Researchers unveil new password meter that will change how users make passwords
89 Finding a new major gene expression regulator in fungi
90 Caltech chemical engineer explains oxygen mystery on comets
91 New tool for analyzing mouse vocalizations may provide insights for autism modeling
92 Copays don't reduce use of Medicare home health care, study shows
93 Examining breast milk bacterial communities, infant gut biome
94 Discrimination reported in survey of online group of physician moms
95 Geographic disparities in life expectancy among US counties
96 Dartmouth-led team develops smartwatch with all the moves
97 To improve chronic pain, get more sleep (coffee helps too)
98 Gap growing between longest and shortest lifespans in the US
99 In-home care of dementia patients falls mainly on women, Stanford researchers say
100 New Canadian clinical guideline for physicians tapers down use of opioids
101 New plutonium discovery lights way for FSU chemistry professor's work to clean up nuclear waste
102 Cancer cells shown to co-opt DNA 'repair crew'
103 A slingshot to shoot drugs onto the site of an infection
104 Traumatic brain injuries may be helped with drug used to treat bipolar disorder
105 Mutations in gene promoters reveal specific pathway pathologies in pancreatic cancer
106 First-ever autonomously controlled 'capsule robot' explores colon
107 Poor environmental quality linked to elevated cancer rates
108 Village savings groups boosted financial inclusion and women's empowerment, study finds
109 Why some images trigger seizures
110 Fetal reduction in multifetal pregnancies associated with better birth outcomes