File Title
1 Study: Half of U.S. doctors paid by drug, device industries
2 Study finds period tracking apps fail users
3 At-risk youth negatively impacted by technology use
4 Study: Food brand recognition puts preschoolers at obesity risk
5 Inhibiting an enzyme could help prevent weight gain, researchers say
6 Higher death rate in women after ER stay for heart arrhythmias
7 Trial launched of anti-HIV, contraceptive ring
8 Study debunks myth that fast food mostly eaten by poor
9 Scientists find cells responsible for testicle repair in study with mice
10 Teen suicide experts suggest parents be cautious of '13 Reasons Why'
11 Study shows rising rates of suicidal acts in transgender adults
12 Language barriers lead to negative outcomes in home healthcare
13 Speech delays in toddlers linked time using smartphones, tablets
14 Study: Alterations to circadian clock change the body's response to diet
15 FDA approves new drug to treat type of liver cancer
16 Study: Benefits of antipsychotic drugs outweigh the risks
17 Researchers cure diabetes in mice without side effects
18 Study: MRSA blood infections less fatal in children
19 Vitamin A deficiency harms stem cells, study says
20 Web-surfing parents have less trust in pediatrician
21 Popping, clicking knees may indicate onset of arthritis
22 Retiring from top jobs linked to lower levels of stress
23 Untreated vision problems in U.S. preschoolers expected to skyrocket
24 President Trump congratulates record-setting astronaut Peggy Whitson
25 Scientists use tiny 'cages' to protect vaccines from high temperatures
26 Astronomers find rocky super-Earth orbiting in habitable zone of nearby cool star
27 Researchers analyze the mechanics of dolphin sex
28 Scientists find commercial caterpillar capable of eating, processing plastic
29 Cassini flies by Titan for the final time
30 Scientists study terrestrial gamma-ray flashes produced by tropical storms
31 New fossil could represent world's oldest fungus
32 As climate warms, the oceans are becoming more toxic, new research shows
33 Warm winds are weakening Antarctic ice shelves
35 Artificial photosynthesis turns greenhouse gases into clean air
36 Where did the Great Salt Lake's methylmercury go?
37 Google marks the Cassini Spacecraft's final Saturn mission with new Doodle
38 Gut bacteria dictates diet, appetite
39 South American quake survey could help predict future big ones
40 Cassini makes first dive through Saturn's rings
41 Scientists are underestimating many species' risk of extinction
42 Scientists use artificial womb to support premature lambs
43 South African cave yields Middle Stone Age projectiles
44 See the first images from Cassini's dive between Saturn and its rings
45 New 2D materials conduct electricity at nearly the speed of light
46 Black bears are headed north in New York
47 New paper claims humans were in California 130,000 years ago
48 Astronomers measure ripples in the cosmic web
49 Cave sediments yield DNA of early human relatives
50 Scientists find new population of endangered cats in Borneo
51 Scientists build world's fastest camera
52 Beautiful Bering Strait image captured by Copernicus Sentinel-3A satellite
53 SpaceX launches U.S. spy satellite
54 Scientists find star polluted by calcium
55 Study offers job interview advice for ex-convicts
56 The eyes of male net-casting spiders shrink as they mature
57 Bullying is on the decline in most schools, new research shows
58 Water plays a vital role in formation of Earth's crust
59 Perfect pitch: Scientists explore the mechanics of throwing
60 Invasive Asian clam makes its North American debut
61 Mystery of Antarctica's blood red glacial waterfall finally explained
62 Cassini discovers 'Big Empty' in gap between Saturn and its rings
63 Scientists discover new species of 'whiplash dinosaur'
64 Study suggests Antarctic glaciers are more stable than previously estimated
65 Wild cuttlefish love triangle caught on film for the first time
66 Nearby star is a good model for early solar system, new study shows
67 Radioactive elements in New Mexican rock reveal longest earthquake record
68 VISTA telescope penetrates dust of Small Magellanic Cloud
69 Population growth, spread responsible for human advancement
70 Meteor showers prompted volcano eruptions, study suggests
71 Study: Climate change affected spotted skunk evolution
72 Scientists uncover substance telling ants which will become queens
73 Ancient amber offers evidence of oldest orchid fossil
74 Brave fish are more likely to end up eaten fish, research shows
75 Can edible insects help curb global warming?
76 Crabs with broken shells are weaker but fight harder for a new home
77 World's first synthetic, soft tissue retina developed by research student
78 World's largest X-ray laser produces first laser light
79 Colony density triggers bee puberty, not hormones
80 Mineral weathering helped life on Earth rebound after mass extinction
81 From Hubble's vantage, space is a crowded place
82 Nurture, not nature, explains Internet trolling
83 U.S. gas prices continue slow summer rise
84 Norway at least doubles Barents Sea reserve estimate
85 Volatility concerns bruise crude oil prices
86 Fast-track drilling for Cuba envisioned
87 Supply issues building up to push crude oil lower early Wednesday
88 Texas oil production in February increased slightly from last year
89 A first-ever for Poland in the way of U.S. natural gas
90 Issues found with components for North Sea oil and gas field
91 Oil prices sink on U.S. shale oil growth
92 Trump order may seek to reverse offshore drilling ban
93 West African oil drawing capital interest
94 Trump's offshore oil move already facing legal challenge
95 Libya confirms restart of its largest oil field
96 Exxon more than doubles first quarter earnings over last year
97 U.S. oil earnings, legislation, lift prices, but GDP may offset gains
98 Colorado gas blast idles second company
99 U.S. renewable power groups defend reliability
100 Pull out of Paris climate deal, energy group tells Trump
101 Oil prices lower on softening China
102 Gas prices holding steady for U.S. commuters
103 More oil coming from Norway, possibly sooner than expected
104 Possible demand concerns sink oil price rally early Tuesday
105 U.S. wind power accelerating at near-record pace
106 State-wide inspections follow fatal Colorado gas explosion
107 Chinese energy companies looking for offshore foothold
108 Pentagon concerned about lifting offshore drilling moratorium
109 State governors call on Trump to stay in Paris climate deal
110 Trump's offshore drilling order legal, backers say
111 Crude oil prices lose grip on psychological barrier of $50 per barrel
112 Oil-rich Alberta lands energy agreement with Japan
113 Year-over-year oil, gas tax revenue up in Oklahoma
114 Russia announces oil production milestone above Arctic Circle
115 Total EU emissions tied to fossil fuels declined last year
116 TransCanada examining shipper commitments to Keystone XL