File Title
1 Head teachers vote to oppose grammar school expansion
2 School cutbacks put 'education system at risk'
3 Oxford University sorry for eye contact racism claim
4 University fee increases pushed through
5 Overseas aid 'should focus on education,' say MPs
6 V&A museum plans to revive design skills
7 Malaysian warden investigated for murder of schoolboy
8 The school that plays dance music at playtime
9 Non-O blood group 'linked to higher heart attack risk'
10 Smartphone 'orders' body to treat diabetes
11 Breast surgeon Ian Paterson case: 'Hundreds' of other victims
12 Cancer Drugs Fund 'huge waste of money'
13 Postpartum haemorrhage: Cheap lifesaver 'cuts deaths by a third'
14 Test may spot glaucoma before symptoms begin, study says
15 Plain tobacco packaging 'may cut smokers by 300,000 in UK'
16 The gym class where nodding off is the new working out
17 'I have dark thoughts about my children's autism'
18 'My vision is like looking through a straw'
19 Are NHS patients getting the best medicines?
20 First look at images from Cassini's dive between Saturn's rings
21 Psychedelic drugs push the brain to a state never seen before
22 Electric shocks could help you perfect your running technique
23 Robots taught to work alongside humans by giving high fives
24 UK loses another court case over failure to tackle air pollution
25 We could detect alien life by finding complex molecules
26 Mud DNA means we can detect ancient humans even without fossils
27 Cancer Drug Fund didn't deliver value 'to patients or society'
28 Desk traffic lights show when you're too busy for interruptions
29 Marvel at the images from Cassini's first Grand Finale orbit
30 Strange mantle plume under Iceland helps keep Scotland afloat
31 Plan to regrow receding Swiss glacier by blowing artificial snow
32 We still haven't heard from aliens--here's why we might never
33 Seabed seismic sensors would have cut 2011 Japan tsunami toll
34 The Easter egg puzzles that are hiding inside video games
35 Listening to your heartbeat helps you read other people's minds
36 Neutron stars that slow down could be eating 'backwards' gas
37 Female dragonflies fake sudden death to avoid male advances
38 Addicted to love? Craving comes in two forms, and both can hurt
39 Did Goya get an autoimmune disease before his art went scary?
40 NASA might run out of space suits before it quits the ISS
41 Art explores Alzheimer's in dance and orchestra
42 Scientists and Engineers Push the Envelope for Better Heart Health
43 Cancer Research Advances: 5 Leads for Better Diagnosis and Treatment
44 4 Exciting Diabetes and Obesity Research Discoveries
45 Could Genetics Influence What We like to Eat?
46 Totally Bizarre Facts About the Star-Nosed Mole
47 In Experiments on Earth, Testing Possible Building Blocks of Alien Life
48 An Intimate Look at the Mechanics of Dolphin Sex
49 Altered Immune Cells May Both Contribute to Preeclampsia and Offer New Hope for Treatment
50 Study Highlights Deadliest Effects of Hypothetical Asteroid Strike
51 Ambulances Respond More Slowly in Summer and Winter--Study
52 Research Sheds New Light on Forces that Threaten Sensitive Coastlines
53 Nature Plants a Seed of Engineering Inspiration
54 Growth Under Pressure: New Metamaterial Designed with Counterintuitive Property
55 What Can We Learn from Dinosaur Proteins?
56 NAU Research Suggests Climate Change Likely to Cause Significant Shift in Grand Canyon Vegetation
57 Toward Greener Construction: UW Professor Leads Group Setting Benchmarks for Carbon Across Life of Buildings
58 With $1 Million Gift, UCI Aims to Become First University to Launch Rocket into Space
59 Genetic Factors May Contribute to Adverse Effects Produced by Synthetic Cannabinoids
60 Nanosponges Lessen Severity of Streptococcal Infections
61 Orange Essential Oil May Help Alleviate Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
62 Starvation Prompts Body Temperature, Blood Sugar Changes to Tolerate Next Food Limitation
63 Cheating Death: A Neurosurgical History of Human Resuscitation, Reanimation, and the Pursuit of Immortality
64 Scientific Discovery Game Significantly Speeds Up Neuroscience Research Process
65 Breaking Climate Change Research (Embargoed) Shows Global Warming Making Oceans More Toxic
66 AHA Awards UAB a $3.7 Million Grant to Further Generational Obesity Research
67 In-Flight, on-Demand Hydrogen Production Could Mean "Greener" Aircraft
68 Geologist Discovers Whirlwind Phenomena in Andes Mountains
69 Researchers Invent Process to Make Sustainable Rubber, Plastics
70 S&T Physicist Improves Particle Interaction Modeling
71 No Biochar Benefit for Temperate Zone Crops, Says New Report
72 GW Study Finds 33 Percent of Seafood Sold in Six DC Eateries Mislabeled
73 Student Nurses Want More Infection Prevention Education, Study Finds
74 As UF/IFAS CREC Turns 100, It Celebrates Decades Working with Florida Department of Citrus
75 Using 3-D Weapons of Science to Fight Infectious Diseases
76 Fighting Infections with a Silver Sword
77 UTHealth School of Public Health Researchers Find Cold Weather Linked to Mortality Risks in Texas
78 'Diet' Products Can Make You Fat, Study Shows
79 India's Outsized Coal Plans Would Wipe Out Paris Climate Goals
80 Tiffany & Co. Foundation Grant to Create Knowlege-Hub on Colored Gemstones
81 One Step Closer to an "Exercise Pill"
82 Intense Training Without Proper Recovery May Compromise Bone Health in Elite Rowers
83 Vitamin A + High-Fat Diet = Increased Risk for Obesity, Diabetes
84 With Synthetic Mucus, Researchers Take Aim at Antibiotic Resistance
85 Obesity Amplifies Genetic Risk of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
86 Common Pesticide Damages Honey Bee's Ability to Fly
87 UF Study: Family, Friends Are First Source for Food Safety Info
88 'Ageless' Silicon Throughout Milky Way May Indicate a Well-Mixed Galaxy
89 Caught in the Act
90 Biofuel: Corn with a Cover of Grass
91 Brain Boot Camp: New Technology Aims to Accelerate Learning
92 How Therapeutic Antibodies Target, Destroy Viruses
93 Can Aromatherapy Calm Competition Horses?
94 UCI's New 2-D Materials Conduct Electricity Near the Speed of Light
95 UF Receives Up to $8.4 Million from DoD to Study Brain Training Using Electric Stimulation
96 Ocean Warming to Cancel Increased CO2-Driven Productivity
97 Partnership with Keep America Beautiful Is First in Nation
98 Light Has New Capacity for Electronics
99 Study Reveals What Air Travelers Will Tolerate for Non-Discriminatory Security Screening
100 Director of the Penn Institute for Biomedical Informatics Jason Moore Elected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association
101 WCS Statement on Rerouted Nigeria Superhighway
102 Can Early Experiences with Computers, Robots Increase STEM Interest Among Young Girls?
103 Brain Power: Research Seeks to Boost Memory and Performance with Targeted Electrical Stimulation
104 Engineers Investigate a Simple, No-Bake Recipe to Make Bricks from Martian Soil
105 Crime and Virtual Punishment
106 Artificial Intelligence Shows Potential to Fight Blindness
107 Bacteria with Midas Touch for Efficient Gold Processing
108 As Scientists Take to Twitter, New Study Shows Power of "Visual Abstract" Graphics to Share Results
109 Stenciling with Atoms in Two-Dimensional Materials
110 The Ocean Detectives