File Title
1 The world's largest diamond foil
2 The carbon dioxide loop
3 Czech scientists build non-metal magnet out of carbon
4 Three layers of graphene reveals a new kind of magnet
5 How to roll a nanotube: Demystifying carbon nanotubes' structure control
6 UNIST to engineer dream diodes with a graphene interlayer
7 Study traces black carbon sources in the Russian Arctic
8 Graphene's sleeping superconductivity awakens
9 Research shows driving factors behind changes between local and global carbon cycles
10 This bay in Scandinavia has world record in carbon storing
11 A new approach to recycling greenhouse gases
12 Diamonds are technologists' best friends
13 No tax on CO2 emissions in China's new environment law
14 Graphene able to transport huge currents on the nano scale
15 Big diamonds have liquid metal roots, deep in the Earth
16 Simulation method helps combat climate change, boost energy supply
17 Rapid and mass production of graphene, using microwaves
18 New synthetic diamond is harder than a jeweler's diamond
19 Why friction depends on the number of layers
20 Making graphene using laser-induced phase separation
21 Storing carbon dioxide underground by turning it into rock
22 Engineering a more efficient system for harnessing carbon dioxide
23 Carbon capture necessary, IEA says
24 Scientists probe underground depths of Earth's carbon cycle
25 Geologists find key indicator of carbon sources in Earth's mantle
26 Adding hydrogen to graphene
27 UAE to host region's first carbon capture plant
28 New, Space-Based View of Human-Made Carbon Dioxide
29 Enabling direct carbon capture
30 Finding ideal materials for carbon capture
31 UM researchers study vast carbon residue of ocean life
32 Simulations show how to turn graphene's defects into assets
33 Taking stock of charcoal in the world's soil
34 Electrons in graphene behave like light, only better
35 Diamond proves useful material for growing graphene
36 How to power up graphene implants without frying cells
37 The significance of seaweed
38 Scientists recreate space particle collisions inside Large Hadron Collider
39 Scientists evade the Heisenberg uncertainty principle
40 Streamlining the measurement of phonon dispersion
41 Magnetic fields at the crossroads
42 Quantum entanglement between a single photon and a trillion of atoms
43 Exploring the mysteries of supercooled water
44 First trace of differences between matter and 'ordinary' antimatter
45 Molecular phenomenon discovered by advanced NMR facility
46 A new technique for creation of entangled photon states developed
47 Perimeter Institute researchers apply machine learning to condensed matter physics
48 Quantum phase transition observed for the first time
49 PPPL scientist uncovers physics behind plasma-etching process
50 Astronomers measure universe expansion, get hints of 'new physics'
51 Can the donut-shaped magnet 'CAPPuccino submarine' hunt for dark matter?
52 Traffic jam in empty space
53 Light source discovery 'challenges basic assumption' of physics
54 Investigations of the skyrmion Hall effect reveal surprising results
55 The sound of quantum vacuum
56 Laser pulses help scientists tease apart complex electron interactions
57 'No defense' against multiple Russian missiles: US general
58 US leads boycott of nuclear weapons ban talks
59 Swedish parliament holds first war game in 20 years
60 Israeli nuclear whistleblower says state hounding him
61 China re-brands Cold War nuclear bunker as tourist draw
62 Trump, Abe say North Korea threat 'entered a new stage'
63 U.K. MOD reveals $2.12 billion upgrade plan for Scottish bases
64 US pledges nuclear defense for Japan, S. Korea after N. Korea missile launch
65 Multimedia project on nukes 'freaks out' Berlin fest
66 Poland wants US or European nuclear umbrella: Kaczynski
67 China Boosting Nuclear Capabilities, Narrowing Gap with US, Russia
68 China must expand nuclear arsenal in response to Trump
69 Raytheon to supply Multi-Object Kill Vehicle technology
70 Israel's latest missile interceptor enters service
71 Raytheon completes ballistic missile radar detection test
72 U.S. Missile Defense Agency buys Lot 9 THAAD Interceptors
73 Raytheon tapped for two more MK 99 ship sets
74 Saudi shoots down 'smuggled' Yemen rebel missiles
75 Israel's David's Sling missile system to be operational in weeks
76 Russia takes swipe at US missile defense in South Korea
77 Saudi intercepts Yemen rebel missile as camp toll rises
78 Researchers uncover a potent genetic element in Earth's smallest life forms
79 Sun's UV Light Helped Spark Life
80 Operation of ancient biological clock uncovered
81 Fossil or inorganic structure? Scientists dig into early life forms
82 Enzyme-free krebs cycle may have been key step in origin of life on Earth
83 Biochemical 'fossil' shows how life may have emerged without phosphate
84 Volcanic hydrogen spurs chances of finding exoplanet life
85 Does Pluto Have the Ingredients for Life?
86 Ancient microbes push limits of what life can survive on Earth, and off
87 60,000-year-old microbes found in Mexican mine: NASA scientist
88 Possibility of Silicon-Based Life Grows
89 Dwarf star 200 light years away contains life's building blocks
90 Santa Fe Institute researchers look for life's lower limits
91 First footage of a living stylodactylid shrimp filter-feeding at depth of 4826m
92 SF State astronomer searches for signs of life on Wolf 1061 exoplanet
93 Looking for life in all the right places with the right tool
94 Could dark streaks in Venusian clouds be microbial life
95 Between a rock and a hard place: can garnet planets be habitable
96 The blob can learn and teach
97 Exciting new creatures discovered on ocean floor
98 Scientists examine bacterium found 1,000 feet underground
99 Meta musings on the origins of life
100 Could There Be Life in Pluto's Ocean?
101 Fijian ants began farming 3 million years ago
102 What happens to a pathogenic fungus grown in space?
103 New species of extremely leggy millipede discovered in a cave in California
104 Building Blocks of Life's Building Blocks Come from Starlight
105 Kremlin Believes Russia Can Compete with Private Firms like SpaceX in Space
106 Spaceport America sets new record for student launched sounding rocket
107 US Hardware Production Begins for Money-Saving Next-Generation Rockets
108 New MAVEN findings reveal how Mars' atmosphere was lost to space
109 Potential Mars Airplane Resumes Flight
110 Students Advance Mars Airplane Concept