File Title
1 Women Get Heart Attacks Younger: Here's Why
2 Eating 10 Portions, Not 5, of Fruits or Vegetables Could Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack, Cancer
3 Iranian Baby Affected by Travel Ban Recovers from Surgery
4 WHO Publishes 12 Great-Risk Bacteria
5 Subway Chicken Is Fake! DNA Test Confirms
6 Average Number of Colorectal Cancer Cases Rising Among Young Adults--Survey
7 Private Sexually Transmitted Diseases Diagnosis Booths with Self-Service Set Up in London
8 Hospital Bacteria Outbreaks Linked to Pipe-Climbing Bacteria
9 How Much Urine Is in the Swimming Pool? Study Reveals
10 Organ Transplant Pioneer Thomas Starzl Dies at 90
11 Obesity Linked to 11 Cancer Types
12 Eating Soy Would Likely Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer Death
13 Trump to Planned Parenthood: Funding Stays, Abortion Goes
14 Human Tissue Regeneration and Technological Body Implants: The Future of Clinical Treatment Practices
15 Red Wine Compound Could Slow Down Brain Aging, New Study Reveals
16 American Health Care Act to Slash Funding Allocated to Center for Disease Control and Prevention
17 Caffeine Would Likely Reduce Signs of Dementia and Other Neurodegenerative Disorders
18 Political Laxity May Lead to Zika Virus Outbreak
19 Probiotic Bacteria Found in Yogurt Could Treat Depression, New Study Reveals
20 Consuming Much Cheese May Heighten the Risk of Breast Cancer, Yet Yogurt Lessens the Risk
21 New Fungus Outbreak in US Alerts CDC
22 Newly Developed Artificial Retina Implant Could Restore Lost Vision to Millions of People
23 Anesthesia Kills 4-Year-Old After Standard Dental Visit
24 Presence of Zika Virus in Sperm Donated by Men in Florida Region Suspected
25 B Vitamins Would Likely Reduce the Impact of Air Pollution, New Study Says
26 Unproven Stem Cell Treatment Blinds 3 Florida Women
27 Consuming Fruits and Vegetables Everyday Would Likely Reduce the Risk of Stress and Lung Disease
28 Michigan Man's Unusual Strep Throat Infection Leads to Amputation
29 Possible Bird Flu Outbreak in Alabama Leads to Culling
30 Overweight People in Their 20s Would Likely Increase the Risk of Two Cancers
31 Lactate Has a Role in Cancer Cell Formation, a New Study Says
32 Chocolate Milk Contains More Salt than Seawater, Study Suggests
33 Vitamin C and Other Non-Toxic Compounds Kill Cancer Cells, New Study Reveals
34 Ketamine for Depression: Is It Safe?
35 Country with Stagnant Economy Has the Healthiest People
36 Woman Dies After Drinking Poisonous Tea
37 Asthma and Spring Allergies: Dealing with Seasonal Health Discrepancies
38 Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Are Equally Nutritious as the Fresh Produce, a New Study Says
39 Ex-Pharmacy Head Convicted of Fraud, Not Murder, for 60 Meningitis Deaths
40 Cancer Caused by Bad DNA Mistakes, New Study Shows
41 Newly Discovered Lung Function Has a Key Role in Blood Production
42 Vitamin D Would Likely Prevent Autism, a New Study Says
43 Gene Therapy: The Road to Immortality or Eternal Doom
44 Celebrating World Tuberculosis Day 2017: It's Not Just About Remembering the 'Bad' Old Days
45 Inhibition of this Newly Discovered Molecule Could Prevent Vision Loss in Diabetics, Premature Infants
46 New Way to Diagnose Tuberculosis Discovered, Could Save More Lives
47 NJ, OH, AL Offer Baby Boxes to Help Lessen SIDS Cases
48 Vitamin B12 Deficiency Weakens Brain Development in Children
49 Medical Miracles: Making Beating Hearts Out of Spinach Leaves
50 McDonald's Off the Hook? More Genetic Forms of Obesity Discovered
51 FDA Approves a Powerful Drug for Severe Eczema Treatment
52 Regular Tea Consumption May Lower the Risk of Cognitive Decline
53 Massachusetts Girl Suffers Third-Degree Burns from Slime Project
54 Trump Administration Rescinds Transgender Student Rights
55 Scientists Rally Against Trump in Boston
56 Psychology of Romantic Disappointment: How Childhood Affects Adult Love [Watch]
57 Creative People Aren't Exactly 'Right-Brained,' New Study Says
58 South American History Is Being Challenged by a New Discovery; Single Wave of Immigrants May Not Be the Case
59 Bioterror Attack: Bill Gates Speaks About Fighting Global Pandemics that Could Kill Millions of People
60 Scottish Kings Will Be Unearthed Soon with the Help of Archaeologists and Virtual Reality Artists
61 Do People Truly Know What They Say They Know?
62 Humans to Blame for Most of US Wildfires
63 Colon and Rectal Cancers on the Rise for Young People
64 'Humane Killing of Animals' Bill Got Killed; Gas Chambers Will Prevail
65 'March for Science' Campaign Wins Support of Chairman, US House of Representatives
66 Dolmen: 4,000-Year-Old Table-Like Stone Structure Unearthed in the Upper Galilee
67 Mankind Made the Anthropocene Geological Epoch, Scientists Say
68 Four Killed in Mississippi Train Accident
69 Hidden Palace of Assyrian King Sennacherib Unearthed Beneath the Tomb of Prophet Jonah
70 Stephen Hawking: People Must Control Aggression
71 Vegetarian Neanderthals Shed New Light on Human Ancestors
72 The Tomb of Heroes Queen Esther and Mordechai Is Still Displayed in Iran
73 Donald Trump's FDA Commissioner Nomination Is Not Much of a Shocker
74 Discovered Ancient Artifacts in Israel Warehouse Could Give Clues of How Jesus Lived and Died
75 Human Noses Shaped by Climate, Researchers Reveal
76 Human Skull and Two-Legged Walk Evolved Together
77 Stephen Hawking Goes to Space on Virgin Galactic?
78 Do People Really Look like Their Names? A New Israeli Study Reveals
79 How Sperms Swim Can Now Be Explained with Mathematical Formula, Helps Treat Infertility
80 Treating Spinal Muscular Atrophy with RNA Therapeutics
81 Rare 'Parasitic Twin' Successfully Removed from Infant
82 British Teenager Rectifies NASA Data Error
83 Views on Aliens: Former Astronaut Alan Bean vs. Stephen Hawking
84 Ancient Royal Palace Dated Thousand Years Ago Unearthed in Mexico
85 Why Does a Graphite Turn into Hexagonal Diamond, Not Cubic?
86 CERN's Large Hadron Collider Disproves the Existence of Ghosts, Physicist Says
87 'Cold Atom Laboratory' Designed To Freeze Gas Atoms to a Billionth of a Degree Above Absolute Zero and It's Going to Space
88 Quantum Machine Learning that Works with Infinite Dimensions Developed
89 World's Smallest Magnet Made from a Single Atom Developed
90 Could a 'String Theory' Be the Key to Understanding the Universe?
91 Magnet Toys May Help in Unraveling the Physics of Unstretchable Materials' Stability, Study Suggests
92 Teaching Physics to Basketball Players May Help Them Score Field Goals
93 MIT Develops 'Microlenses' Made from Water Droplets that Could Magnify Things
94 Looking Back at the American Physical Society March Meeting 2017
95 Portal to Dark Matter and Dark Energy Proposed by Theoretical Physicists
96 Mind and Matter: Explaining the Link Between Consciousness and Materialism
97 Nano Car Racing: A Live Race Under the Microscope
98 Income Disparity and Physics: Explaining Economic Condition Of a Country with the Help of Laws of Physics
99 Storm Layer in Helium Superfluid Discovered
100 Quantum Physics and Thermodynamics: Explaining the Thermodynamic Laws at Atomic and Subatomic Levels
101 NASA's Exoplanet Announcement Prompts Ridiculous Alien Conspiracy Theories
102 Astronomers May Have Detected Signals of Dark Matter from Andromeda Galaxy
103 Saturn's Moon Enceladus Could Be Habitable
104 Scientists Ready to Capture Photos of Black Holes
105 The Google Doodle Today Commemorates the Discovery of Seven New Planets by NASA
106 NASA Discovers Potentially Habitable 'Sister Solar System TRAPPIST-1' with Seven Earths
107 Five Amazing Facts About the Newly Discovered 'TRAPPIST-1' Solar System that Has Seven Earths
108 Disintegration of Martian Moons Could Lead to Saturn-Like Rings Around the Red Planet
109 SpaceX Is Definitely Back! Successful Docking of the Dragon Capsule WithThe ISS Confirmed
110 TRAPPIST-1 Discovery: A 'Giant Leap' in Finding Alien Life