File Title
1 Upcycling 'Fast Fashion' to Reduce Waste and Pollution
2 Babies Cry Most in UK, Canada, Italy & Netherlands
3 'Sniffing' Urine to Detect Prostate Cancer Could Prevent Unnecessary Biopsies
4 Altering the Immune System to Reverse Paralysis [Video]
5 Ridding the Oceans of Plastics by Turning the Waste into Valuable Fuel
6 How to Clamp Down on Cyanide Fishing
7 Android Apps Can Conspire to Mine Information from Your Smartphone
8 Copper-Bottomed Deposits
9 When Writing Interferes with Hearing
10 Do Smart Songbirds Always Get the Girl?
11 Freelance Reporter Receives Endocrine Society Award for Excellence in Science and Medical Journalism
12 Rock Exposed in World War I Trenches Offers New Fossil Find
13 Society for Risk Analysis to Partner with March for Science
14 Photonic Crystal and Nanowire Combo Advances 'Photonic Integration'
15 Domesticated Rice Goes Rogue
16 New Study Finds Political Echo Chambers in Consumption of Science
17 Sleeping Soils Get a Wake Up Call
18 Open-Source Software Unlocks 3-D View of Nanomaterials
19 Google's AI Tool for Video Searches Can Be Easily Deceived
20 Set Strawberry Alarm Clock for Post-Apple Bloom
21 Researcher Finds Ways to Reduce Stress in Shelter Dogs
22 Biochar Provides High-Definition Electron Pathways in Soil
23 Typologies: Women Drinkers Are More Diverse than Men Drinkers
24 Global Climate Trend Since November 16, 1978: +0.12íC Per Decade
25 Hair Strands Could Reveal Lifestyle Secrets of Criminals [Video]
26 Bio-Sensing Contact Lens Could Someday Measure Blood Glucose, Other Bodily Functions
27 Time to Mow More: It's Good for the Environment and for Curb Appeal
28 Beckman Foundation Awards University of Utah $2.5 Million for Atomic-Scale Microscope
29 Scientist Discovers Neptune's Journey During Early Planet Formation Was "Smooth and Calm"
30 Wound Care Technology Invented at Missouri S&T Hits Marketplace
31 New Research Could Help Speed Up the 3D Printing Process
32 How Nanoparticles Affect Flow Through Porous Stuff in Surprising Ways
33 Streamlining Mass Production of Printable Electronics
34 The Inner Lives of Molecules
35 Study Reveals Future CO2 and Climate Warming Potentially Unprecedented in 420 Million Years
36 For More Accurate Echolocation, Bats Wiggle Ears and Noses
37 Supercomputers Reveal How Cell Membranes Keep Cancer-Causing Proteins Turned Off
38 Set Strawberry Alarm Clock for Post-Apple Bloom
39 Tailoring Nanoparticles to Evade Immune Cells and Prevent Inflammatory Response
40 Tracing Aromatic Molecules in the Early Universe
41 Modeling Protein Interactions Critical to Understanding Disease Now Simplified with Computer Server
42 What Will Congress Do? PredictGov Has a Pretty Good Idea
43 Jumping Droplets Extinguish Unpredictable Hotspots in Electronics
44 Chemistry Team Works to Make Medicines Go Viral with New NSF Grant
45 Studying the Brain's Suspension System in TBIs
46 Jumping Droplets Extinguish Unpredictable Hotspots in Electronics
47 Methane Emissions from Trees
48 A 'Switch' for Switchgrass
49 New Lab Helps Scientists Study the Earth's Oldest Fossils, Minerals, Rocks
50 NUS Engineers Develop Novel Lens for Super-Resolution Imaging
51 Addictive Nut's Derivatives Could Help Smokers Break the Nicotine Habit
52 Green Laser Light Probes Metals for Hidden Damage (Animation)
53 Seaweed: From Superfood to Superconductor
54 Spiderman Worm-Snails Discovered on Florida Shipwreck
55 Breakthrough Telescope to Map Origins of Stars, Galaxies and the 'Cosmic Dawn'
56 Research Links Decline in Hemlock Forests to Changes in Water Resources
57 Young Researchers Head to Capitol Hill to Advocate for Science
58 Seagrasses in World Heritage Site Not Recovered Years After Heat Wave
59 UCI to Dramatically Increase Its Use of Recycled Water
60 Cover, Crimp, Cultivate?
61 Arizona Ecologist Leads Effort to Quantify Economic Value of Biodiversity
62 Beck's Partners with Indiana State for Unmanned Systems Training
63 Manufacturing and Materials Innovations Highlighted at Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit
64 The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) Expands New Board of Directors with the Appointment of Yucaipa Companies Founder and Philanthropist Ron Burkle
65 'Sniffing' Urine to Detect Prostate Cancer Could Prevent Unnecessary Biopsies
66 Altering the Immune System to Reverse Paralysis [Video]
67 Head and Neck Cancers Are Rising Among Younger Men; What Treatment Options Are Available
68 NewYork-Presbyterian to Phase Out Sugar-Sweetened Beverages with Healthy Beverage Initiative
69 Penn Researchers Use New Imaging to Show Key Enzyme in Ovarian Cancer
70 Cellular Jetlag Seems to Favor the Development of Diabetes
71 Patients with Lung Cancers Responsive to Immunotherapy Drug Beat Standard Odds of Survival
72 How People who are Visually Impaired Can Walk the Monday Mile
73 Examination of Diabetes and Cholesterol Drugs in Pancreatic Cancer Mortality Shows Improved Survival with Use of One More than the Other
74 Researchers Document How Melanoma Tumors Form
75 Higher Anabolic Hormone Levels Predict Lower Risk of Worsening Frailty in Men
76 Hormones Are Behind Hernias of the Groin in Elderly Men, Study Suggests
77 Estetrol (E4) Shows Promise as a Safe, Effective Drug for Use in Advanced Prostate Cancer
78 New Tool Uses Behavioral Cues to Assess Pain in ICU Patients Who Can't Communicate
79 Man Moves Paralyzed Legs Using Device that Stimulates Spinal Cord
80 Program Equips Rural Primary Care Providers to Manage Complex Diabetes
81 Artificial Pancreas Improves Blood Sugar Control in Young Kids
82 Magnetic Brain Stimulation Causes Weight Loss by Making Gut Bacteria Healthier
83 Gallbladder Removal Is Common. But Is It Necessary?
84 New Simple Tool Can Help Identify People at High Risk for Prediabetes
85 New Natural Estrogen-Progesterone Capsule Reduces Postmenopausal Hot Flashes
86 Low-Calorie Sweeteners Promote Fat Accumulation in Human Fat
87 Ladies, this Is Why Fertility Declines with Age
88 A Blood Test for Autism? Rensselaer Researcher Juergen Hahn Available to Comment on Using an Algorithm and 24 Metabolites to Diagnose ASD
89 New Book Spotlights Health Disparities for South Asian Americans
90 Risk of Data Breaches at Hospitals Is Greater at Larger Facilities and Those with Major Teaching Mission
91 UNH Research Finds Eroding Trust in Scientists Could Hinder Efforts to Stop Zika
92 Stress a Common Seizure Trigger in Epilepsy, UC Study Affirms
93 New Research Project to Improve Oral Health of Arizona's Preschoolers
94 Disrupted Brain Pathway, Altered Stress Hormones Key to TBI Impact Differences in Men, Women
95 Deploying an Ancient Defense to Kill Cancer
96 Patients with Higher Thyroid Hormone Levels Lose More Weight After Bariatric Surgery
97 In the United States Military, White Kids and Officers' Kids More Likely to Use Diabetes Control Technology
98 Diabetes Control Is More Difficult for Night Shift Workers
99 Traumatic Brain Injuries Leave Women Prone to Mental Health Problems
100 Addressing Urban Health Challenges and Opportunities on a Global Scale
101 Some Head and Neck Cancer Patients Benefit from Continued Checkpoint Inhibitor Treatment After Tumor Growth
102 Study Finds More Childhood Cancer Survivors Would Likely Benefit from Genetic Screening
103 Biomarker Identified for Likely Aggressive, Early Stage Breast Cancer
104 Drug Combination Boost PARP Inhibitor Response in Resistant Ovarian Cancer
105 Excessive Throwing Puts Baseball Players at Risk
106 'Doctor' Robot Could Help Solve Sports-Concussion Dilemma in Rural America
107 Drug Combination Shows Benefit in RAS-Driven Cancers
108 10 Things You Need to Know After Your Child Is Diagnosed with Autism
109 Study Reverses Thinking on Genetic Links to Stress, Depression
110 Mayo Clinic Researchers Demonstrate Value of Second Opinions