File Title
1 Star Discovered in Closest Known Orbit Around a Black Hole
2 First Images from ExoMars Mission
3 Astronomers Discover a Massive Outburst in a Star-Forming Cloud
4 NASA's Van Allen Probes Uncover Relativistic Electrons
5 Scientists Discover a New Way to Tune Electronic Energy Levels
6 Cassini Spacecraft Made Its Final Close Approach to Saturn's Moon Mimas
7 HiRISE Takes a Closer Look at Holden Crater
8 New NASA Research Shows Titan Lakes Fizz with Nitrogen
9 New Drug Cocktail Unlocks Potential to Regrow Inner-Ear 'Hair' Cells
10 Astronomers Show Very Young Galaxies Dominated by 'Normal' Matter, Not Dark Matter
11 Mars Global Surveyor Observes Textured Dust Storms
12 ESO Observations Show Dark Matter Less Influential in Galaxies in Early Universe
13 Astronomers Discover a Black Hole "Choking" on Stellar Debris
14 Hubble Image of the Week--The Interacting Galaxies of NGC 3447
15 New Evidence Yields Clues to Breakup of Multiple-Star System
16 Engineers Design Microfluidic Device that Generates Passive Hydraulic Power
17 NASA's HiRISE Views Layered Deposits in Uzboi Vallis
18 NASA's Swift Reveals a Star's Plunge into a Black Hole
19 Earth's Dinosaurs Went Extinct About the Same Time Arsia Mons Volcanic Activity Ceased
20 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Zooms in on Saturn's A Ring
21 HiRISE Views the Colorful Hills of Juventae Chasma
22 Astronomers Document Remarkable Changes on Comet 67P
23 New Research Shows Ice in Ceres' Shadowed Craters Linked to Tilt History
24 MIT Neuroscientists Identify Brain Circuit that Drives Pleasure-Inducing Behavior
25 Tethered Nanoparticles Improve the Performance of Immune-Based Drugs
26 NASA's HiRISE Views Gullies in Winter Shadow
27 NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Views a Spotless Sun
28 UCLA Researchers Identify Brain Cells Involved in Pavlovian Response
29 Exomoons Likely Play a Significant Role in White Dwarf Pollution
30 New HiRISE Image Reveals Dunes of the Southern Highlands of Mars
31 DNA2 Molecule Helps Repair Chromosome Rearrangements Linked to Cancer
32 Astronomers Identify Massive 10 Billion Year Old Brown Dwarf
33 Hubble Reveals a Supermassive Black Hole Kicked Out of Galactic Core
34 New Self-Assembly Technique Could Lead to Smaller Microchip Patterns
35 'Elephant Man' Delivers Water to Animals Until Rain Comes
36 Scientists Rally Against Trump in Boston
37 Chaco Civilization Insights Prove Maternal Dynasty in the Americas
38 Ancient Monster Worm Discovered in Canadian Museum
39 Horrifying Mysterious Creatures Washed Up on Philippines Beaches
40 Megadrought Risk: Water Loss in Colorado River Could Affect Millions of Americans
41 'Doorway to the Underworld': Siberia's Batagaika Crater Is Expanding Rapidly
42 The Mesmerizing Hole at Lake Berryessa Becomes a Popular Sight-Seeing Spot
43 This Breathtaking Volcano Is Over 530,000 Years Old and Still Spews Lava
44 Mass Extinction of Organisms Will Happen at the End of the 21st Century, Experts Say
45 The Quest to Save Vaquita, the World's Smallest Cetacean
46 Humans to Blame for Most of US Wildfires
47 The World's Largest Solar Farm as Seen from Space
48 Get a Glimpse of Wild Camels that Eat Snow [Video]
49 Newfound Fossils Reveal Giant Penguins Evolved During the Dinosaur Age
50 A Pyrotechnic Display of Mount Etna, Europe's Largest and Most Active Volcano
51 'Best Ever' View of Winged Dinosaurs Now Available
52 Stunning New Jellyfish that Resembles a UFO Spotted in an Unexplored Seamount
53 The Earliest Example of Iron Age Gold Work Unearthed in UK
54 Alien Species' Invasion Destroys the Sanctity of Natural Habitats
55 What Is Mysterious Over the Elephant's Natural Sleep Pattern?
56 Antarctica's Temperature Record Is Soaring High
57 A Savage Behavior: Crocodile Violently Stoned to Death at Tunisia Zoo
58 Deadly Tornadoes Hit Midwest, Left Three People Dead and Destroyed Houses
59 Why Did These Turkeys March in a Perfect Circle Around a Dead Cat?
60 NASA Captures an Image of Giant Ice Diamond Floating in Caspian Sea
61 Meet the Rare Fish that Walks in the Deep Waters of American Samoa
62 Amazon Rainforests Changed by Ancient Humans
63 One of the World's Rarest Whales Captured on Film for the First Time [Video]
64 Ancient Coins and 2,000-Year-Old 'Emperor's Road' Uncovered in Israel
65 Why the Water in a Canadian Town Turned into Bright Pink?
66 Another Mass Bleaching Occurs in Great Barrier Reef
67 Breathtaking and Rare Wildflower 'Super Bloom' Envelops a Californian Desert
68 The Plague of Snakes Is Impacting Bird Populations and Forests of Guam
69 Scott Pruitt: CO2 Not Primary Contributor to Global Warming
70 Major Winter Storm Heads to East Coast as Seen from Space
71 Ocean Heat Indicates More Global Warming
72 Human Activities May Have Formed the Desertification of Sahara, a New Study Claims
73 Scott Pruitt's Stance on Climate Change Angers Scientists
74 Spiders Are Top Predators, New Study Finds
75 Did the Asteroid Cause the Extinction of Prehistoric Native Americans? Study Reveals
76 Faivovich Finds First Glowing Frog
77 Sea Sparkles Threaten Tasmanian Preservation Bay's Ecosystem
78 British Cruise Ship Causes Severe Damage to Endemic Coral Reefs of Raja Ampat Islands
79 Mysterious-Looking Linear Patterns Etched on Ice Sheet of a Lake in Iceland
80 Large Group of Humpback Whales Baffles Scientists
81 Climate Change Threats: Saving Sinking Maldives from the Rising Sea Levels
82 Do Not Plant Wildflower Seeds from Cheerios, Scientists Warn
83 Microfluidic Chip: Researchers Present New 'Tree-On-A-Chip,' Mimics Pumping Mechanism of Trees & Plants
84 Thousands of Underground Gas Bubbles Could Explode Anytime, Threaten Residents in Siberia
85 Timelapse of Tadpole Egg Goes Viral [Watch]
86 Timelapse of Tadpole Egg Goes Viral [Watch]
87 A Large Land Donation from American Philanthropists Inspires Chile to Designate 11 Million Acres of Land as New National Parks
88 Scientists Share Theories About 'Snowball Earth'
89 'Asperitas': A New 'Wave-Like' Cloud Recorded in the International Cloud Atlas
90 No Sunspots on the Surface of the Sun for 15 Days
91 Hundreds of Arctic Blue Lakes Are Boiling Due to Methane Gas
92 Climate Change Puts Corals in More Trouble
93 Add Dinosaurs to Australia's Collection of Rare Species
94 Newly Discovered Fault System in California Could Trigger 7.4 Earthquake, a New Study Reveals
95 Millions of People Could Be Exposed to More Deadly Heat Waves in Coming Years, a New Study Says
96 Primate Brain Sizes Proportional to Fruit Intake, Study Shows
97 'Extinct' Tasmanian Tigers Still Roaming in Australia
98 Racial Discrimination Linked to Deteriorating Health Conditions of Black Canadians
99 Females with Heart Problem Tend to Feel Anxious and Have Negative Feelings, Research Shows
100 Sea Snail Venom Could Be Painkillers; Alternative to Opioids
101 People of All Ages Benefit from the Bulging Back Surgery--Research
102 Antacids Cause Liver Damage, Study Suggests
103 HIV/AIDS Patients to Be Charged with Rape if Infection Is Not Disclosed to Their Sexual Partners?
104 Excessive Social Media Usage Is a Leading Cause of Depression in Americans, APA Says
105 New Diabetes Treatment Found: Low-Calorie Fasting Diet Repairs Pancreatic Cell Damage and Cures Diabetes
106 No More Tampons or Sanitary Pads: Lipstick that Can Solve All Menstrual Cycle Period Days' Woes Developed
107 People Cannot Fight Alcohol Hangover with Alcohol: No Scientific Evidence
108 Smart Teens Are More Likely to Use Cannabis and Alcohol, New Study Says
109 New Study Debunks 'Crazy Cat Lady' Myths
110 Komodo Dragon: Serum Found in the Lizard's Blood Has a Possibility to Be Therapeutic, Research Shows