File Title
1 Molecular 'treasure maps' to help discover new materials
2 When green means stop
3 Egyptian ritual images from the Neolithic period
4 Caught on camera--chemical reactions 'filmed' at the single-molecule level
5 Salmon with side effects
6 Humans and smartphones may fail frequently to detect face morph photos
7 Pollination mystery unlocked by Stirling bee researchers
8 Alzheimer's disease linked to the metabolism of unsaturated fats, new research finds
9 Visualizing nuclear radiation
10 Scientific discovery may change treatment of Parkinsons
11 Quadruped robot exhibits spontaneous changes in step with speed
12 ATP hydrolysis energy explained through large-scale hybrid quantum/classical simulations
13 Discovery of a novel chromosome segregation mechanism during cell division
14 People afraid of robots much more likely to fear losing their jobs, suffer anxiety
15 Making 'mulch' ado of ant hills
16 Penn researchers call for better laws covering patient incentives to improve care
17 Combating wear and tear
18 Brief module effective in teaching hemorrhage control basics to staff in a large workplace
19 Study suggests new way to prevent vision loss in diabetics and premature babies
20 How birthplace and education influence marriage choices in China
21 A new species of hard coral from the World Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island, Australia
22 First mutations in human life discovered
23 New 'budget impact test' an unpopular and flawed attempt to solve a political problem
24 Moderate drinking linked to lower risk of some--but not all--heart conditions
25 Study identifies brain cells involved in Pavlovian response
26 Scientists identify brain circuit that drives pleasure-inducing behavior
27 Surprising new role for lungs: Making blood
28 Tiller the Hun? Farmers in Roman Empire converted to Hun lifestyle--and vice versa
29 The social costs of smell loss in older women
30 Use of mobile app reduces number of in-person follow-up visits after surgery
31 How does spousal suicide affect bereaved spouse mentally, physically?
32 Lack of staffing, funds prevent marine protected areas from realizing full potential
33 Silence is golden--Suppressing host response to Ebola virus may help to control infection
34 How children's temperament and environment shape their problem-solving abilities
35 Biologic treatments for inflammatory bowel disease help heal the intestine
36 Study reveals surprises concerning COPD and smoking
37 Does boosting 'good' cholesterol really improve your health?
38 Some blood thinners may increase heart attack risk
39 Many adults have insufficient knowledge about heart failure
40 How physical activity and sedentary time affect adolescents' bones
41 Rare-earths become water-repellent only as they age
42 Significant increase in number of women tested for BRCA gene, but many high-risk patients still missing out
43 Google Street View cars are eyes on the ground for urban methane leaks
44 New low-cost rotavirus vaccine could reduce disease burden in developing countries
45 Diametric brain circuits switch feeding and drinking behaviors on and off in mice
46 A rapid, automated and inexpensive fertility test for men
47 Scientists evade the Heisenberg uncertainty principle
48 Loss of smell linked to increased risk of early death
49 No relief in sight for those suffering from sciatica
50 Brain 'rewires' itself to enhance other senses in blind people
51 Loss of spouse or partner to suicide linked to physical, mental disorders
52 People's romantic choices share characteristics, but for different reasons
53 NSF-funded IUPUI study of non-rainfall water in Namib Desert reveals unexpected origins
54 Scientists partner with Google Earth Outreach to analyze methane leaks in US cities
55 Huns and settlers may have cooperated on the frontier of Roman Empire
56 Nature conservation as a bridge to peace in the Middle East
57 How reliable are traditional wildlife surveys?
58 Endangered ibises benefit from joining egret flocks
59 Using a smartphone to screen for male infertility
60 'Spectacular-looking' endangered frog species discovered in Ecuador's cloud forests
61 New Mac desktops coming soon--or never?
62 Apple's iPad has an installed base of over 300 million, far larger than the Mac's user base
63 4-year-old uses Apple's Siri to save his mom's life
64 Dell goes where Apple won't with 32-inch 8K UltraSharp Monitor for $4,999.99
65 Apple goes on charm offensive in China with red iPhones and a visit by CEO Tim Cook
66 Virtually no one will get to buy an Apple iPhone 8 this year
67 You can now order Apple's brand new $329 iPad and red iPhone
68 How to protect your Apple iCloud account from hackers
69 Apple: Macs and iPhones are safe from CIA exploits revealed by WikiLeaks
70 As Apple flirts with record high, analysts raise price targets
71 Chinese court rules in favor of Apple in local design patent disputes, lifting iPhone 6/Plus sales ban
72 How to easily create a macOS virtual machine--for free
73 Indian government working on Apple's demand for tax and duty concessions
74 US-UK electronic devices ban on planes came after plot to make iPad bomb uncovered
75 TSMC to begin volume production of Apple's A11 chips in April
76 J.P. Morgan raises Apple price target to $165
77 Apple began working on augmented reality glasses more than a year ago, sources say
78 Apple's apparent antipathy towards the Mac prompts calls for macOS licensing
79 Grieving family upset Apple refuses to unlock their dead son's iPad
80 How to unlock an iPhone and use any SIM
81 Bill Gates wants to tax 'job-killing' robots
82 Apple releases macOS Sierra 10.12.4
83 What Apple's acquisition of Workflow means for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch automation
84 Apple continues supply chain transparency as Trump administration considers suspending conflict mineral requirements
85 Your iPhone is filthier than you realize--here's how to clean it
86 Apple updates Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for Mac, iOS, and iCloud
87 Apple releases iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2, and tvOS 10.2
88 6 things you need to know about Apple's A11 processor
89 Apple fixes macOS and iOS certificate validation bug
90 iOS 10.3's longer than usual installation likely due to switch to new Apple File System
91 Apple's iOS 10.3 delivers brand-new Apple File System
92 Apple dials up encryption even further as mobile threats soar
93 No, an LTE-equipped Apple Watch will not come with a physical SIM card
94 Why Apple's iOS 10.3 makes your iPhone and iPad feel snappier
95 Fraudster who made millions illegally shipping Apple products to the Middle East sentenced to five years in U.S. federal prison
96 Thief dresses up as Target worker, steals $40,000 worth of iPhones; still at large (security camera images)
97 Apple's new $329 iPad is a bit of bad news for this company
98 Apple shares crack pre-split equivalent of $1,000 per share
99 Tim Cook's secret weapon for job interviews: Silence
100 Apple shares hit new all-time intraday and closing highs
101 U.S. consumer confidence hits 16-year high in boost to economy
102 Congress votes to repeal FCC Internet privacy rules
103 'Sting operation' lifts lid on predatory journals
104 Japan's risks losing status as research powerhouse, analysis finds
105 Bill Nye the Science Guy: Here to change the world
106 Government science goes rogue on Twitter
107 Climate Diaries: Is eco-tourism the future of science funding?
108 New report card shows how U.S. students do in science