File Title
1 Microsoft creates tool to help Apple users migrate data from Mac to Surface
2 China's LeEco backs out of Silicon Valley HQ less than a year after being hailed as "taking on Apple"
3 Apple Music sets new album streaming record 47% higher than Spotify, despite fewer users
4 Apple shares set all-time high on rumors of upcoming product release
5 Adobe launches Experience Cloud marketing and analytics solution, integrates with Creative Cloud
6 Apple online store goes down for scheduled maintenance, new hardware rumored
7 Apple patents shape changing device display for tactile interactions
8 China vendor's promotional materials possibly reveals new red iPhone 7 model
9 Apple's Tim Cook visits local Chinese businesses, says translated Swift Playgrounds coming soon
10 Apple launches special edition (Product)Red iPhone 7
11 Apple replaces iPad Air 2 with A9-equipped 9.7-inch iPad starting at $329
12 Apple doubles iPhone SE storage capacities to 32 and 128 gigabytes
13 New Apple Clips app aimed at social media video capture, quick editing
14 Apple Watch Nike Sport band now sold separately for $49, joins new spring lineup
15 New Apple 9.7-inch iPad thicker than iPad Air 2, returns to iPad Air dimensions
16 In possible last gasp for iPad mini, Apple increases capacity to 128GB for $399
17 Apple's Swift Playgrounds updates with support for five more languages
18 In-box band options for new Apple Watch buyers now limited to Sport, Milanese Loop
19 Logitech announces schools-only Rugged Case & add-on keyboard for Apple's new budget iPad
20 With iPhone SE upgrade, Apple heralds the end of low-capacity 16GB iPhones
21 New Apple 9.7-inch iPad aimed squarely at iPad 2 owners looking to affordably upgrade
22 Apple halts new iPad mini 2 sales, raising entry price barrier on iPads
23 Apple adds multiscreen movie rental viewing to iTunes in latest update
24 Apple's (Product)Red iPhone 7 gets first unboxing video
25 Amazon adds "Send to Kindle" to Kindle for iOS, CarPlay support to Amazon Music
26 iOS 10.3 beta hints at more fluid Apple Pencil with next-gen iPad Pro models
27 Apple avoids (Product)Red branding in China for new red iPhone 7 models
28 Hackers attempt to extort Apple with threat to remotely wipe iPhones, iPads
29 Marriott likely to decide on Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa for hotels later this year
30 2017 iPad vs. iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Air: What's new and different in Apple's latest tablet?
31 Movie studios talk $30 rentals for films still in theaters as Apple pushes for content on iTunes
32 How to open a playlist in a new window in iTunes 12.6 on macOS
33 Google Maps gets location sharing for Apple's iPhone & iPad
34 Starbucks gifts coming to Apple's Messages app with Apple Pay
35 Newly announced iPad coming 'next week' to Apple stores, other retail establishments
36 AT&T, Verizon join firms pulling millions in ads from Google, YouTube over hate, terrorist content
37 Apple acquires automation app Workflow, title to remain on App Store for free
38 Tim Cook says Apple in China for long haul, touts job creation in new interview
39 Apple responds to hacker claims, says systems not breached
40 Apple investigating accessory that turns iPhone, iPad into full-fledged touchscreen laptop
41 Apple to start Indian iPhone manufacturing within next two months
42 US Attorney General claims a 'few weeks' needed to harvest data from rioters' locked iPhones
43 4-year-old saves mother's life by asking Apple's Siri to call emergency services
44 The tech inside: San Francisco's Electroluxx art & dance party
45 Wells Fargo to open up iPhone-based ATM withdrawals next week, no Apple Pay yet
46 Latest leaked CIA hack focuses on Apple's macOS, utilizes patched Thunderbolt EFI exploit
47 How to implement Apple's two-factor authentication for security on Mac, iPhone, or iPad
48 Apple's iPhone, Samsung phones nearly equal in J.D. Power satisfaction survey
49 First look: Lightweight Nike Sport Band is now sold separately from Apple Watch for $49
51 Apple Pay gains over 30 more card issuers in US, China & Australia, re-adds Santander
52 Google's Top News results for 'Great Barrier Reef' directs to fringe political commentary
53 Rare photos of 'Apple II Forever' media event surface, reveal Apple keynote progenitor
54 Apple responds to latest WikiLeaks CIA document dump, says iPhone and Mac exploits fixed
55 Report verifies some iCloud credentials held by hacker group as valid
56 Industry so far 'lukewarm' towards Samsung's post-Note 7 battery testing standards
57 Microsoft Word macro malware automatically adapts attack techniques for macOS, Windows
58 US Senate votes to allow ISPs to sell personal data to advertisers without opt-out safeguards
59 Hands-on: Calendars 5, a powerful yet simple iPhone scheduling app
60 Apple reissues iTunes 12.6, removes mysterious 'Show on Profile Page' option
61 New Apple Park drone footage reveals occupied research and development building, landscaping progress
62 Apple's 2017 iPad vs. 2016 9.7" iPad Pro: Which model is right for you?
63 Chinese court overturns patent ruling, enabling continued iPhone 6 sales by Apple
64 Race on to excavate huge number of historic graves found on building site
65 A Roman Sarcophagus Is Rescued from Humble Duty as a Flower Pot
66 Immigration to Denmark is nothing new...just ask the Vikings
67 400,000-year-old fossil human cranium is oldest ever found in Portugal
68 Ramses II excavation to be completed using more advanced techniques: ministry sources
69 French team uncovers mysteries of Indus civilisation's 'industrial hub'
70 Ancient Tomb Decorated with Vibrant Murals Found in China
71 New archaeological find in Thessaloniki subway rekindles old tensions in Greece
72 Unearthing 2,000 years of history in central Algiers
73 Archaeological dig off Nayland Road reveals Medieval pottery industry in north Colchester
74 Nova Scotian archeologists dig deep to help buildings go up
75 Did humans create the Sahara desert?
76 Polish archaeologists study the "living ruins" in Colorado
77 Discovery of clay works in N. Western Iran dates back to Iron Age
78 Ancient boat-shaped coffins found in Sichuan
79 Did a historian from Ecuador find the lost 'treasure' of the Incas--in a book?
80 Unveiling a pharaoh's torso
81 Egyptian statue recently unearthed is not Ramses II
82 Archaeologists make sensational Viking discovery in Denmark
83 Workers find historic 'collar disc' at Camp Lincoln
84 2,000 year old warrior armour made of reindeer antlers found on the Arctic Circle
85 It wasn't just Greece: Archaeologists find early democratic societies in the Americas
86 Egyptian statue recently unearthed is not Ramses II
87 Mysterious pyramid-shaped tomb discovered under Chinese construction site
88 Jamestown Unearthed: Archaeologists explore tombs at center of 1901 woman-led dig
89 China Focus: Legendary sunken treasure discovered in SW China
90 Reading in bones--new facts on the social life organisation in ancient Mesopotamia
91 Human skull evolved along with two-legged walking, study confirms
92 1,400 Year Old Coin Hoard Discovered in Highway 1 Excavations
93 Ancient Roman temple the size of St. Paul's Cathedral discovered in Italy
94 There was an outbreak of cannibalism 10,000 years ago in Spain
95 Bones of clan massacre victims found in Eigg cave
96 Egyptian ritual images from the Neolithic period
97 Ancient Vergina fortifications in Greece dated to reign of post-Alexander King Cassander by archaeologists
98 Liquor Stash Belonging to WW1 British Soldiers Exposed in Central Israel
99 Icelandic drinking horn changes our historic understanding of St. Olav
100 Chad's ancient Ennedi cave paintings defaced
101 A new perspective on the European colonization of Asia
102 Archaeologists unearth statue of Queen Tiye in Egypt's Luxor
103 Sifting through history: Pineland dig yields rare Calusa artifacts
104 Some farmers in Roman Empire converted to Hun lifestyle
105 Spanish Archaeologists Uncover Intact Tomb of Pharaonic Nobleman in Egypt
106 Saving Syria's heritage: Archaeologists discover invisible solution
107 6 archeological missions to resume underwater excavations in Egypt
108 Identity of 17th Century shipwreck revealed as the Fame
109 Mummy shroud found after 80 years in museum collection
110 2,500 years old luxurious Greek Palace uncovered by archaeologists in Ancient Poseidonia
111 Ancient Romans may have been cozier with Huns than they let on