File Title
1 Study confirms prescription weight-loss medication helps with opiate addiction recovery
2 Microwave-induced bismuth salts-mediated synthesis of molecules of medicinal interests
3 Neurosurgical practices must evolve and transform to adapt to rapidly changing healthcare industry
4 Most Lithuanians still emigrate for economic reasons
5 The need to reinvent primary care
6 'Fingerprint' technique spots frog populations at risk from pollution
7 'Jumonji' protein key to Ewing's sarcoma rampage
8 Survivors of childhood brain tumors have increased body fat
9 OSIRIS-REx asteroid search tests instruments, science team
10 The world's largest diamond foil
11 Hydrophobic proteins on virus surfaces can help purify vaccines
12 Severe psoriasis predominantly affects men
13 On the trail of Parkinson's disease
14 New study identifies successful method to reduce dental implant failure
15 Lighting up antibiotic resistance
16 Evolutionary advantage of the common periwinkle
17 Why do guillemot chicks leap from the nest before they can fly?
18 Scientists discover shared genetic origin for ALS/MND and schizophrenia
19 Big data approach to predict protein structure
20 Study shows potential of stem cell therapy to repair lung damage
21 Spread of ages is key to impact of disease, animal study finds
22 Astronomers identify purest, most massive brown dwarf
23 Chance find has big implications for water treatment's costs and carbon footprint
24 New lab-on-a-chip platform seeks to improve pathogen detection
25 The Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HiTOP): A new model that addresses limitations of traditional taxonomies
26 Brain scans may help clinicians choose talk therapy or medication treatment for depression
27 Which drugs effectively treat diabetic nerve pain?
28 In a quantum race everyone is both a winner and a loser
29 New research shows how metabolism and epigenetics play a role in cancer development
30 Land-based microbes may be invading and harming coral reefs
31 Parallel computation provides deeper insight into brain function
32 Scientists get closer look at living nerve synapses
33 Surprising culprit in nerve cell damage identified
34 Seven months after Rio Olympics, Zika continues to plague babies in urban slums
35 In a sample of blood, researchers probe for cancer clues
36 Most remaining smokers in US have low socioeconomic status
37 Predatory lizard enters Brazil clandestinely
38 WPI, BSEE, and the US Coast Guard successfully test a novel oil spill cleanup technology
39 Scientists assemble Zika virus mosquito genome from scratch
40 Artificial photosynthesis steps into the light
41 Building a market for renewable thermal technologies
42 Facial recognition software helps diagnose rare genetic disease
43 Inactive teens develop lazy bones, study finds
44 Cooking family meals, skipping TV during those meals linked to lower odds of obesity
45 Reduced risk of pressure injuries at hospitals with nurses certified in wound, ostomy, and continence care
46 Overcoming workplace barriers to breastfeeding--review and recommendations in the Nurse Practitioner
47 Protecting web users' privacy
48 Rice U. refines filters for greener natural gas
49 Study: Oregon high schools lacking 'best practices' for athletic emergencies
50 Most dengue infections transmitted in or near home
51 After a clinical trial on Midazolam for seizures, emergency use of the drug rises
52 What does congenital Zika syndrome look like?
53 Community champions: Collaborating with communities strengthens nursing and leadership skills
54 New Stanford study calls for US solar policy reform
55 Freestanding emergency departments in Texas deliver costly care, 'sticker shock'
56 Research consortium develops evidence-based diagnostic model for mental illness
57 A stem's 'sense of self' contributes to shape
58 Gravitational wave kicks monster black hole out of galactic core
59 Poor oral health and food scarcity major contributors to malnutrition in older adults
60 Big-game jitters: Coyotes no match for wolves' hunting prowess
61 Laser activated gold pyramids could deliver drugs, DNA into cells without harm
62 Researchers make flexible glass for tiny medical devices
63 OTUD6B gene mutations cause intellectual and physical disability
64 Survey may reduce rates of malnutrition in hospitals
65 Hubble detects supermassive black hole kicked out of galactic core
66 Cryo-electron microscopy achieves unprecedented resolution using new computational methods
67 Physician adherence to clinical decision tools suggests potential benefit to PE patients
68 Sleep deprivation impairs ability to interpret facial expressions
69 A tale of 2 states [stem cells]
70 Scientists reveal hidden structures in bacterial DNA
71 New study resolves the structure of the human protein that causes cystic fibrosis
72 Limiting protein reduces post-heart attack injury in mice
73 Weedkiller chemical (glyphosate) safety standards need urgent review
74 Study: Pharmacies should proactively offer naloxone to all patients who meet evidence-based criteria
75 Dairy farmers should rethink a cow's curfew, says UBC researchers
76 Penn State develops first-of-a-kind model to research post-malaria epilepsy
77 Mass. General team identifies mechanisms behind resistance to FGFR inhibitor drug
78 How chewing like a cow helped early mammals thrive
79 Virtual environment education reduces anxiety prior to radiation therapy
80 SPICY: Discovery of new ginger species spices up African wildlife surveys
81 Astronomers find unexpected, dust-obscured star formation in distant galaxy
82 Encouraging results for patients with aggressive brain cancer
83 Study compares hospice care in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and patient homes
84 Cracking the code of Huntington's disease
85 Stress may protect--at least in bacteria
86 Possible new target for treatment of multiple sclerosis found by U of a researchers
87 Argon is not the 'dope' for metallic hydrogen
88 New research links Gulf War Illness to gastrointestinal disturbances
89 Scientists use parasite's internal clock to attack sleeping sickness
90 Climate change and an 'overlooked' nutrient: Silica
91 Novel gene therapy experiment offers hope for people with certain hearing loss and dizziness disorder
92 Researchers focus on cell membranes to develop Alzheimer's treatments
93 Promising results obtained with a new electrocatalyst that reduces the need for platinum
94 Exercising 2.5 hours per week associated with slower declines in Parkinson's disease patients
95 Age at immigration influences occupational skill development
96 Printable device points toward sensor-laden robot skin
97 Researchers propose new diagnostic model for psychiatric disorders
98 Scientists use new technology to assemble genome of Zika virus mosquito
99 Insulin resistance may lead to faster cognitive decline
100 Are arm measurements better than BMI to assess nutrition status in child cancer survivors?
101 Major breakthrough in the manufacture of red blood cells
102 Less is more: New moms need workout programs that are less structured, more flexible
103 New understanding of chronic lung inflammatory diseases unfolding
104 Strong interaction between herbivores and plants
105 Designer proteins fold DNA
106 Republicans less likely to be critical about Obamacare when thinking of their own medical needs
107 Olfactory receptors: New molecular targets detected in colorectal cancer cells
108 Wastewater cleaned thanks to a new adsorbent material made from fruit peels
109 Where does laser energy go after being fired into plasma?
110 A robust, 2-ion quantum logic gate that operates in a microsecond is designed