File Title
1 Controlling electron spin makes water splitting more efficient
2 Macedonians send out SOS from Europe's oldest lake
3 Floating towards water treatment
4 Mighty river, mighty filter
5 New plant opens in bid to head off Gaza water crisis
6 Bay Area methane emissions may be double what we thought
7 Study: U.S. water affordability crisis on the horizon
8 Hydropower in China impacts the flow of the Mekong River
9 In Damascus, an old solution to water shortages: the hammam
10 Murky Amazon waters cloud fish vision
11 UN slams 'war crime' as 5.5 mn in Damascus without water
12 Study of non-rainfall water in Namib Desert reveals unexpected origins
13 Water carriers in Madagascar bear brunt of global crisis
14 Wastewater key to solving global water crisis: UN
15 The foundation of aquatic life can rapidly adapt to global warming
16 Dead zones may threaten coral reefs worldwide
17 Diving with the sharks
18 Red tides not random, can be predicted
19 Dead zones may threaten coral reefs worldwide
20 Satnavs 'switch off' parts of the brain
21 Technology can reduce GPS outages from Northern Lights, researchers say
22 DevOps process reduces GPS OCX development time for Raytheon
23 Police in China's restive Xinjiang to track cars by GPS
24 GLONASS station in India to expedite 'space centric' warfare command
25 U.S. Air Force, Boeing extend GPS sustainment pact
26 India's Satnav Goes Out of Whack as Orbiting Atomic Clocks Break
27 Team Indus to Send Seven Experiments to the Moon Including Three from India
28 Sun Devils working for a chance to induce photosynthesis on our lunar neighbor
29 NASA finds missing LRO, Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiters
30 India's Moon Mission on 2018 Target, Says ISRO Chief
31 An Epic Lunar Experience Lands at Space Center Houston
32 India Takes Russian Help to Analyze Chemical Composition of Lunar Surface
33 Complete Lunar-cy: The Earth Has Sprayed the Moon with Oxygen for Billennia
34 LunaH-Map CubeSaturday, to map the Moon's water deposits
35 India, Israel among five teams fighting for first private Moon landing
36 Under Trump, the Moon regains interest as possible destination
37 Ice in Ceres' shadowed craters linked to tilt history
38 The many faces of Rosetta's comet 67P
39 Collapsing cliff reveals comet's interior
40 NASA study hints at possible change in water 'fingerprint' of comet
41 Surprising Dunes on Comet Chury
42 Arecibo Observatory captures revealing images of Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova
43 Micro spacecraft investigates cometary water mystery
44 NEOWISE mission spies one comet, maybe two
45 Rosetta's last words: science descending to a comet
46 Icy surprises at Rosetta's comet
47 Comet 67P is younger than scientists thought
48 New Study Reveals Relationships Between Chemicals Found on Comets
49 Study Reveals Relationships Between Chemicals on Comets
50 Astronomers Predict Birthplace of Rosetta's Comet
51 Avalanches, Not Internal Pressure, Cause Comet Outbursts
52 Study suggests comet strike's link to age-old warming event
53 Kepler Gets the 'Big Picture' of Comet 67P
54 Cryovolcanism on Dwarf Planet Ceres
55 Mechanism underlying size-sorting of rubble on asteroid Itokawa revealed
56 Asteroid Split in Two and, Years Later, Developed Tails
57 Researchers aim to measure risk of exploding asteroids
58 Dawn discovers evidence for organic material on Ceres
59 Minor planet named Bernard
60 SwRI scientist studies geology of Ceres to understand origin of organics
61 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Begins Earth-Trojan Asteroid Search
62 Asteroid resembles dungeons and dragons dice
63 Earth Narrowly Dodges Three Large Asteroids
64 NASA Satellites Ready When Stars and Planets Align
65 Rare 'Ring of Fire' eclipse to cross Southern Hemisphere
66 NSF to Fund a Nationwide Effort to Capture the Eclipse
67 Beautiful science with astronaut aurora
68 SAGE III Achieves First Light from Space Station Perch
69 Cornell's FOTON studies 'space weather' to improve satellite communication
70 New research on northern lights will improve satellite navigation accuracy
71 Studying magnetic space explosions with NASA missions
72 Solar storms trigger surprising phenomena close to Earth
73 Solar storms remove electrons from large portions of Earth's atmosphere
74 New Hubble mosaic of the Orion Nebula
75 Hubble cooperates on galaxy cluster and cosmic background
76 Hubble sees spiral in Andromeda
77 Hubble catches a transformation in the Virgo constellation
78 Hubble takes flight with the toucan and the cluster
79 ALMA uncovers "golden age" of galaxy formation in new Deep Field
80 NASA Extends Contract for Hubble Space Telescope Mission Operations
81 USRA awarded NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy contract
82 First public data released by hyper suprime-cam Subaru Strategic Program
83 HERA Radio Telescope Attracts Even More International Funding
84 Probing seven worlds with NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
85 NASA to blast James Webb Space Telescope with 'earsplitting' noise
86 NASA Gives the Webb Telescope a Shakedown
87 NASA Advances First-Ever Silicon-Based X-ray Optic
88 Keck will peer deep into the cosmic web with new spectrograph
89 eROSITA travels to Russia for launch into deep space in 2018
90 Contracts Signed for ELT Mirrors and Sensors
91 Keck Cosmic Web Imager Ships from Caltech to Keck Observatory
92 Working hard to improve inclusion in astronomy
93 James Webb Space Telescope observatory is assembled
94 'Thank the aliens': Thousands displaced for China's huge telescope
95 CTA Prototype Telescope Demonstrates Viability of Novel Design
96 Final Sunshield Layer Completed for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
97 Australian telescope views sky in radio technicolor
98 'iPhone 8,' growing services business predicted to increase shares of Apple by 10%
99 Apple's augmented reality team includes vets from Dolby, Oculus & more--report
100 Citing 'powder keg' with coming 'iPhone 8,' Cowen sees shares of Apple reaching $155
101 TSMC pondering US location for $16 billion 3nm chip foundry for future iPhone, iPad models
102 Apple paid taxes from New Zealand revenues to Australia for the last 10 years--report
103 Updated WebMD pregnancy app utilizes Apple's ResearchKit for long-term opt-in research
104 Samsung's Galaxy S8 & S8+ may occupy prices between Apple's 'iPhone 7s' & 'iPhone 8'
105 Apple's online store will close Tuesday morning, fueling rumors of new products
106 Microsoft inserting ads into Windows 10 File Explorer
107 Apple's iPhone slipping in China because company won't adapt, says Oppo & Vivo founder
108 SoftBank CEO ditches investment plans for Android architect Andy Rubin's smartphone startup
109 Samsung reveals new 'Bixby' AI assistant to take on Apple's Siri
110 Apple's 'iPhone 8' to use 'water drop design' with curved, 3D glass back--report