File Title
1 From opioid-free to long-term user, in one operation: Study shows key role of surgery
2 Physicians' misunderstanding of genetic test results may hamper mastectomy decisions
3 Discovery of early, 'croc-like' reptile sheds new light on evolution of dinosaurs
4 Early dinosaur 'cousin' discovered--and it's not like scientists thought it'd be
5 Catch me if you can
6 People suffering heart attacks near major marathons face grimmer survival odds
7 Ban on trans fats in diet may reduce heart attacks and stroke
8 New 3-D printing method creates shape-shifting objects
9 Exercise associated with improved heart attack survival
10 Ants rescue their injured
11 Collisions generate gas in debris disks
12 Suppressing single protein greatly extends life span of mice with form of ALS, study shows
13 Treatment reverses signs of 2 degenerative brain diseases, ALS and ataxia, in mice
14 Virginia Tech scientists discover early dinosaur cousin had a surprising croc-like look
15 Both too much, too little weight tied to migraine
16 Mosquito egg hunt: Many Culex species prefer alternatives to standing water
17 US streams carry surprisingly extensive mixture of pollutants
18 Art of paper-cutting inspires self-charging paper device
19 How to color a lizard: From biology to mathematics
20 Study identifies effects of EU expansion on labor, research
21 Nuclear transfer of mitochondrial DNA in colon and rectal cancer
22 Gut microbes contribute to age-associated inflammation: Mouse study
23 Timely augmentation to triple oral antihyperglycemic therapy
24 Melatonin may protect the small intestine from oral radiation treatment in rats
25 Geography and culture may shape Latin American and Caribbean maize
26 Naked DNA in water tells if fish have arrived
27 Evaluating cultural value of landscapes using geotagged photos
28 Super sensitive devices work on recycling atoms
29 New research reveals that college students study best later in the day
30 Self-assembling polymers provide thin nanowire template
31 Technology to improve rockfall analysis on cliffs could save money, lives
32 Florida manatees likely to persist for at least 100 years--US Geological Survey
33 Researchers develop predictive model measuring nitrous oxide emissions in streams, rivers
34 New research shows role-playing disability promotes distress, discomfort and disinterest
35 New England's glacial upland soils provide major groundwater storage reservoir
36 Can Latina breast cancer patients and their doctors bridge the cultural divide?
37 RIT scientist measures brightness of the universe with NASA's New Horizons spacecraft
38 New study quadruples known genetic risk factors for Fuchs dystrophy
39 Eyewitness confidence can predict accuracy of identifications, researchers find
40 Premature cell differentiation leads to disorders in pancreatic development
41 'Neuron-reading' nanowires could accelerate development of drugs for neurological diseases
42 CWRU researchers discover 3 new species of extinct South American marsupials
43 Physicists discover hidden aspects of electrodynamics
44 Diversity within Latino population may require more nuanced public health approaches
45 Conscious sedation is a safe alternative to general anesthesia for heart valve procedure
46 NASA sees Tropical Cyclone cook strongly affected by wind shear
47 Assessing noise in Southern California whale habitat
48 Natural systems show nonlocal correlations
49 It's not just big business--Crowdsourcing creates a 'win-win situation'
50 Study finds genetic basis for drug response in childhood absence epilepsy
51 Feinstein Institute examines use of antiparasitic drug as new treatment for brain tumors
52 When firms and customers share social responsibility, profits rise but donations can fall
53 When children see war as better than peace
54 Bubble group dancing
55 New potential treatment for aggressive brain cancer in children
56 The accidental discovery of LSD (video)
57 First systemic evidence for safety of tPA in stroke patients with sickle cell disease
58 No democracy without women's rights
59 Seismic mapping helps detect abandoned mines in Wyoming
60 Team tackles mysterious disease afflicting wild and captive snakes
61 Wiring of the 'little brain' linked to multiple forms of mental illness
62 Could a Colorado earthquake have been triggered by dinosaur extinction impact?
63 Seismic listening system offers new look at Old Faithful geyser
64 Group works toward devising topological superconductor
65 Researchers at SSA discuss performance of earthquake early warning systems
66 Bombay beach event demonstrates difficulties in earthquake swarm forecasting
67 IU, Regenstrief study explores adherence and tolerability to Alzheimer's medications
68 Western University researchers identify mechanism that regulates acoustic habituation
69 Who are you on social media? New research examines norms of online personas
70 Metabolic mechanism identified for R-LA induced cell death in liver cancer cells
71 CDC/WHO Ebola guidelines could put sewer workers at risk
72 Teaching case examines 'average is beautiful' doll as an entrepreneurial opportunity
73 Infants show racial bias toward members of own race and against those of other races
74 Study links 26 novel genes to intellectual disability
75 All in one against CO2
76 Point/counterpoint debate takes aim at the opioid epidemic
77 Precision chronology sheds new light on the origins of Mongolia's nomadic horse culture
78 Maternal stress during pregnancy could influence the biological clock for aging
79 Drones collect measurements from a volcanic plume at Volcan de Fuego, Guatemala
80 Microprocessors based on a layer of just 3 atoms
81 Researchers unravel the drivers of large iceberg movement
82 Intestinal bacteria may protect against diabetes
83 So you think you can secure your mobile phone with a fingerprint?
84 First photoactive drug for pain treatments
85 'Cold' Great Spot discovered on Jupiter
86 Rock giants Pink Floyd honored in naming of newly discovered, bright pink--pistol shrimp
87 Long-awaited rescue for valuable silk tunic
88 Heart surgeons actively involved with TAVR patients every step of the way
89 KU Leuven researchers unravel how stevia controls blood sugar levels
90 Relocation of proteins with a new nanobody tool
91 Environmental DNA helps protect great crested newts
92 Religiosity does not increase the risk of anorexia nervosa
93 Assessing the impact of climate risks on the financial system
94 New protein regulated by cellular starvation
95 New study offers hope for more effective treatment of leukemia
96 Cross-cultural study strengthens link between media violence and aggressive behavior
97 Detecting Alzheimer's disease earlier using...Greebles?
98 Some strategies to limit sugary drinks may backfire
99 New method could deliver DNA-based vaccines in pill form
100 Viral fossils reveal how our ancestors may have eliminated an ancient infection
101 Flexible processors with atomically thin materials
102 Legionella bacteria's escape route revealed
103 An innovative model for the study of vision
104 'Indistinguishable photons' key to advancing quantum technologies
105 The Lancet Haematology: Global inequalities in survival for childhood leukaemia persist, highlighting need for better care
106 Stress flips cocaine relapse to 'on'; research switches it back to 'off'
107 Can dealing with emotional exhaustion enhance happiness?
108 Antarctic penguin colony repeatedly decimated by volcanic eruptions
109 Glowing bacteria detect buried landmines
110 PID1 gene enhances effectiveness of chemotherapy on brain cancer cells