File Title
1 Why Is Easter So Late this Year? Blame the Full Moon
2 Supremely Annoying: Female SCOTUS Justices Get Interrupted More
3 Get Outside: Visit a National Park for Free During National Park Week!
4 The First Mars Colony Could Be 3D Printed from Red Planet Dust
5 Painting a Song: Lorde's Synesthesia Turns Colors into Music
6 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
7 March Was Second Hottest on Record Globally
8 Why Is Easter Called 'Easter'?
9 Watch Live Now! April the Giraffe Is Having Her Calf
10 Finally! April the Giraffe Delivers Her Newborn
11 How to Survive the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017
12 It's a Boy! See First Photos of Newborn Giraffe
13 People with Mental Illness Struggle with Health Disparities
14 Drone vs. Lightning: Guess Which One Wins?
15 Stone Age Woman Had Modern-Looking Face
16 Solstice Alignments Discovered in 'Peter Pan' Gardens
17 What's Behind Japan's Moss Obsession?
18 1st Woman to Run Boston Marathon Competes Again, at Age 70
19 Cracking Antarctic Ice Shelf Set to Birth New Iceberg
20 An Ocean 'Unicorn': 3-Foot Marine 'Worm' Seen for 1st Time
21 Your Eyes Reveal When You're About to Have a Flash of Insight
22 More than Half of American Adults Have Tried Pot
23 'Detergent' molecules may be driving fluctuations in atmospheric methane concentrations
24 Eye expressions offer a glimpse into the evolution of emotion
25 Creating time crystals
26 Updated AATS guidelines help cardiovascular surgeons navigate the challenges of managing ischemic mitral regurgitation
27 Getting a handle on brain organization
28 Money a barrier to independence for young adults with autism
29 Getting things done while you wait for WiFi
30 Eat, prey, move
31 Termite gut holds a secret to breaking down plant biomass
32 The impossibility of immorality
33 Houston's gourmet food trucks cooperate, compete to elevate group's prestige
34 Medical mystery solved in record time
35 Cover crops may be used to mitigate and adapt to climate change
36 Supermassive black holes found in 2 tiny galaxies
37 New battery coating could improve smart phones and electric vehicles
38 New many-toothed clingfish discovered with help of digital scans
39 NASA team explores using LISA Pathfinder as 'comet crumb' detector
40 Dietary supplement may enhance dairy cattle health and reproductive capacity
41 Migration from sea-level rise could reshape cities inland
42 Teaching happiness to men with HIV boosts their health
43 Do BAT receptors hold the key to treating obesity and diabetes?
44 Potential new treatment strategy for neuroinflammation related to severe type of stroke
45 Behind the iron curtain: How methane-making microbes kept the early Earth warm
46 Study offers hope, sheds light on how vets respond to trauma
47 Glacier shape influences susceptibility to melting
48 Penn researchers provide new insight into dark matter halos
49 Vanderbilt-led study shows high-salt diet decreases thirst, increases hunger
50 Researchers working toward indoor location detection
51 Electroacupuncture may improve regulation of blood sugar in overweight and obese women
52 Nano-SPEARs gently measure electrical signals in small animals
53 South Carolina hospitals see major drop in post-surgical deaths with safety checklist
54 Older victims of fraud have poorer cognitive skills and are less conscientious, honest
55 Lyme disease imposes large cost on the northeast United States
56 Guideline sets standard of care for treatment of oropharynx cancer with radiation therapy
57 For keeping X chromosomes active, chromosome 19 marks the spot
58 Powered stretchers could reduce injuries, keep paramedics on the job
59 Atomic structure reveals how cells translate environmental signals
60 Think brain games make you smarter? Think again, FSU researchers say
61 Repeating non-verbs as well as verbs can boost the syntactic priming effect
62 'Twist and shine': Development of a new photoluminescent sensor material
63 3-D prints used to compare effectiveness of top surgical techniques for repairing heel deformity
64 Washington State University physicists create 'negative mass'
65 Monitoring troubles of the heart
66 Parents struggle with choosing allergy medicine for their children
67 Columbia engineers invent method to control light propagation in waveguides
68 New study shows that antipsychotic medications can be reduced in dementia patients
69 Aha! Study examines people as they are struck by sudden insight
70 Success in recognizing ddigits and monosyllables with high accurary from brain activity measurement
71 Tweaking a molecule's structure can send it down a different path to crystallization
72 Low cervical cancer screening rates found among mentally ill
73 UNC researchers identify a new HIV reservoir
74 Article examines studies on antidepressants, autism spectrum disorders
75 Examining cost-effectiveness of initial diagnostic exams for microscopic hematuria
76 Reading the genetic code depends on context
77 Nanoparticles reprogram immune cells to fight cancer
78 Glacier shape influences susceptibility to thinning
79 High-resolution imaging with conventional microscopes
80 Time-lapse shows how anticancer and antiviral drugs get into cells
81 Banned industrial solvent sheds new light on methane mystery
82 Synthetic carbohydrates against autoimmune diseases
83 Electronics to control plant growth
84 Wearable sweat sensor can diagnose cystic fibrosis, Stanford-led study finds
85 New era of western wildfire demands new ways of protecting people, ecosystems
86 Imbalances in neural pathways may contribute to repetitive behaviors in autism
87 Scientists engineer human-germ hybrid molecules to attack drug-resistant bacteria
88 Sympathetic nervous system is critical in regulating energy expenditure and thermogenesis
89 Science fiction horror wriggles into reality with discovery of giant sulfur-powered shipworm
90 Models, observations not so far apart on planet's response to greenhouse gas emissions
91 Fibrosis reversed when 'don't eat me' signal blocked, Stanford study finds
92 Breakdown of neutrophil protein causes severe autoimmune disease of blood vessels
93 Assay of nearly 5,000 mutations reveals roots of genetic splicing errors
94 Children's Hospital Colorado combats antibiotic resistance with 'handshake stewardship'
95 Retreating Yukon glacier caused a river to disappear
96 A single high-sensitivity troponin T result could quickly and safely rule out MI in the ED
97 Mission Control for the body's salt and water supplies
98 Study paints somber picture of US mental health status and access to care
99 Cells in the retina light the way to treating jet lag
100 Lessons from Parkfield help predict continued fault movements after earthquakes
101 More multiple sclerosis-causing mutations found in Canadian families
102 LifeCourse meets Triple Aim for late life care
103 Nice moves: First dancing, then mating in songbirds
104 Plant genes may lack off switch, but have volume control
105 Th17 cells could facilitate wider clinical use of adoptive immunotherapy
106 Computers create recipe for two new magnetic materials
107 Research suggests bans on trans fats linked to healthier communities
108 3-D-printed model of stenotic intracranial artery enables vessel-wall MRI standardization
109 Opioid use disorder in pregnancy--medication treatment improves outcomes for mothers and infants
110 TSRI chemists devise simple method for making sought-after boronic acid-based drugs and other products