File Title
1 Food webs entangle humans in complex relationships with animals, crops and the environment
2 Fast capture of cancer markers will aid in diagnosis and treatment
3 Study examines stroke hospitalization rates, risk factors
4 Video analysis of factors associated with response time to monitor alarms
5 Physician breast cancer screening recommendations amid changing guidelines
6 Patients at hospital-based primary practices more likely to get unnecessary tests
7 Time-lapse video reveals cells essential for 'birth' of blood stem cells
8 Study identifies a role for the metabolism regulator PPAR[gamma] in liver cancer
9 Newfound signal helps pancreatic cancer cells hide from immune system
10 Research uncovers potential new treatment to treat and stop progression of cystic fibrosis
11 What obese fruit flies may tell us about the evolution of cold tolerance
12 Eat wild venison to support native woodland birds, says ecologist
13 Life skills are important for wellbeing in later life
14 Mouse experiment sheds light on the dietary benefits of extra virgin olive oil
15 Logging threatens breeding turtles
16 Obesity may influence rheumatoid arthritis blood tests
17 Long ago and far away, an average galaxy
18 El Nino shifts geographic distribution of cholera cases in Africa
19 As fins evolve to help fish swim, so does the nervous system
20 Fish social lives may be key to saving coral reefs
21 In harm's way: Wolves may not risk 'prey switching' say USU ecologists
22 North America's freshwater lakes are getting saltier
23 Mysterious outbreak of disfiguring tropical disease in western Uganda linked to decades of walking barefoot in volcanic soils
24 Benefits and harms of osteoporosis medications unclear for patients with CKD
25 Common sedatives linked to increased risk of pneumonia in people with Alzheimer's disease
26 Researchers develop mouse that could provide advance warning of next flu pandemic
27 How Lyme Disease Affects Outdoor Activities
28 A New Look at Alzheimer's Disease
29 When 'Good' Cholesterol Is Even Better
30 Patients Under Chiropractic Care Reduced Opioid Use by 57%
31 The Link Between Vascular Disease and Alzheimer's
32 Childhood Leukemia Survival Rates
33 Women Smokers and Heart Attacks
34 Using Osteoporosis Medications in People with Chronic Kidney Disease
35 How Are Alcohol Use and Skin Problems Connected?
36 Risky alcohol consumption can increase at time of retirement
37 ER doctors can pick your nose
38 Posture is a Strong Predictor of Early Mortality
39 What Gum Disease Might Mean for Women's Health
40 Older Women Hitting the Bottle?
41 'Bad luck' with random DNA errors responsible for two-thirds of cancer mutations
42 Comparing Methods to Screen for Cervical Cancer
43 Got Parkinson's Disease? Get Exercise
44 Breast Implants-- a Link to Lymphoma?
45 New Guidelines for Preventing Substance Abuse
46 Things to Know About Cannabis Use and Your Health
47 Why Are Double Mastectomies Increasing?
48 Women Who Take the Pill Less Likely to Develop Certain Cancers
49 Exercise Does Not Reverse the Effects of Prolonged Sitting
50 Soy may lengthen life for breast cancer patients
51 FDA approves new eczema drug Dupixent
52 Difficult to control blood pressure without following directions
53 Gluten-Free diets may increase risk of exposure to arsenic and mercury
54 Poor posture can cause headaches
55 Vitamin E and Selenium fail to reduce risk of Alzheimer's Disease
56 Experimental malaria vaccine
57 The Benefits of Spine Hygiene
58 FDA approves first treatment for frequent urination
59 Opioid dependence can start in just a few days
60 Epipen prescriptions on the rise for children with allergies
61 Most atrial fibrillation patients don't get preventive drug before stroke
62 U.S. sunscreens fail to meet standards of European sunscreens
63 Should 15,000 Steps a Day Be Our New Exercise Target
64 Lack of Vitamin B-12 Monitoring in Metformin-Treated Diabetes Patients
65 Exercise: Prescription for Older Adults
66 Prenatal opioid abuse
67 Chronic knee pain
68 Poor Dental Care Common in Alzheimer's Patients
69 Generational Changes in Colon Cancer
70 Half of traffic deaths in children and young people related to alcohol
71 Zika virus damages testes
72 Location, Location, Location: Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease
73 Cheap Moisturizers Can Prevent Eczema in Infants
74 The Connection Between Heartburn and Sleep
75 Morning Sickness? Count Your Blessings
76 What if You Could Flip a Switch to Breathe Easier?
77 Can an Unwell Mind Infect the Body?
78 Asthma and the Infant Microbiome
79 Hubble Image of the Week--NGC 4424 and LEDA 213994
80 Juno Spacecraft Set for Fifth Jupiter Flyby
81 NASA's NuSTAR Probes Puzzling Galaxy Merger of the Was 49 System
82 HD 106906b Reveals Insights into How Planets Evolve
83 HiRISE Views Splitting Dunes on Mars
84 ESO's VLT Views Stars Born in Winds from Supermassive Black Holes
85 NASA's Solar Probe Plus Will Fly into the Sun's Upper Atmosphere
86 Astronomers Discover a "Lost" Planet that is Nearly the Size of Neptune
87 Programmable RNA Nanoparticles Could Protect Against the Zika Virus
88 NASA to Preview Cassini's 'Grand Finale' Mission
89 New Model Helps Solve the Mystery of the Arctic's Green Ice
90 NASA Launches New Video, Audio and Imagery Library for the Public
91 Astronomers Find a Possible Stellar Survivor Associated with a Type Ia Supernova
92 NASA's Chandra Discovers a Mysterious Cosmic Explosion
93 MAVEN Reveals How Mars Lost Its Atmosphere
94 MIT Designs New Multifunctional Fibers to Study Spinal Cord Neurons
95 Astronomers Model the Stellar Winds and Magnetic Field for Active M-Dwarf Stars
96 Hubble Image of the Week--Alien Aurorae on Uranus
97 ALMA Detects Two Planets in the Dust Disk Surrounding Young Star HD 169142
98 NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Views a Trio of Solar Flares
99 Cassini Spacecraft Views a Sliver of Saturn
100 NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft Halfway to KBO 2014 MU69
101 MIT Engineers Develop New Technique for Highly Conductive Graphene Wafers
102 Event Horizon Telescope Set to View the Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way
103 New HiRISE Image Shows a Possible Impact Crater in Icy Terrain
104 Advanced LIGO Looks to Reveal the Mystery of Merging Black Holes
105 New Microfluidic Device Isolates Plasma Cells from Blood Instead of Bone Marrow
106 Scientists Reveal Four Genes Linked to Cystic Diseases of the Kidney and Liver
107 NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Links Temporary Atmosphere of Ceres to Solar Activity
108 Scientists Reveal Important Characteristics of the Motion Detector in the Fruit Fly Brain
109 NASA's Hubble Gets a Close-up View of Jupiter
110 Near-Earth Asteroid 2014 JO25 Set to Fly Past Earth on April 19