File Title
1 Success of sensory cell regeneration raises hope for hearing restoration
2 NIH researchers trace origin of blood-brain barrier 'sentry cells'
3 Shoe-string theory: Science shows why shoelaces come untied
4 Kaiser Permanente study tests new way to reduce 'vaccine hesitancy'
5 Potential number of organ donors after euthanasia in Belgium
7 Findings support role of vascular disease in development of Alzheimer's disease
8 Distantly related fish find same evolutionary solution to dark water
9 What's a knot--and what's not--in genomic mapping
10 Parent-mediated therapy may help babies at risk of developing autism
11 Two in 5 GPs to 'quit within 5 years'
12 Ant agricultural revolution began 30 million years ago in dry, desert-like climate
13 Higher tobacco taxes needed to reduce smoking rates in South Asia, new analysis says
14 Anthrax spores use RNA coat to mislead immune system
15 Researchers identify new target for abnormal blood vessel growth in the eyes
16 3-D printing helps surgeons sharpen their craft
17 One in 3 teens with autism spectrum disorder receives driver's license
18 Silk clothing did not improve eczema in children
19 Fresh fruit consumption linked to lower risk of diabetes and diabetic complications
20 Exacerbating the replication crisis in science: Replication studies are often unwelcome
21 HKU palaeontologist reconstructs feathered dinosaurs in the flesh
22 New species of arowana (osteoglossid fish) discovered from the eocene of China
23 The latest HKU study clarifies how many dolphins there are in Hong Kong waters
24 Humans and sponges share gene regulation
25 HKU marine ecologists discover and name the first endemic tree-climbing crab
26 Recent advances and new insights into quantum image processing
27 Distracted? Slowing down, not a safe option
28 UTHealth microbiologists discover possible new strategy to fight oral thrush
29 USC Viterbi researchers develop new class of optoelectronic materials
30 Social media tools can reinforce stigma and stereotypes
31 CRISPR mines bacterial genome for hidden pharmaceutical treasure
32 Obesity in Hispanic adolescents linked to nearly sixfold increase in high blood pressure
33 Student and school variables can predict high school dropout, study finds
34 Study examines factors of inmate relationships during incarceration and STI/HIV prevention
35 Laser-based dermatological procedures could be revolutionized with new technique
36 What happens to the boats?
37 Dry needling offers alternative to cortisone injection for hip pain
38 New approach makes cells resistant to HIV
39 The first live-attenuated vaccine candidate completely protects against Zika infection
40 NASA's MAVEN reveals Mars has metal in its atmosphere
41 Blood test shows promise in detecting abusive head trauma in infants
42 Greenhouse gas effect caused by mangrove forest conversion is quite significant
43 Researchers at Stanford create new method for recording bird flight in 3-D
44 Soy protein concentrate can replace animal proteins in weanling pig diets
45 Americans use more clean energy in 2016
46 Iowa State researchers use graphene, electricity to change stem cells for nerve regrowth
47 Wake Forest Baptist researchers find novel way to induce pancreatic cancer cell death
48 Protein hampers the positive power of brown and beige fat
49 Interpersonal abuse in early life may lead to concentration issues later in life
50 New study shows that three quarters of deep-sea animals make their own light
51 Different breast cancer treatment options vary widely in their cost-effectiveness
52 Behind the scenes: Philly 'soda tax' passed on reveneue appeal
53 Putting a spin on logic gates
54 Proton-nuclei smashups yield clues about 'quark gluon plasma'
55 Researchers gain insight into protein critical to Zika virus reproduction
56 ACS NSQIP-based pancreatic fistula risk score identifies at-risk patients before operation
57 What triggers a high-school student to suddenly drop out?
58 Hubble spots auroras on Uranus
59 Communication from doctors could reduce anxiety for macular degeneration patients
60 Avocados may help combat the metabolic syndrome
61 New technology can detect tiny ovarian tumors
62 Mild, wet summer in the midwest predicted by Mizzou weather expert
63 Threat of firearm use affects PTSD symptoms among female victims of partner violence
64 AHA survey finds patients uncertain about how to best manage their cholesterol
65 Study: Higher wages linked to immigrant diversity
66 Strong correlation between corruption and electoral success of populist parties
67 Scientists one step closer to cracking the mystery of bacterial adaptation to antibiotics
68 Many new doctors may be posting unprofessional content on Facebook
69 Why green spaces are good for grey matter
70 New breed of supermolecule 'hunts down' harmful drugs and removes them from water
71 Smelling the risk of infection
72 Discovered a key mechanism in the plant defense against fungal infections
73 Promiscuity slows down evolution of new species
74 Negative sounds emphasized in burned-out brains
75 Cause of an inherited neurological disorder discovered
76 The survival of journalism is fraught with danger and being squeezed from all directions
77 It's the thought that counts: The neuro-anatomical basis of forgiveness revealed
78 UK and US share a similar mindset when it comes to horizontal drilling for shale energy
79 A little inhibition shapes the brain's GPS
80 The Forecaster's Dilemma: Evaluating forecasts of extreme events
81 Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction System precipitation products prove to be reliable
82 Two new species of orchids discovered in Okinawa
83 Diamonds coupled using quantum physics
84 Discovery of 'helical molecular glue'
85 Improving traffic safety with a crowdsourced traffic violation reporting app
86 Ultra-thin multilayer film for next-generation data storage and processing
87 DNA misspelling correction method is very accurate
88 New tool can help estimate genetically modified pollen spread
89 Weather-forecast tool adapted to evaluate brain health of oxygen-deprived newborns
90 Children notice what adults miss, study finds
91 Are you listening? Your pupils indicate if you are
92 Virginia Tech researchers fill critical gap in fossil record of Chinese phytosaurs
93 Light-emitting particles open new window for biological imaging
94 Everyone has different 'bad spots' in their vision
95 Researchers identify link between birth defect and neurodegenerative diseases
96 From heart failure to health: Pump shown to restore organ to fitness
97 Cold temperatures perceived in a photo increase cognitive control
98 Rice U. scientists add to theory about Huntington's mechanism
99 Forget sponges: The earliest animals were marine jellies
100 Some bed bugs show early signs of resistance to 2 common insecticides
101 Vaccines save lives, but maintaining widespread coverage is essential
102 Matching tumor size to strength of immune response allows melanoma drug tailoring
103 New chemical composition of 'poppers' linked to retinal damage
104 Wide variability in coroner decision-making around investigating deaths
105 Huge permafrost thaw can be limited by ambitious climate targets
106 Womb lining grown in lab could reveal secrets of menstrual cycle and early pregnancy
107 Flammable floodplains are weak spot of Amazon forest
108 Pinpoint creation of chirality by organic catalysts
109 Are your sensors spying on you?
110 Quest for balance in radiation leads to lower doses