File Title
1 Th17 cells could facilitate wider clinical use of adoptive immunotherapy
2 Immunity against melanoma is only skin deep
3 3-D-printed model of stenotic intracranial artery enables vessel-wall MRI standardization
4 3-D-printed patch can help mend a 'broken' heart
5 The Big Pore Theory could cure chronic pain
6 Oxytocin is being tested for treatment of PTSD and alcohol abuse
7 Immunotherapy for glioblastoma well tolerated; survival gains observed
8 Water outperforms sports drinks for young athletes
9 New study proves one lung cancer subtype can switch to another
10 Cause of fatal childhood disorder revealed in gene study
11 New insights into the molecular processes of immune regulation
12 Visualizing future doesn't increase delayed gratification, study shows
13 When it comes to your profile picture, let a stranger do the choosing
14 Could New York neighborhood noise be good for poor residents?
15 Toddlers playing with touchscreens sleep less: study
16 Study links brain structure, anxiety and negative bias in healthy adults
17 In people who intentionally let their minds wander, two main brain cell networks broadly overlap
18 Suppressing single protein greatly extends life span of mice with form of ALS
19 Human cognitive map scales according to surroundings
20 Crooked bite may indicate early life stress
21 Gonorrhea manipulates an anti-infection mechanism in the female reproductive tract
22 Mindfulness just as effective as CBT for a broad range of psychiatric symptoms
23 Study identifies a genetic link to susceptibility and resistance to inflammatory bowel disease
24 Common drugs, uncommon risks? Higher rate of serious problems after short-term steroid use
25 How training patients for surgery shortens hospital stays and saves money
26 Increased exercise leads to stronger bones in just weeks, study shows
27 Unclear whether mindful eating can help you lose weight, says review
28 Immune system can spot tell-tale change in identity of cancer antigens
29 Diabetes continues its relentless rise
30 Better prediction for effectiveness of paroxetine
31 Researchers test 'social contagion' in laboratory setting
32 Study shows lower pitched sounds lead audiences to believe products are larger
33 Hunter's find leads to discovery of prehistoric sea creature
34 Trust in local community leads to better long-term decisions among the poor
35 99-million-year-old termite-loving thieves caught in Burmese amber
36 Study identifies effects of EU expansion on labor, research
37 Discovery of early, 'croc-like' reptile sheds new light on evolution of dinosaurs
38 Researchers discover three new species of extinct South American marsupials
39 Infants show racial bias toward members of own race and against those of other races
40 Ancient teeth offer evidence of Ice Age dentistry
41 Researchers fill critical gap in fossil record of Chinese phytosaurs
42 Ancient Rome treasures discovered during subway dig on show
43 New study shows that people who were encouraged to judge each other's morals cooperated better in groups
44 For early humans, cannibalism more than just a meal (Update)
45 Paywall browser extension lets users read some paywalled papers for free
46 Research into why we remember some aviation disasters and forget others
47 New approach developed by humanists and scientists maps evolution of literature
48 Archaeologist explains innovation of 'fluting' ancient stone weaponry
49 Study reveals 10,000 years of genetic continuity in northwest North America
50 Oldest remains of insects from bed bug genus found in Oregon
51 Monkey business produces rare preserved blood in amber fossils
52 Researchers uncover prehistoric art and ornaments from Indonesian 'Ice Age'
53 Book purchases of liberals and conservatives reveal partisan division
54 Rock exposed in World War I trenches offers new fossil find
55 New archaeological evidence throws light on efforts to resist 'the living dead'
56 New method for tapping vast plant pharmacopeia to make more effective drugs
57 Lice and their bacterial sidekicks have evolved together for millions of years
58 New whole genome amplification method reduces biases introduced by other methods
59 Shooting the messenger: how one protein allows germ cells to develop
60 The dangers of being a saber-toothed cat in Los Angeles 12,000 years ago
61 Simulation shows how transporter proteins do their work in cells
62 Unraveling mysteries of mouthparts of butterflies
63 Scientists unveil CRISPR-based diagnostic platform
64 25 is 'golden age' for the ability to make random choices
65 How nature engineered the original rotary motor
66 Bacterial supermachine reveals streamlined protein assembly line
67 Hunting accounts for 83 and 58 percent declines in tropical mammal and bird populations
68 Unveiling how nucleosome repositioning occurs to shed light on genetic diseases
69 Study discovers fundamental unit of cell size in bacteria
70 With magnetic map, young eels catch a 'free ride' to Europe
71 Scientists discover master switch to turn on silent biosynthetic gene clusters
72 Team finds way to view genes inside living cells
73 Committee responds to critique of gene engineering report
74 Computer game helps scientists understand animal camouflage
75 Ants rescue their injured
76 Naked DNA in water tells if fish have arrived
77 Mouse epigenetic aging clock uncovered
78 How to color a lizard: From biology to mathematics
79 Gene salad: Lettuce genome assembly published
80 Researchers studying how to disrupt bacteria to better treat infections
81 Simple method for converting carboxylic acids into boronate esters and boronic acids
82 Chaotic flows and the origin of life
83 Researchers design coatings to prevent pipeline clogging
84 Advantage: Water--Researchers resolve key question on titanium oxide, water interactions
85 Device pulls water from dry air, powered only by the sun
86 New material could save time and money in medical imaging and environmental remediation
87 Crowdfunding a consumable spherical water bottle--the Ooho!
88 First flexible memory device using oxide ferroelectric material
89 Research confirms heating can increase strength of a type of hydrogel
90 Glowing bacteria detect buried landmines
91 CRISPR mines bacterial genome for hidden pharmaceutical treasure
92 Elemental boron is an effective photothermocatalyst for the conversion of carbon dioxide
93 Researchers gain insight into protein critical to Zika virus reproduction
94 Crystallization made crystal clear
95 Renewable plastic precursor could grow cellulosic biofuel industry
96 How a beneficial gut microbe adapted to breast milk
97 Leaf vein structure could hold key to extending battery life
98 Experiments test how easy life itself might be
99 X-ray study reveals long-sought insights into potential drug target
100 Predicting the limits of friction: Team looks at properties of material
101 Can we use solar energy to make fertilizer right on the farm?
102 New technology could offer cheaper, faster food testing
103 Addictive nut's derivatives could help smokers break the nicotine habit
104 Seaweed: From superfood to superconductor
105 A new idea connects the synthesis of clays and the origin of metabolism
106 Alphabet's Verily makes smartwatch for health research
107 Apple gets permit to test self-driving cars
108 Researchers capture excess photon energy to produce solar fuels
109 Policymakers 'flying blind' into the future of work
110 Tesla's Musk announces plans for semi-truck launch